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The SkaerKrow
11-06-2008, 10:16
I might be participating in a Warhammer tournament next month, my first, and I'll be bringing my Dark Elves. The list that I regularly run has been somewhat effective, but it's fairly soft. I was hoping to get some suggestions on how to toughen it up for a tournament environment.

1 Highborn
On Manticore
w/ Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armor and Sea Dragon Cloak (General)

1 Sorceress
w/ Dispel Scroll and Darkstar Cloak (Level 2)

1 Sorceress
w/ Dispel Scroll and Seal of Ghrond (Level 2)

20 Warriors
w/ Shields, Standard and Musician

20 Warriors
w/ Shields, Standard and Musician

20 Warriors
w/ Shields, Standard and Musician

5 Dark Riders
w/ Repeater Crossbows and Musician

5 Dark Riders
w/ Repeater Crossbows and Musician

5 Dark Riders
w/ Repeater Crossbows and Musician

2 Cold One Chariots
w/ Spears

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

1 War Hydra

Points: 2,250
Power/Dispel/Scrolls: 7/5/2

Suggestions are appreciated.

11-06-2008, 11:29
If you want your list to be competetive you got to change may things imho. I would get the highborn a dragon, draich and heartstone - because right now he's just weak: no save, no kick in CC. Both sorceress are ok (but i would consider upgrading them to the 2nd level). Drop the Xbows from dark riders - too expensive and not so effective. I'd prefer to have 2 units of 10 warriors with Xbows and shields and 2 units of 18 w/spears (3 ranks 6 models wide), though it would be best if you resigned from the infantry blocks at all. Hydra is crap, exchange for another 2 boltthrowers.

11-06-2008, 12:06
IMO the only thing wrong with your list is the character selection.

I wouldnt go for mid magic in a tourney environment. You should go for a caddy or min 10PD. Anything in between just gets countered by any opponent with reasonable magic defence.

If you are going for a troop heavy list I would ditch the manti and get another lvl2 sorceress with the tome of furion. Give your casters death magic and you have a deadly phase at your disposal.

I would probably ditch the highborn and go for a tank noble as my general. Perhaps spend some of the points freed up on some harpies.

I run a similar list and did quite well with it till 18 months ago when I started getting a serious doing from some of the newer armies.

Lord Khabal
11-06-2008, 12:22
My DE tourney list (I've actually won with this list):
Highborn on dragon: gauntlet+amulet
2x dms caddy sorceress on horsy
25xwarrior (FC)
5x DR (mus)
5x DR (mus)
6x C1 knights (std/mus/wbanner)
5x harpies
17x witches (FC) - 6+6+5
4x Reapers
I believe this is as good as it gets (2250 pts) until the new list comes around.

The SkaerKrow
11-06-2008, 13:13
No Albion or Storm of Chaos items are allowed in the tournament. I'll be going in with only the vanilla DE Magic Armory at my disposal, so no Hearstones, DoDPs or Gauntlets.

12-06-2008, 03:55
Well I'd consider one or more of the following items then for your highborn:

Weaponry: Blade of Ruin, Crimson Death or even a normal GW or halberd.
Armour: Possibly the 60pt regenerate armour, although its only good for regenerate and completely ruins your AS.
Crown of Black Iron is a must if you don't get the regen armour. 5+ ward is twice as good as 6+.

If you think your list is a bit soft I'd consider dropping a warrior block and picking up something with more punch, e.g. executioners or cold one knights.

12-06-2008, 11:55
Hydra sucks and is too expensive.
2 more RBT's in her place would make every opponent fear you.
Highborn hasn't real power with STR5 sword of might.
Give him Draich of dark power,Gauntlet of power or even a lance but
anything better than this.
Otherwise you have a solid army.