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10-06-2008, 13:47
Firstly, i came into possession of these models from a mate whos taking a break from the hobby at the moment. Its basicly the contents of 2 Battle For Skull Pass boxes (he swapped the gobbos with another of my mates for his dwarves).

Just looking for a bit of input with regards to the selections. Please bare in mind my model choice is limited, and i really dont want to have to buy much to make a small army. This is what i've come up with using what iv been given:

Thane - Great Weapon, Hand Weapon, Shield, Gromril Armour, Master Rune Of Gromril, Rune Of Fury

121 Points

20 Dwarf Warriors - Hand Weapons, Shields, Heavy Armour, Full Command

205 Points

10 Thunderers - Dwarf Handguns, Hand Weapons, Light Armour, Full Command

165 Points

10 Thunderers - Dwarf Handguns, Hand Weapons, Light Armour, Full Command

165 Points

12 Miners - Picks (Great Weapon), Hand Weapons, Heavy Armour, Full Command

157 Points


90 Points


90 Points

993 Points

Opinions/critique welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks. :)

10-06-2008, 17:10
I'd definitely give your Warriors Great Weapons as 99% of the time you'll take the charge, meaning you'll strike last so you may as well get the +2S bonus.

Other than that your list looks rather competitive as long as your Miners do their job

10-06-2008, 17:45
Good elite shooting and a block to protect it: The BFSP Special. It's a good list, but it needs a few changes.

The Thane has Rune of Fury and a Great Weapon. These two don't stack unless you take the Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer, which lets the Great Weapon retain its abilities after it becomes a magic weapon. Instead of this thane, I'd take one with a Shield and Rune of Stone with a Rune of Fury and Rune of Cleaving on his hand weapon. You should buy him another 25 point weapon upgrade in addition to that if you have the points.

The Thunderers have full command but no shields. I think they should be run with just shields, or shields+command, but never just command because they will give up their banner too easily. These guys, with shields, are rock solid on a hill in two ranks because they then have T4, 4+ saves, a rank, and high ground, not to mention their stand and shoot.

You probably only need one cannon, but give it a rune of forging to make it very reliable. The second one could work, but I haven't tried it yet: I'm just making armies from 2 BFSP sets + a Gyrocopter and 2 Bolt Throwers myself.

I like 15 miners in 2 ranks of 7 + 1 most of the time, but can make 3 ranks of 5 if that is better in the situation... it just requires owning two movement bases for them, and that might be more trouble than it's worth for you. This opinion is purely subjective, and 12 miners is fine, really.

That's everything I caught. Have some fun.

10-06-2008, 18:08
Either take off the shield, or take off the Mro Gromil, and give the Thane a ro Stone. The rune of fury does not work either unless given the Mro Kragg the Grim.

Thunderers=no command. Its not a good idea with it, due to the SB may be given up and another +100 VP for enemy. Just give 'em shields instead.

Maybe a rune or two on cannons? Ro Forging is good for reliability. Ro Burning is good for the cheap point cost to make the cannon magical.

As well, I'd buff the miner unit to 15/20 if it is to be a fighting block, or lower their number down to 8 if you are using them to take out warmachines.

That's my opinion.