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10-06-2008, 19:50
1)A unit is partially in difficult terrain with the rear end of the unit in the open and is simutaneously charged/already engaged in the front and charged in the rear by a chariot(s). After casulty removal the chariot unit ends up in the difficult terrain.

- Does the chariot unit take the his for entering difficult terrain (presumably so).
- If so do these wounds count for combat resolution purposes?

2)Two narrow units are flush and a wider enemy unit wishes to charge one of them. Must the enemy unit charge both in order to maximise against the original target or as the 2nd unit did not have a charge eclared against it can the charrgers only engage the original target (and therefore not maximise).


10-06-2008, 19:55
question 1: The chariot takes hits. They don't count for combat res but may destroy the chariot in which it wouldn't be around to cause impact hits or fight.

not sure about question 2 though. My guess would be that you have to maximize but that doesn't mean you have to contact both units. You would have to maximize to get as many models in base contact without contacting other units if you didn't wish to. but thats just my guess

Lord Aries
10-06-2008, 22:05
Answer 1) Yes the Chariot Takes hits, it entered into the forest.
Answer 1-B) No, do not count for combat res, it was caused by something unrelated to the combat.

Answer 2) Most of the time, YES. there are a thousand ways this can happen, and because of that I can't say YES ALWAYS. But from what you are saying, then yes. The enemy needs to declare a charge against BOTH units in order for him to charge the one he wants and maximize, or you get drawn in anyways.