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12-06-2008, 00:07
Hi all,

Just looking for tips on what Wizard Lores to use for my army posted here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147668).

Shadow, Light and Heavens leap out- am I missing anything?

The plan is to use all of one Lore.


12-06-2008, 11:44
Pick whichever lore is best suited to your opponent.

Daemons/ Undead - Light
Dwafs/ Brettonians - Metal
Wood Elves - Fire
Skaven - Death

12-06-2008, 13:51
Pick whichever lore is best suited to your opponent.

Is that generally accepted in tournament play?

12-06-2008, 14:00
Yes. You only select the Lore after you've all seen each other's armies.

That said, don't pick Light against Daemons. Include Empire with the "Metal" lore there.

Definitely have one of your L1 Mages take Metal, worth it against those high armour save guys. Death is also good.

Heavens would work out as a great choice. Put one of your Mages near the Handgunners/Crossbowmen. Try out for the other spells first, but the first spell in the Lore is awesome. I'd keep the 2, 3, 4 spells on a L1.

However, be aware that with 2 L1s and a single L2 you won't have enough PDs to get through your opponent's magical defense. There are a few armies out there that'll shrug that off.

It's probably best to go magically defensive. Hence why Warrior Priests are so useful, they provide the Dispel Dice and are able unit leaders too. Something to consider.

Vandur Last
14-06-2008, 00:04
Pick whichever lore is best suited to your opponent.

Daemons/ Undead - Light
Dwafs/ Brettonians - Metal
Wood Elves - Fire
Skaven - Death

Anyone care to explain the reasoning behind these choices? Possibly also recommend some for use against other armies, such as Lizardmen?

14-06-2008, 00:50
Lore of light has a couple of spells that get increased strength against undead and daemons plus one spell makes all units nearby immune to pyschology. The spells are pretty easy to cast as well. The new daemon book has a banner that makes mages that use the lore of light miscast on double 1,2 and 3 though. Hence it being not as good against them. (Only if they take it of course.) Most of the spells are fairly easy to cast. I really like it as an all purpose list myself.

Dwarfs and brettonnians have lots of armour and metal is very good against heavily armoured armies. Not too bad against warmachines or magic items either. A very good range of spells but some are bit hard to cast. Also if you're only taking level 1 or 2 mages it'll be pot luck for getting the best spells.

Wood elves and fire should be obvious enough. Trees famously hate it. Another good all purpose lore of direct damage spells. Most of the spells have quite high casting values for a level 1 mage.

Skaven and death is I think because of Doom and darkness. A -3 penalty to your leadership and a spell that can make a unit of yours cause fear is quite incredible. Most of the spells are very good with a variety of effects. The ones mentioned and direct damage ones as well.

Against lizardmen I would take death or shadows. Doom and darkness or fear again being the most useful spells. Shadows has as it's star attraction pit of shades, take an initiative test or die! Quite incredible against an army whose average I is 1 or 2. Also has movement spells which are never to be underestimated.

Dark and high elves I would favour either heavens or fire but most of the lores are pretty good against them.

Lastly chaos and beasts, I think beasts and death are good choices. Beasts has a great range of spells including a favourite of mine. Anger of the bear.

I haven't mentioned lore of life since it's quite a tricky one to use. It's fairly dependant on terrain if the spells will be usefull or not. If not you'll have to get pretty close. Most of them are quite good if you can use them though.

14-06-2008, 00:51
Daemons/ Undead - Light
Light has spells that are str 4/5 normally and str 6 against these armies. As a note Deamons have a wicked anti light banner that will turn all light mages into wet noodles.

Dwafs/ Brettonians/Empire/Warriors of Chaos - Metal
The damage spells in the lore of metal do not allow armour saves and hit harder based on your save (Better save = higher str).

Wood Elves/Tomb Kings - Fire
All of the spells in the lore of fire are flaming attacks and both of these armies have flammable units.

Skaven/Goblins - Death
I have never played against Skaven but death has some nice ld based spells that can really affect an army that already has ld issues.

Edit: Drat Darkangeldentist beat me to it

14-06-2008, 01:02
I was just re-reading Lore of Life and that can actually be pretty effective against Wood Elves. Master of the Wood for obvious reasons. The Howler Wind will make a big spot where he can't target his archers and The Rain Lord gives units -1 to shoot, -2 if it's armor piercing for the rest of the game! Take that Glade Guard bows!

14-06-2008, 04:00
Haha, yeah. Howler Wind if you can get it is awesome.

16-06-2008, 07:40
Death is also pretty good against O&G and OK for the same reasons as mentioned for skaven. They have low leadership which you can exploit with a -3 modifier or making one of your units fear causing. The other spells in death are direct damage so are good against anything.