View Full Version : Tips for Bringing Down the Might of Bretonnia?

11-06-2008, 11:43
Do any of the esteemed followers of the Dark Powers have any tips for how a lowly Slaanesh worshipper and his humble gang can defeat the might of Bretonnia?

In my army I have avaliable the follwing units:

Lord mounted on Steed of Slaanesh

1 Exalted Champion
1 Aspiring Champion
1 Aspiring Champion carrying Battle Standard
1 Mounted Sorceror
1 Sorceror on foot

24 Flail armed Marauders

24 HW and Sheild armed Marauders

19 Chaos Warriors - HW and Sheild

19 Chaos Warriors - 2 Hand Weapons

10 Warhounds

15 Daemonettes

1 Chariot

5 Mauarauder Horsemen

8 Chaos Knights

I'm sticking with the old Hordes of Chaos book until the new book comes out in November.

Any hints, pearls of wisdom, even scalding rants about the power of Spawn? Ok, forget mentioning Spawn, as I don't have any yet.


11-06-2008, 15:13
Magic, magic and yet more magic.

Bretonnian's magic consists of a few lvl1 casters with scrolls and Slaanesh magic (at least from the hords book) is great for mis-direction.

Mis-direct the knight with hounds etc... break your 10 up into 2 x 5. Loose a couple of knights and make them chosen + full command and warbanner. 1+ save is still still 3+ against a knight charge and hit back HARD!

Thats my Bret/chaos experience, played both for a few years.

11-06-2008, 16:21
Basically, the stronger a Bretonnian unit is, the easier it is to flank :P
If you rob Bretonnians of charge initiative, they won't be able to do anything...
Basically, Warriors with 2+ save offer enough resistance to a charge of Bretonnians.... most of them.
I'd make an anvil unit of Warriors with a Lord with an GW in the middle of it. HoME - and you'll cut down 1-2 of his knights before they could do any damage. By the way, if yo cut down, say, the left knight in his lance formation.... would his left flank be still able to attack or what?
A challenge is also possible.bretonnians are not very keen to refuse a challenge.

11-06-2008, 18:17
Forgot about Lords with the Helm O many eyes/Gt weapon combo. That's nasty, especially in a big ranked infantry regiment.

12-06-2008, 09:16
Get more warhound units and split that big one into 2. As soon as you can get them right up under the brets lances and send them into traps/forests. if you get right up close in their flank (out of LOS) with fast cav they cannot wheel or charge the opposite direction. Some furies would be gold if you're useing the old rules.

Magic would be great too, beast cowers is a gamewinner.

Grey Seer Skretch
12-06-2008, 10:56
Do not let the damned knights get the charge on you, the lance is devestating! In particular, watch out if your opponent has any Grail Knights, they are the proverbial ton of bricks tied to the front of a rocket covered in crushed glass with bags of tar and feathers slung underneath just for the humiliation factor and a large claw hammer as backup. That said, for the (admittedly wrong) love of your particlar dark god, don't underestimate the 'vanilla' knights of the realm. I did, and now I don't have any legs. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I sure as hell lost my game...