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10-06-2008, 13:47
A short newbie question. If I have understood everything correct a unit normally needs line of sight in the begining of the movement phase in order to charge something. Is this also valid for flying units? The reason for my question is that flying units often seem to spend the first turn flying up and hiding behind a wood or something and then the second turn flying towards the enemy, landing (preferably behind a unit) and attacking it. In summary the questions are 1) can a flyer charge something that it did not see in the beginning of the movement phase and 2) can a flyer or any other unit attack a unit from behind if they can only see the front of the unit (or maybe not see it at all depending on the answer on 1) in+

teh beginning of the movement phase

10-06-2008, 13:50
1) Flyers need LOS to the unit they are charging.

2) You have to charge the side you're facing when you declare the charge so you can't fly around the unit and charge it's rear.

Lord Aries
10-06-2008, 14:06
Loop is correct...

10-06-2008, 22:28
To get a bit deeper into the second question...

Look at the diagram below. UU is a unit that is attacked. It's facing upwards. The lines represent the 45 degrees arcs drawn from the edge of the unit.


As far as I know(there can always be exceptions), if a unit, no matter if it flies or not, is in the front arc, it does a frontal charge. If its in an arc on the side, it attacks that side, if it's in the rear... you get the point: you attack the rear. No flying around or stuff.
If a unit is partly in two arcs, the part where the largest part of the unit is, gets it.

Only thing you could do, is fly over, turn around, and charge in the NEXT turn, or maybe charge with magic movement.