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11-06-2008, 05:38
2000 pts VC list:

Vampire lord 205
abyssal terror 135
Dread lance 60
Red fury 50
Flayed hauberk 25 475

vampire 100 ( behind Zombies & ghouls)
helm of comandment 30
black periapt 15 145

Vampire 100 (In ghoul unit)
Ghoul kin 25
summon ghouls 25
talisman of lynci 10 160

20 zombies 80

20 zombies 80

13 crypt ghouls 104

13 crypt ghouls 104

corpse cart 75
bale fire 25 100

copse cart 75
bale fire 25 100

5 dire wolves 40

4 blood knights 220
full command 50
banner of blood keep 75 345

5 cairn wraiths 250
tomb banshee 25 275

The vampire lord on abyssal terror works as a flanking unit and should have enough hitting power to win most combts, whereas my zombie units and ghouls act as a solid core, supported by the vampire with Helm Of commandment and the two corpse carts who also reduce the enemies magic ability. I thought that cairn wraiths would make a good flanking unit and ( just because I like Them) i threw in a unit of bloodknights with the 4+ ward save banner With a unit of dire wolves in frot to protect them from the first turn of shooting. The other vampire just adds more power dice/ dispel dice, let me res more ghouls and works as an unsuspecting war machine hunter.

I'm still pretty new to vampires though so am a bit unsure.

11-06-2008, 21:11
The lord is tough, but seeing as he is going to fly ahead to set up flank/rear charges that leaves your army without a general to keep them marching, and takes him out of range to cast spell and raise units.

That means the other vampires will have a hard time raising. The ghoul raising vampire is actually terrible (sorry). He's a raiser that generates 1 dice. Atleast move the ghoulkin to someone else so he can take dark acoltye or something. Then he has M9 for some reason.

You might want to rethink this one : )

12-06-2008, 16:21
I think the dark aolyte works better and am also going to shift black periapt over to my ghoul summonig vamp ( also thinking of getting a power stone) but i've lent out my vampire book since I put this on so I'm not sure on the points. I forgot that vampires were only level 1, I thought they were 2. I think that it doesn't mater that my vampire lord is going ahead, I have two more vampires and a unit of blood knights, between them, I think that they will have enough combined range to keep my army marching. I think i'll take he movement nine off, you are right it is a bit random; I just liked the idea of a movement nine vamp. Any way tI think the lord would work well as a war machine hunter And I would probably use him to create new units of zombies so I can go for more than one rear charge at a time. Thanx for the comment. Here's My new list :

Vampire lord 205
dread lance 60
red fury 50
Abyssal terror 135

Vampire 100
Helm of comandment 30

vampire 100
summon ghouls 25
black periapt 15
dark acolye 25?
(and the rest is the same as above)