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The Red Scourge
11-06-2008, 11:53
Quitting chaos to start an army of namby pampy dandelion eaters. So I got carried away and ordered a bunch of models and hope they'll make an army and a very different one from the chaos cavalry.

So I need a bit of advice on how to use them at their best and how to make the synergy work.

This is what I got all based solely on the purpose of looking cool :angel:

32 Glade Guard

24 Dryads

4 Warhawk Riders

16 Wardancers (inc. two command sets)

6 of those ninja-uberscouts-lethal-shot-elves whose name eludes me.

1 Treeman

And some assorted lords, ladies and branchwraiths.

So how will I win?

11-06-2008, 12:25
Not! :O


I really hope you've stopped with Chaos because you got bored, not because of the "can't beat them - join 'em" principe :|

My brother runs Woods, so I know something about them. I know you need at least ONE spellsinger :| Or is that what you meant with "ladies"? lol...

k, lesson ONE, Magic Items.

Look closely at your army book (yeah, it's also handy to have one of those). Go to Echanted Items. Start reading it.
Bet you've grinned when you read about the Hail of Doom arrow?
Then read it again.

Okay, where this all was about: Hail of Doom arrow is the crone piece of every Wood Elf army. It's the most no-brainery no-brainer that was ever made. A one-use item of 35 can seen a lil' bit pricey, but it totally isn't. It repays it's cost in 99.9% of all situations, unless you're shooting or soething that is not wordt it, like Gnoblars.
But imagine for example, that you're fighting against your brethren: High Elves. Imagine those two WS 6 ASF S 5 guys or those move-through-woods (HELP!!) S6 ASF guys. 9i'm sure yo've encountered them before during your time as a Chaos Lord.) Now imagine how you score eleven hits with the Hail Of Doom arrow, with like 6 who wound and 5 or so which kill. That's around 75 points. With one shot.

Second thing. Magic Weapons. Bow of Loren.
Nice. Take it.
Also, there are some more cool arrows you can buy at your local store tree. Yeah, I'm talking about those which negate armour saves.
Out the last two on your Highborn - four attacks which negate armour saves is nothing to stare at.

There are MANY MORE useful items in that list. Wood Elves have the second best magic weapon list I ever saw.

Also, you have access to a kindred. Which are there.... Scout, Waywatcher (that was the name!), Wild Rider, Alter...... wait, what the hell is Alter.... Let's read....ooh, I and M raised to 9 and attacks raised with one... wow :O Fun thing is that they can be combined with Magic Items and in the case of the Alter one, they can be combined with Bow of Loren to give you five shots per turn ;)

A wood Elf army normally is played in one of two ways: you either include as many Wild Riders of Kunous and other Forest spirits as possible and go melee, which isn't very Asrai-like. But it works.
Far cooler tactic is just.... c'mon, you have a BS of 4 and S 4 on "short range" -.- How do you mean, short range? You all have longbows ! : D You cannot have "short" range!
Basically, sit in woods with your general close and with Wardancers around the flanks. Choose one enemy unit per turn and shoot the hell out of it with everything you have. If they get close, try to catch the charge with your Treeman or maybe Dryads - something that does not die too easily. Next turn, you only have to charge both flanks with either Glade Riders (where are they on your list? O_O), or Wardancers. Your friendliest enemy - Bloodletters :) You''l love fighting against those guys someday. They die so awesomly quick!!

Use your flyers and FAST CAVALRY to pincer the enemy, to kill out that Necromancer or that cannon battery... (or, again, those Waywatchers of you. They're perfect for assassination jobs.)
With 75% of your army either being skirmish, or fast cavalry, I'd be surprised if your opponent outmaneuvres you easily.

Shooting Phase and Magic Phase are your friends. Shoot the fast and flying ones first - the more units fight in close combat, the less things you can shoot to pieces. Lore of Athel Loren is gold. You'll see.

Oh, and one itty pitty thing: don't let the Chaos spirit posess you when you're charged by something. I said something. So from Gnoblars till Snotlings. If your Riders or Guard or something else that is fragile, is charged by SOMETHING, flee. Flee in those woods, bottleneck your opponent, disrupt their battleline, shoot them apart. Riders are perfect for this, because they can move in the turn they rallied. Greater Eagles are also good for such maneuveres.

Hope I did not help.

11-06-2008, 13:20
As a Wood Elf player, I can't really say I'm as big a fan of our magic weapons list as the OldMaster here. We have a few good things. HoDA is indeed fantastic, and I've never left it out of a competitive list. It'll generally off a warmachine or fast cav unit for you in 1 shot, or put a big dent in an enemy shooting unit and at least cause a panic check. It's a waste to shoot the thing at block units though. Remember that the advantage of it is that you can take a unit out of the game EARLY, before it does its' thing. That's why I usually use it on warmachines if I'm worried about them, or fast cav if I'm not so that I can extend my mobility superiority.

The absolute crux of playing Wood Elves is to use your mobility to commit only to fights that you know you can win. Other armies get on the back foot because their block units can't get out of the way of that enemy monster unit. We're pretty much all fast cav and skirmishers, so we can avoid nasty things until we're ready to take them on, be it because we've shot them down to size, or because we've arranged a flank charge to negate some ranks. To help our ability to dodge the enemy, you need to make sure you take out shooters and fast enemy units. After that (and it's not always THAT easy to do) you've got control of the board, really.

As for winning combats, you need the ability to break ranks. Wardancers excepted (and to a lesser extent Dryads), our units don't hit THAT hard, so we can't rely on the Swordmaster/Dragon Prince/Blood Knight style of front-on-charge to win fights against block units. We have to hit them in the flanks to negate their ranks, and then get our respectable number of kills to tip combat res in our favour. So for me, the BIG thing I notice about your list is a lack of rank-negating cavalry. Our rank-negating units are:

Glade Guard, Eternal Guard, Treekin, Treemen, Glade Riders, Wild Riders.

Glade Guard are rarely in a position to flank, and could well concede the 3 kills to negate the 3 ranks you just took off the enemy. Besides, they're awesome shooters, so shoot with them.

Eternal Guard, well, a lot of people who play Wood Elves for the fast/mobile aspect just don't care for them. I'm one of those. I suspect it would be hard to maneuver a block unit into the correct position anyway.

Treekin, generally with a frontage of 3 models, are not that easy to maneuver. Hard to get flank charges.

Treemen, well, they stand out so much, and are such a big concern for your opponent, that if they're able to at all, they'll probably turn/wheel to face him, so no easy flank charge.

That leaves us our 2 cav units. Glade Riders are just such light troops. 5+ armour, T3, and only hit at S4 on the charge, leaving enemies to hit back. They're just not great as a CC unit. Better at marchblocking, warmachine hunting, etc.

What's left? Wild Riders. Hit harder and kill more than Glade Riders, including their 2nd attack in rounds where they don't charge, have a bit more protection (from their ward save) and are still M9 fast cav. For mine, they are our best flanking unit, and the only other thing apart from the HoDA that I don't leave home without if I'm playing to compete. Just don't get too cocky, or you might screw up and find you left them in something's charge range, and Immune to Psych means no fleeing. I made that error a few times early on...

11-06-2008, 13:55
True. I thought Glade Riders were more multifunctional :)

Thanks for explaining it more, SilentTempest :)
I did not make much it it...

The Red Scourge
11-06-2008, 13:57
Okay.. Got it. Should have gotten some Fast Cav – just didn't want to go cavalry this time too (And had a lot of fun with Chaos, just didn't want mortal infantry and i wanted to include beasts). Glad I'm getting confirmed that the Eternal Guard are a bit of a waste.

So how about tooling up your command? And how would you deploy them? I guess an eagle and HoD would be nice? How about a Waywatcher lord and Bow of Loren?

11-06-2008, 14:01
Thing is, Waywatcher lord will lose his Lethal Shot if used with the Bow of Loren :\
Else everybody would choose the Waywatcher kindred, lol...

11-06-2008, 16:44
So how will I win?

With good strategy and lucky dice rolls ;)

You have more than enough for a 2000 pt army, I'm not sure what you're going for. The only thing you need to buy is the WE book so you can make a list. Come up with a couple lists and put them in army list forum for some feedback.

11-06-2008, 16:47
I guess an eagle and HoD would be nice? How about a Waywatcher lord and Bow of Loren?

The Eagle+HoDA is nice theoretically, but often is a large point sink for a very fragile unit. A Scout lord can do almost everything a Waywatcher lord can, doesn't lose any of its abilities with the Bow of Loren, and is cheaper. Just my two cents.

11-06-2008, 18:06
My son plays WE and he usually plays one character with Hail of Doom and something, another one with bow of Loren and arcane bodkins (usually the lord, multiple shots that ignores armour saves), one mage (usually scroll caddy).

Fast cav is really useful for flank or rear charges, as have been stated wild riders are the best for close combat although Glade riders are often sufficient especially against units that either have low AS and T or low WS and S. what you dont want is lots of your riders killed when they strike back. Killing the enemy in close combat is usually done by trees in various forms (dryads, treekin, treemen, ancient). with glade riders in the back enemies lose rank bonus and die instead of running away.

Treeman ancient as a lord is also popular especially with annoyance of nettlings to protect him in challenges.

11-06-2008, 18:10
[QUOTE=PeG;2690959 another one with bow of Loren and arcane bodkins (usually the lord, multiple shots that ignores armour saves)[/QUOTE]

Yeah. That's what I meant. It's a good thing.

The Red Scourge
11-06-2008, 21:37

Tried putting up a 2250 list in the Army List section "Virgin Forest".

11-06-2008, 21:55
Going to check it out.