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11-06-2008, 15:04
Hi all,

First battle report in a while due to a temporary shut down of the battle report program I use, and to being a bit more busy with work these days. Anyway, to battle!

This game was part of a campaign two of my friends and I are having, with the overall idea being a series of small build-up games leading up to an almighty 3-way 2000+ pt clash, with the winners of the build-up matches receiving particular bonuses (decided upon before the campaign started) for the big game. This battle was in fact the final mini-game, with all three armies fighting it out for the right to take additional monsters in the larger game, with the added benefit of some special deployment rules.

We decided on a straight-up fight rather than any of the scenarios we have been using. Lists were as follows (Note: our campaign restrictions for the warm up games: 1000pts max, no characters over 150pts, 50pts magic items, 2 specials 1 rare (3 and 2 for High elves) or 3 specials if no rare, 1 monster <100 pts):

Tomb Kings:

Tomb prince, chariot, light armour, flail
Liche priestess, skeletal steed, heiratc jar
15 Warriors, light armour, hand weapon, shield
11 Warriors, bows
5 light horsemen
1 swarm
3 chariots, banner, Banner of the Undying Legion
Tomb Scorpion
Screaming Skull Catapult

High Elves (approximate):

Mage, Level 2
15 Spearmen, full command
10 Archers
5 Silver Helms
6 Dragon princes, banner, Banner of Sorcery
Tiranoc chariot
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Great Eagle

Wood Elves (approximate)

Noble, great weapon, light armour Helm of the Hunt
12 Glade Guard, champion, musician
12 Glade Guard, champion, musician
10 Dryads
10 Dryads
6 Wild Riders, full command
10 Wardancers, champion, musician

Terrain for the battle looked like this:


Deployment zones were (as you look at it) centrally at the top of the field, and the the bottom left and right corners. The report making program was playing up a bit, so the terrain looks a bit bland, sorry.

Rolling for deployment, I won, and opted for the bottom left corner for my Tomb Kings. My friend T, playing with my High Elves, opted for the northern hill, leaving my friend J the bottom right corner for his Wood Elves. (Note: T is a newcomer to the game; part of the reason for doing this campaign is so he can get some games under his belt)

Deployment looked like this:


The yellow crosses mark the buried scorpion and swarm, attacking the High Elves and Wood Elves respectively.

T rolled for his mage's spells on the Lore of Light, receiving Burning Gaze and Guardian Light.

High Elves won the roll for the first turn, followed by Tomb Kings second and Wood Elves third, and we were off!

High Elf Turn 1

The Spearmen and chariot advanced on the distant Wood Elves while the Silver Helms and Dragon Princes marched off towards the Tomb Kings. The Great Eagle swooped around behind the left hand house. Magic and Shooting were poor, with the Wood Elf archers and dryads suffering few casualties.

Tomb Kings Turn 1

The Tomb Kings army shuffled forwards, with the Prince and his retinue of chariots engaging in some shenanigans to get out of the cramped deployment zone. With the watchtower placed as it was the chariots would be close to the charge range of the Silver Helms, but that couldn't be helped. Magic saw an attempted Catapult range-finding shot dispelled, and in Shooting I duly mis-judged the range to the Spearmen, harming nothing.

Wood Elf Turn 1

The lines of Wood Elf archers advance at a walk to bring their bows to bear, supported by one unit of dryads, while the wardancers and second dryad unit march towards their beloved woods on the southern table edge. The Wild Riders, wary of the High Elf shooting, lurk behind the rocks on the eastern edge. Shooting sees the accurate Wood Elves put 2 wounds on the chariot, and a spearelf or two expires.

Cont'd below

11-06-2008, 16:19
Turn 2 and Beyond

High Elf Turn 2

T declares two charges, the Silver Helms on the chariots and the Tiranoc chariot on the right hand glade guard unit. Unfortunately, the Silver Helms go nowhere, quaking in their boots in fear, and the chariot loses its last two wounds in the stand and shoot by the glade guard.

With the stalled SilverHelms blocking their path, the Dragon Princes shuffle to the side, while the spearmen continue to advance on the Wood Elf line. The Eagle, hidden behind the house, is forgotten about by everyone. Magic and shooting are again lacklustre, with some more archers and a dryad or two falling.

Tomb Kings Turn 2

The Tomb Prince declines to charge the clearly cowardly Silver Helms, as they would likely flee to reveal the much more threatening Dragon Princes. Instead, his unit slides around to the left flank, facing back towards the centre of the table - not out of sight of the Silver Helms, but away from the harder-hitting Dragon Princes. The Tomb Swarm arrives, scattering minimally, and charges a unit of Glade Guard in the rear. Other moving sees the warriors and archers advance, the archers forming into a line for shooting.

Magic sees an attempted charge on the Silver Helms dispelled. In Shooting the guess with the catapult is better, but an unfavourable scatter means again no casualties. One dryad falls to the enchanted arrows of the skeleton archers.

In combat the swarm of desiccated insects miraculously manages to break the wood elf archers, but can't chase them down,instead finishing up right next to some looming dryads...

Wood Elf Turn 2

...who duly charge, destroying the swarm. The archer unit rallies, embarassed to have been sent running by a few beetles. The wardancers and dryads continue their march along the board edge, finally reaching the woods - cries of relief echoed around the battlefield.

High Elf Turn 3 pt1

The Silver Helms overcome their fear of the Tomb King chariots and charge. The Great Eagle, remembered at last, swoops down the flank towards the catapult. The Dragon Princes and Spearmen advance and angle themselves towards their nearest foes.

Magic saw a miscast Burning Gaze end the phase, and shooting picked off some more Glade guard.

In combat one knight singled out the lightly-armoured prince, causing a wound, and two of his fellows wounded another chariot. In reply, the skeletons and skeletal horses did nothing, but the Prince, swinging his newly acquired flail of skulls (not the Flail of Skulls, it's just coincidence) struck down two knights, narrowly winning the combat. Outnumbered, the Silver Helms ran for it


Tomb Kings Turn 3

Enthused by his recent victory, the Prince declared a charge at the Dragon Princes,who fled. The Warrior unit advanced on the fleeing Silver Helms, while the Archers retreated fromt the wood elves slightly.

In the magic phase the Warriors charged the Silver Hlems, casuing them to flee once more


Sick of missing the spearmen block, the catapult tried for a lucky shot on the Branchwraith within the dryad unit, but scattered so that only a single dryad was killed.

Wood Elf Turn 3

The Wild Riders, sensing an opportunity to strike, moved out from behind the rocks, while the nearby dryads moved to the flank of the spearmen unit. The wardancers and accompanying dryads reluctantly left the woods to attack the nearby archer and warrior units. Shooting saw some close range fire take a rank off the spearmen, but they passed their panic check.

High Elf Turn 4

The Eagle overcame its fear to charge the catapult, and both the knight units rallied. Shooting and magic saw the end of 3 Wild Riders and several dryads.

cont'd below

11-06-2008, 16:49
Tomb Kings Turn 4

The Tomb Scorpion finally appeared, scattering to over by the bolt thrower, which it duly charged and destroyed, over running off the board. The chariots and warriors shifted their attentions to the nearby wood elves, with the chariots lining up a charge on the wardancers.

In shooting the seemingly doomed archers, supported by the heirophant's light horsemen, managed to down 6 dryads in a single uncannily-accurate shooting phase, leaving the branchwraith standing with a single companion.

Magic saw the chariot charge enacted:

Despite electing to dance for a 4+ ward save, 5 wardancers perished in the charge, and the champion fell in a challenge to the Tomb Prince. The Wood Elf Noble hit back valiantly but couldn't turn the tide. Broken, the wardancers were chased down by the chariots who narrowly missed the dryads behind as they ploughed off the board.

Wood Elf turn 4

Eager for revenge, the Branchwraith and her dryad buddy charged the archers. The dryads near the Elf Spearmen unit risked the Speed of Asuryan and charged, trying to assassinate the mage. The Wild Riders sped up the right flank to face the Dragon Princes.

Shooting saw a lone knight killed at long range by the glade guard.

In combat the branchwraith and dryad killed several archers and crumbled some more, while the other dryad unit bounced off the wall of spears leveled at them, only managing to wound the mage in the process.


High Elf Turn 5

Keen to secure some victory points, T's Dragon Princes advanced on the glade guard, while the Silver Helms prepared for the return of the scorpion and the spearmen repositioned themselves after their combat with the dryads.

Magic saw a Burning Gaze foiled by the natural resistance of the Wild Riders.

In combat the Eagle continued to slowly kill off the catapult and its crew.

Tomb Kings Turn 5

The Scorpion and Chariots returned to the field, moving to threaten the High Elf Archers and Dragon Princes respectively. The Warriors moved to help out the archers.

Magic saw another forced charge on the chariots, barging into the flank of the Dragon Princes, who fled after taking several casualties. The warriors were also pushed into combat with the dryads, and their ranks, banner and flank were enough to see them off, pursued off the table although not before the final archers were killed.

Wood Elf Turn 5

The Wild Riders, seeing their opportunity at last, struck, running down the remaining Dragon Princes, casuing the Silver Helms to flee in the process. The fleeing dryads rallied, and the Glade Guard turned to face the spearmen.

High Elf Turn 6
The Spearmen charged the glade guard, and the Silver Helms rallied.

Shooting saw two of the last Wild Riders picked off, leaving the champion standing alone.

Despite getting another chance at killing the High elf mage, the glade guard could not withstand the fierce attack of the spearmen, and were broken and caught. The Spearmen just failed to reach the flank of the nearby chariot unit (It was closer than it looks in the diagram - the spearmen rolled a 6 and needed around a 9)


Concluded below

11-06-2008, 17:02
Tomb Kings Turn 6

The Scorpion charged the archers, seeing a soft target. Meanwhile the chariots spun to face the nearby spearmen, and the ever reliable Tomb Kings Magic sent them careening in in the magic phase. Despite striking first, the spearmen couldn't resist the tide and were swept under the wheels of the chariots.

The Scorpion failed miserably against the archers, killing one after taking a wound, thereby taking another from CR.


Wood Elf Turn 6

With little left available to him, J charged his remaining units in, but to no avail. The lone wild rider champion managed to kill a Silver Helm and draw the combat, while the dryads vs chariots was a stalemate.

And with that, the game was over. For these three way games we use a keep-what-you-kill score system, with no bonuses for banners/quarters/generals etc to keep it simple. After tallying up the kills, the Tomb Kings came out ahead - TK ~1000, HE ~600, WE~500

Overall a fun game, at the end of turn two I was certain my Tomb Kings were done for, but some good luck at the right time turned it around. Also, this is the first time my heirophant has survived the game, and the consistent magic really told in the battle.

Cheers for reading, report of the finale to follow :)

11-06-2008, 19:42
carnage and chaos, just like a tree way game should be :)
I look forward to the finale. What sort of monster-advantage did you win for the next match?

11-06-2008, 21:27
Blimey...loads of maps! Always good in my opinion.... and a nice report too.

My thought was obviously the same as Sevensins... what's the monster advantage?

BTW I'm a big fan of linked games and mini capaigns, so obviously looking forward to your future posts! Keep it up :)

11-06-2008, 22:17
We've done a couple of these campaigns before, with varying amounts of success. This time around we decided basically that there would be a 3 way 2000pt battle, but those armies would have certain restrictions:

1 Lord character, not a magic user
2 heroes max, can be mages
150pts magic items max
2 core minimum
3 special max (4 for high elves)
1 rare max (2 for high elves)
2 warmachines
2 monsters <200pts each

Then we devised a whole load of territories for us to compete over (I think in the end we had 16), each territory giving a bonus for the final game - usually by lifting one of the above restrictions and adding a small extra effect. Most of them were fairly straightforward (e.g. Gromril mine - territory lifts restrictions on special choices and allows one unit to reroll failed armour saves) but some were more oddball (e.g Brewery - territory lifts restrictions on special choices, and allows one friendly unit to become drunk. The unit is immune to fear and panic. On a d6 roll of a 1 each turn the unit suffers from Stupidity that turn). Fights over territories were decided by us each secretly allocating up to 1000pts per desired territory, to a maximum of 7500pts, so there was a slight tactical edge to it.

Back to this battle then, the bonus on offer was to lift the restrictions on taking monsters, and as an added incentive to allow a single infantry unit < 200pts to enter the battlefield like Dwarf miners. So really, we were competing over being able to have Bone Giants, Star Dragons or Treemen in the final game. Unfortunately for me, I actually lost my previous game for additional rare choices, so I probably won't be taking Boney, as it would mean no catapult (and he costs more than 2x the points) - but at least I don't have to worry about strangle-roots, or Star Dragons devouring all my chariots.

It's actually pretty well poised for the finale - High elves have won 4 territories, Tomb Kings 5 and Wood Elves 6 (the last was won by an angry Moon Dragon - 800pts of Wood Elves set out to steal its egg and escape, but none returned....:evilgrin:)