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11-06-2008, 05:17
"Dem elves is up ta sumfink", growled Bigrunt. The grizzled Black Orc surveyed the small elven encampment. He knew his boyz were itching for a scrap, and here was one waiting for 'em!

"Listen up, ya snotlings" he bellowed, punting a goblin for emphasis "dem pointy ears fink dey can stop me Waaagh!!! Dey fink dey can stop da Orcs! Well I say we bash 'em, and den bash 'em again fer being so stupid!"

As one, the orcs all roared with approval. The Nigh Goblin tribe, under the careful eye of their shaman, reluctantly cheered as well. All of the Orcs prepared for war. Trundall patched up the last few holes in his chariot, while his mates bullied goblins into harnessing the boars. Ol' One Hand mucked through his squig pens, pulling out the meanest ones that he had 'forgotten' to feed. The wierdboys were crushing things in bowls, getting ready to cause mayhem in the name of Gork and Mork.

A crooked smile came over the face of Bigrunt Gutstompa. The moment was now; he was about to start his WAAAAGH!!!

Well, Irish has decided to get his toes wet in the world of battle reports. I played a couple of games tonight, and for fun decided to record the results. My boyz decided to step up to the plate, and so the list looks like such:


Bigrunt Gutstompa
Black Orc Big Boss 85
Heavy armor 6
Martog's Best Basha 15
Bigged's Kicking Boots 30

Voodoo O'Malley
Orc Shaman 65
(spell rolled: Fists of Gork)
Staff of Baduumm 40

Niblit, Gork's Faverite
Night Goblin Shaman 50
(spell rolled: Gaze of Gork)
Nibbla's Itty Ring 20
Dispel Scroll 25


Da Brightfangs Tribe
Night Goblins (x20) 60
Full Command 20
Twirly and Hurly (2 fanatics) 50

Da Soufland Boyz
Orcs (x20) 100
Full Command 30


Gutstompa's Ladz
Black Orcs (x15) 195
Full Command 38
Gork's Waaagh!! Banner 25

Trundall's Ride
Orc Boar Chariot 85
Da lad who's stupid enough to hang on (extra crew) 5

Ol' One Hand's Pets
2 Squig herds 60

TOTAL: 997 pts

My opponent is a staff member of GW, and is a very funny person to game with. He mercifully didn't put a dragon in at 1000 pts. I can't remember his exact list, but it looked something like this:

lvl 2
(spells rolled: Dark Hand of Death and Soul Stealer)
dispel scroll
some item that gave him an extra power die per turn

lvl 2
(spells rolled: Dark Hand of Death and Drain Life)
dispel scroll

20 spearmen
full command

10 archers
musician and champion

About 10-12 Phoenix Guard (Sorry, can't remember the exact number)
full command
magic banner that grants D3 extra power dice per turn

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Pre-Match Thoughts: It was pretty much what I expected. The High Elves did what the High Elves do best; Shooting and Magic. I was hoping that I could move quickly to neutralize that shooting, and utilize my superior numbers to break down those Phoenix Guard (I hates them so much, Precious!)

Deployment: There were a pair of forests in my Deployment Zone, as well as the only hill (I won the terrain role, and greedily denied him that luxury). Some scattered fences and an Impassible building rounded it off. My B. Orcs took the centre, flanked by the Orcs to the left and Gobbos to the right. The Squigs sat right next to the Goblins, while the chariot stood poised to go around the building, seeking a flank charge.

He deployed in a straight line, starting (at my left) with the spears, the archers, the bolt thrower, and the Phoenix Guard.

I won the roll for first turn, and elected to take it. I wanted to try and soften up the elves before being kebabbed by all those arrows.

Turn 1 Orcs and Goblins

Focussed on bashing the elves, no animosity checks were failed this turn (I amazingly failed NONE the entire game!). The chariot rumbled around the building, while the squigs bounced towards a fence. The Night Goblins in particular wanted to shed Asur blood, and moved an extra 3 inches thanks to We'll Show 'Em! Unfortunately, their extra effort was for naught, as the elves were too far away to hit with green magic.

Well crap-spackle. I had all but squandered my first turn, and now those bows were gonna hurt.

Turn 1 High Elves

Scoffing at the ignorant savages that rushed towards them, the elven lines held steady. Their mighty mage commander, Syrandiel, prepared to unleash her eldritch wrath on the greenskins, while the dilligent archers cocked their longbows. The Phoenix Guard stood ever silent, waiting to strike.

Straight into the magic phase we went, as the Elves were more than happy to let me come to them. Both mages cast Dark Hand of Death, one on the Orcs and the other on the Squig Herds. The Orcs simply laughed it off, as the spell failed to cut through their tough hides. The Squigs also proved too tough to hurt, losing no models as well.

Determined to show it's deadliness, the Eagle Claw drew a bead on my Boss' unit and unleashed a volley. 3 Black Orcs fell to the rain of arrows, but Bigrunt merely grunted. The archers also tried to reduce the Black Orc numbers, but their arrows could not penetrate orc hide and heavy armor.

Not as bad as I'd expected, but first blood still firmly belonged to the Elves. It was about time that I did some damage of my own.

Turn 2 Orcs and Goblins

The line moved forward as one, ever more intent on causing damage. This time it was the Orcs who got an extra 3 inches from animosity. Unfortunately, both the Orcs and Night Goblins found themselves facing terrain in their way, meaning that it'd be up to the Black Orcs to hit first.

The magic phase was uneventful. I failed to cast Fists of Gork and Gaze of Gork, leaving him 4 dispel dice to stop my bound item. With no shooting or combat, my turn ended abruptly once more

So far, it was not looking good. My magic was faltering, and now my army was bogged down by terrain. My only hope was luck.

Turn 2 High Elves

As if answering my prayers, Mork decided to cause mischief with the elves. The first mage miscast for DHoD, causing a wound on herself and obliterating 3 of the spearmen around her. I managed to stop the second attempt at DHoD as well.

Shooting saw 3 more Black Orcs fall to the Eagle Claw, forcing a panic test. Bigrunt merely laughed, rolling snake eyes to spite the nervous elves.

Turn 3 Orcs and Goblins

Well, that certainly made me feel better. Heartened by their success, Bigrunt let loose a mighty Waaagh!!, hoping to reach the archers (and get the rest of the army through terrain). It was not to be, and so the boys continued their slow march through the wilderness, while the Squigs joined the Night Goblins sitting on the fence. The Boar Chariot continued to roll around behind the building.

The Black Orcs surged forward 5", and looked to be close to the dratted archers. But even the extra inch from their magic banner was not enough(curse my rolling a 1! Anything else would have made it!). Those damned elves snickered while they fired a volley, but their bravado prevented them from wounding my very angry orcs.

Even though he was stuck taking the scenic route, my Night Goblin Shaman was still very deadly. He managed to sneak Gaze of Gork past the elves' defenses, and killed 1 of the Bolt Thrower's crew. Clearly intimidated by the squat Goblin on the other side of the table, the other crewman ran for it (he rolled a 12 for his panic check).

Well that took care of a major thorn in my side for now. Without having to fear the Eagle Claw this round, I started to perk up a bit.

Turn 3 High Elves

In true elven fashion, the crewman rallied easily. The rest of the line still held firm, awaiting the eventual combat.

It seemed Mork had particular disdain for Syrandiel, as she miscast once again (rolling an appalling three 1's!). She lost a magic level, and forgot Drain Life. Seeking to prove himself, the other mage successfully cast DHoD on the Squig herds, but only claimed a single fungi-with-legs. The archers, slightly calmer now that the Black Orcs had stopped Waaagh!!!-ing at the top of their lungs, managed to drop another orc from Bigrunt's unit.

Turn 4 Orcs and Goblins

While my army may not be tearing the Elves a new one, it seems they were doing the job well enough on their own. However, my Big Boss was tired of waiting, and dove headlong into the archers. A pair of the large Orcs fell to the terrified stand-and-shoot, but now the Boyz could show what they do best. The rest of the army moved forward, now thankfully free of the terrain.

While Bigrunt was warming up his Choppa arm, Voodoo O'Malley decided to set the bar high for the Boss. He cast Fists of Gork on the spearmen irresistably, and killed off an unbelievable 11 spearmen. Miraculously, though, they passed their panic check.

Not to be outdone, Niblet shoved Twirly and Hurly out of the unit at the Phoenix Guard. Both the lunatics rolled an 11, crashing through the Phoenix Guard and into the forest behind them. 4 Elves fell to the mighty ball-and-chain dervishes.

It was clear that Bigrunt was distracted by the magical shenanigans of his shaman, as he only cut down a single elf. His ladz killed two more, while the traumatized archers were too scared to even hit. I easily won combat and broke them. The swift archers managed to keep ahead of me, though.

Turn 4 High Elves

The archers had enough sense to keep running, and fled right off the board. The rest of the army adjusted slightly, preparing for the Greenskin rush. Syrandiel regained her composure, and slew 4 orcs with the Dark Hand of Death. The other mage had no luck penetrating my magical defenses, and the lone bolt thrower crewman had only just made it back to his machine. The High Elf turn ended quickly.

Turn 5 Orcs and Goblins

Sensing more elves nearby, Bigrunt turned to face the spearmen; He was not at all worried about the war machine beind him. Trundall had finished maneuvering, and sent his jallopy crashing into the Phoenix Guard.

Despite their previous mishaps in the magic phase, the High Elf mages proved to still be formidable; Not a single spell made it through. Combat saw the sturdy chariot spear, gore, and crush 4 Phoenix Guard, taking no wounds in return. However, the Phoenix Guard resolutely rolled a 6 to stay in the fight.

Turn 5 High Elves

Having seen many battles over the centuries, the elves did not falter in the face of danger. Instead, they struck back....HARD. While the mages failed to overcome the will of the Shamans, the elven crewman proved his worth. Launching a volley into the backs of the Black Orcs, he skewered two on the barbed shafts. Shocked by the sneak attack, Bigrunt could only watch while his ladz ran into the waiting spears of the nearby elven militia. He skulked back to his camp, assumed dead by the Asur.

Without momentum on his side, Trundall failed to overcome the stoic Phoenix Guard. One found a weak spot in the timbers, and sent the boars running. Poor Trundall barely had time to jump off before his ride crashed into the neabry tower.

Turn 6 Orcs and Goblins

Ouch! Two units sent fleeing to their deaths in one turn! That sucked. But now my army was finally ready to hit home with some more charges. The Night Goblins were not intimidated by the lone crewman, and slaughtered him with impunity. Surprisingly, they also managed to restrain themselves from running off the board...on their own leadership!!!

The squigs also bounced into the Phoenix Guard, eager to munch on some Elf. The elves were much quicker, and skewered three before they could have a meal. One managed to gulp down a quick snack, while the handlers were too busy keeping their charges in line. Losing combat by two, I unbelievably make my leadership test on a 3 (I was rolling eerily well today!).

Turn 6 High Elves

With the Orcs too far away, the spearmen settled themselves to watch their kin slaughter the Squigs. Syrandiel was too tired by now to cast a spell, but her colleague managed to drain the soul of a Squig, granting him an extra wound.

The final squig snacked on another Phoenix guard, while a handler fell to a halberd strike. There was to be no bravery this time, as the Squigs rolled 12 on their leadership. Deciding he was full of Elf, the last Squig bounded to the nearby Night Goblin unit and snacked on four.

Victory Points

Orcs and Goblins - 625
High Elves - 525

Result: DRAW

Post-Match Thoughts: Wow, talk about ebb and flow. For the first few turns, I thought I was just gonna end up being a walking target range. By the end of the game however, it seemed like the Dice Gods had scorned my opponent, or had fallen in love with me (or both). My major mistake was the misuse of terrain. If my army hadn't have been stuck in terrain for nearly 3 turns, I could have made more use of them in the last turns. Had it gone one more turn, I would have finished off the spears for good, and done some more damage to the Phoenix Guard as well.

Luck also played a major factor in the game; Good luck for me, bad luck for the Elves. A pair of miscasts hurt his arsenal, while a single spell halved an infantry unit.

Man (orc) of the match would definately have to be Voodoo O'Malley the Orc Shaman. While he may not have done a great deal of damage throughout the game, he caused more damage with a single spell than the Black Orcs and the Big Boss!

Orc of da Match: Voodoo O'Malley


"You call yerself Black Orcs?! Runnin' from da sissy elves and der sissy arrows! Zog it all, da Gobbos bashed 'em better den you!" Bigrunt had been yelling at his ladz for many an hour. He decapitated a few out of rage, and a few gobbos for good measure. He was seething. His Waaaagh!! had run into unusually tough resistance, and he had lost face. He had run away after his scaredy boyz, while the rest of the army butchered elves. He heard the boyz talking about Voodoo O'Malley, and his staff of elf-smashing. "Well" thought Bigrunt, "let him keep his Elf smashy stick. Won't do no good against me choppa!" He stormed around the ring of cliffs surrounding his camp, until he spotted fires in the distance. It looked like the fighting was only starting.

Gabacho Mk.II
11-06-2008, 07:10
Great report sir.

A tad too many ponits spent on characters, but otherwise quite neat to read. :p

11-06-2008, 14:39
Great BatRep, always good to see more Orc and Gob Players. Especially giving High Elves a kicking, Im having a terrible time with them in my Waaagh Snotgob BatReps. I have found that they are much easier to deal with in lower point games though, they become a real pain at 2,000 Points.

11-06-2008, 19:30
voodoo for the win :)
nice rep, keep 'em coming

12-06-2008, 12:57
staff of elf-smacking *snickers*