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10-06-2008, 22:00
hi im geting back into warhammer after a long brake. me and some mates are goner get some smalle 500 point armys and build up and have some fun with it. and i eather want to play high elfs, lizardmen or maybe new dark elfs, can anyone make any sujestions as to witch army is fun to play as, versitle and any tactics for the armys.

10-06-2008, 22:09
Welcome back, I was in the same position as you few months back although I just carried on with my old army, what did you collect previously?
Out of your suggestions I would personally go for lizardmen.... too many playing high elves at the moment and the dark elves book wont be out for a few more months and if its only small army your after no point waiting(although the models look freaking sweet!)
As for tactics I cant say Im an expert with lizardmen however reading posts on here ive got a few ideas as to what seems to work:
1) include atleast 2 units of skinks probably 3
2) sauras warriors arent too popular so Id only include a small unit of 12.
For a 500pt army I would probably include a small unit of saruas warriors, 3 skink units(12?) and a salamander pack. Not sure exact costs but I think with a hero that is close to 500.Hope its been of some use.

10-06-2008, 22:20
thx for the reply i used to get orks(not really colect my bro got the old starter and thats all i really had, i hate anamosity:mad:) and i got tomb kings but i didnt like the way they played.

my mates are gettign vc and deamons, any advice

bork da basher
10-06-2008, 23:03
collect whatever you like best. high elves and dark elves will have fairly similar armies, high points cost elite style units, decent armour, good abilities. lizardmen will more than likely end up all skinks at 500pts you couldnt afford or justify spending it on saurus.

if your friends are getting vc and demons your going to be facing alot of fear causing stuff so my advice is proberly not go for lizardmen at least not at 500pts because skinks wont have the LD or the fighting skills to compete against either one well. elves generally have good LD and can handle fear OK and have the fighting prowess to compete against them. high elves especially now that they always strike first no matter what can be deadly. charging into ranked spearmen who can chuck out 16 odd attacks in 3 ranks before you can land a hit isnt nice at all and in small games this kind of advantage will have a big impact.

at the end of the day all armies have their merits and downsides just play what you like the look of best. or throw out a couple of sample lists and let people advise your on those before you decide.

10-06-2008, 23:05
As has been mentioned, go for what you like...

Personally, either Dark or High Elves. Both have decent Ld to cope with the fear aspect of the VC, and both have some decent models... especially with the Dark Elves being redone in the next month or so... I know I'll be doing some bandwagon jumping...

10-06-2008, 23:38
Two more months for the Darl Elves. IMO, High Elves are badly made and I don't think you'll love the "hit hard, die fast" principe :O
Dark Elves, still being their Toughness 3, don't rely on their ASF and are a much more fun army to play with, I think. I say, go Dark Elves
(Or Chaos if you love Core units with three attacks, S 6, an armour save of 4+ and a T of 4 :)) :P

11-06-2008, 00:01
thx for all your help, i remain undiceded (likely high elfs as i dont liek that lizards are reduced to skinks and kroxigors), i would get dark elfs but my freinds would liek to get playing soon (not in 2 monthes time) so im not sure but this is somethign im jus goner have to see who i feal more comftable with.

11-06-2008, 08:42
Have you checked for the warband rules? They are really nice to use in games for 200-500 points.