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11-06-2008, 20:33
Just how cost effective is the Hell Cannon? I have not got to play with it or against it yet, and am wondering whether it is worth buying.

Or is it just too cheesy?


The Red Scourge
11-06-2008, 20:45
It lost me a game in turn one, when some Dark Elves repeater xbows tore the crew apart, and the thing caused havoc in the lines – leaving the elves enough time to shoot up the rest of the army.

But then again its really nice to fire it upon a unit, you just cast Doom&Darkness upon, and for hurting those High Elf dragons and Empire Steam Tanks.

I think it is genuinely needed for all those places where S5 just isn't enough, and S5 is the norm in mortal chaos.

Just make sure you have the hounds or horsemen needed to divert it, should it run wild.

EDT: Just had another great Cannon story. It was turn two against the empire my mortal Tzeentch army was red hot and spewing multicolored flames all over the place. The hellcannon takes aim (a perfect guess), but misfires causing 1 wound to all wizards in play and handing my opponent 400 VPs – at least it killed a lvl 2 wizard of his who had miscast the turn before ;)
It was a bloodbath of a game though. At the end my opponent had half a stank and a wounded empire captain, and I had a Hellcannon and an aspiring champion. Everyone else had run off.

11-06-2008, 20:53
I don't have one.
It's an awesome model and unit, though.

Royal Tiger
11-06-2008, 20:53
Just make sure you have the hounds or horsemen needed to divert it, should it run wild.
*has image of Chaos and empire armies charging at each other, then stopping to watch a group of marauder horsemen run through the center of the field being chased by a cannon*

11-06-2008, 21:14
Alright, cool, I think I'll take one then.

11-06-2008, 23:52
Alright, cool, I think I'll take one then.

It's completely chaotic and unpredictable. It's so powerful when it hits that it can be gamewinning but kill the crew and it can easily win the game for your opponent.

Funniest time I ever played against it was with old HE. I destroyed the rest of the chaos army by turn 4 (seer line and battle banner) and in an act of utter stupidity, charged the hellcannon with 75% of my army, which proceded to get ground into the mud by the cannon over the next4 combat phases...:evilgrin:

12-06-2008, 00:11
I like the hell cannon and as said it is def. give and take, and it isn't cheesy in the least as it takes up 2 rares and has a huge price tag.