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10-06-2008, 11:53
I have a Witch Hunters warband in Mordheim that I have always wanted to expand into a small Warhammer army. Borrowed my mate's Empire army book and wrote one up. It's basically a lynch mob to attack the local Vampire.

Witch Hunter (Captain) with light armour, shield, pistol, custom crossbow (handgun), van Horstmann's Speculum & Sword of Justice

Warrior Priest with Great Hammer, Armour of Meteoric Iron & Icon of Magnus

23 Zealots (Free Company), inc. Full Command

23 Zealots (Free Company), inc. Full Command

18 Flagellants, inc. Doom Prophet

10 Crossbowmen, inc. Marksman

5 Mounted Witch Hunters (Pistoliers), inc. Outrider & Musician

8 Witch Hunters (DoW Duellists) with Pistols, inc. Champion

Total: 1000 points

...I'm doing it from memory, but I'm pretty sure that's exactly the army I used. Obviously some things (like the Witch Hunter Captain's pistol and handgun) are not very useful, but I'm more interested in theme than competitiveness. Having said that, I massacred the Vampire Couts army I fought against, leaving just the necromancer running away as fast as he could go, for the loss of the pistoliers and a handful of free company.

To be fair, I was a bit lucky. Four flagellant attacks managed to kill his general, and it's all downhill from there really. Plus his Varghulf failed every single regeneration roll! But I rather enjoyed using a different army (I'm usually Chaos or Wood Elves), and I think I might convert it up. I've already got the Witch Hunter Captain (the Mordheim one resting the sword on his shoulder, with added buckler and crossbow), the Crossbowmen's Marksman (Witch Hunter with crossbow) and the Duellists' Champion (the witch hunter with sword & pistol). Using the Warhammer Quest Warrior Priest, but might buy a more recent model.

10-06-2008, 11:58
Ooo, you're basically doing the same thing I'm planning on. I've currently got a Witch Hunter warband and I am looking forward to expanding them into WHFB. How do you feel a single Warrior Priest is working? To me, it seems far too easy to dispell him to make him worth his points. A Priest and a Wizard in 1k points seem about right, leaving a Witch Hunter Captain. At 2k though, I just can't figure out how to get them decently balanced. A Grandmaster, a Priest, a wizard and a Witch Hunter?

10-06-2008, 12:38
I'm not allowing myself any wizards. I'm sure they'd be useful, but I don't think they fit with the theme of the army.

But no, the Warrior Priest didn't pull off a single prayer. He's mostly there for the extra dispel scroll, plus his moderate combat ability and the Hatred he confers (his Free Company unit ended up in combat with some zombies: 2 attacks each, re-rolling to hit against T2 enemies, it was a massacre!).

At 2000 points I think I'd take an Arch-Lector as the general. Having played against Tomb Kings quite a lot I know that multiple bound spells can really be a pain.

Though as it's an army to fight undead, I'd be tempted by some Knights of Morr with a Grand Master. But it's supposed to be more of a mob than an army, so I've restricted myself to no knights and no war machines.

10-06-2008, 12:45
Meant an arch lector, my bad.

How about a Wizard of Light? To me, he seems basically the only wizard Wtich Hunters would have anything to do with. Good restriction on knights, although, I would say it fully depends on the modelling of the... well... models.

A wizard of light would also tie in with the anti-undead theme, as long as you make him more of a mystic or similar than the robey wizard throwing about fireballs.

10-06-2008, 13:16
Well, I think my Witch Hunters are pretty hardcore, with no flexibility on the magic issue. But I guess Light wizards would be pretty appropriate.

The othe suitable option would be a Priest of Morr, which could be a Wizard with Death magic. But then undead are pretty much immune to half of that lore, so it wouldn't be very practical.

10-06-2008, 16:20
My empire army is actually a continuation of my mordheim witch hunter warband, following a similar principle to yours. I converted my knights to be templars of sigmar, all weilding big hammers and covered in relics (count as white wolves). My infantry comes from state troops and free company as i figure the witch hunter has the power to liberate a few men from the local counts forces. My pistoliers have crossbow pistols (using the necromunda ratskin crossbow pistols, which costed an arm and leg) and i bought some of the old crossbow state troops with metal weapons from ebay. I think its a great characterful army and plays quite well without any wizards or warmachines, following most principles of a successful horde army. Its great to hear someone else doing something similar, although i must admit ive seen it done quite a few times over the years now