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11-06-2008, 11:17
So im going to make 750p Chaos dwarfs using bfsp:

Chaos dwarf hero
Heavy armour
Black mace of Hashut

15 Chaos warriors

10 Chaos warriors

10 Hobgoblins

4 Bolt throwers

Death rocket

Earth shaker

And list what i used to make this: http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/assets/Chaos_Dwarfs.pdf

Any comments?

15-06-2008, 02:12
For your hero I would so with a great weapon and armor of gaz. Would be same strength and a better armour save for cheaper. The black mace imo is best for a hobo hero or BC hero/lord since they have much better movement to get to the prime targets.

I personally don't think musicians are that great for a CD army since most units are like ld 9/10 already (and if you run chances are they will overrun you).

BB units at 10 I don't think are very useful. You need a min of 12 for the str 5 shoots. units of 15 or 18 are best (with that many you should be able to march across the field and still have str 4 at least).

hobos are best taked either nekkid or with larm + shield. with 10 no point giving them a musician. I would drop both and make the unit 20+ strong.

also for so little points I wouldn't go with a death rocket and earth shacker. too few units for stone throwers to be useful (though earthshacker is amazing for controlling the battle). Though at this point range 4 bolt throwers and a earth shacker is just evil.