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12-06-2008, 00:54
"Da boyz is talkin' Boss," Bakhakka reported. "Deys sayin' dat Voodoo's better den you. Deys sayin' he smashes elveses better den..." the burly black orc stopped suddenly. He knew he'd done it now. He could tell from the look in Bigrunt's eyes. He could see he had gone too far by the Warboss' posture, his scowl, and the immense boot that connected with his face.

"So, deys talkin', is dey?" Bigrunt growled. He had heard the boys whispering about needing a new warboss. They were still shocked that the boss had run from the Elves. He tried everything to bring them around; he held a Gobbo-punting contest, which he had easily won thanks to his shiny magic boots. When that failed, he tried a new approach; namely disemboweling anyone who looked at him funny.

Bigrunt turned to the east, making a satisfying *CRACK* as he stepped on Bakhakka's nose. He looked at the smoke billowing up from great fire pits. He heard the rhythmic drums and warcries of an army readying for battle. And he saw the massive shaman dabbing warpaint on his ladz. Bigrunt smiled, showing his chipped tusk. "Dats what youz wantin' me ta do, eh Mork? Youz always so kunnin."

The Black Orc stood firmly atop a mound, glaring at his boys. "Right. Listen up, ya squig tossas! Ders some Orcs comin dis way, and dez lookin' fer a fight! Well, we's gonna give it to 'em! We's gonna show 'em dat we's da best Orcs. And since Orcs is da best, dat makes us da bestest of da best!!!" The army roared in approval. They prepared to go to battle once more, gathering their weapons.

"Now, ta deal wit dat Voodoo" Bigrunt growled quietly. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the old Wierdboy's magic stick. "Why dat looks like its made out o' Bonewood. Dat's s'posed ta be good at bashin'!" He swung the staff at the ground, bending it to a sickening angle. "Ooops, guess it's not all dat good fer bashin' after all," the warboss chuckled.

It's time for round two with my Orcs, fresh from a scrap with the High Elves. I managed to find another Orc player at the store, and he was the only one left to play a game with. I made some minor changes to the list, seeing that the shamans were a little underpowered against the elves.


Bigrunt Gutstompa
Black Orc Big Boss 85
Heavy armor 6
Martog's Best Basha 15
Bigged's Kicking Boots 30

Voodoo O'Malley
Orc Shaman 65
Level 2
(spell rolled: Gork's Warpath, WAAAGH!!)
Staff of Baduumm 40

Niblit, Gork's Faverite
Night Goblin Shaman 50
Level 2 35
(spell rolled: Brain Bursta, Mork Wants Ya!)
Nibbla's Itty Ring 20
Dispel Scroll 25


Da Brightfangs Tribe
Night Goblins (x20) 60
Full Command 20
Twirly and Hurly (2 fanatics) 50

Da Soufland Boyz
Orcs (x20) 100
Full Command 30


Gutstompa's Ladz
Black Orcs (x14) 182
Full Command 38
Shields 14
Nogg's Banner of Butchery 25

Trundall's Ride
Orc Boar Chariot 80
Extra Crew 5

TOTAL: 1010 pts (my math was a little off on this one. I thought that upgrading to level 2 cost 25 pts, not 35. My apologies to my opponent for the slight advantage).

My opponent went with a magic-heavy list, as well as a solid core of Savage Orc Big'uns.

Savage Orc Shaman
Level 2
(Spells Rolled: Fists of Gork, Gork's Warpath)
Amulet of Protectyness
Waaagh!! Paint
Dispel Scroll

Night Goblin Shaman
Level 2
(Spells Rolled: Brain Bursta, Foot of Gork)
Dispel Scroll

20 Savage Orcs
Big 'uns
Full Command
War Banner

29 Night Goblins
Full Command
2 fanatics


Pre-Match Thoughts: Well this should be interesting. My opponent's army was fairly intimidating, with a Giant at 1000 pts. I've never tangled with a Giant before, but I knew that it could dish out some major damage. However, a Giant isn't that scary when his kneecaps get knocked out by a pair of fanatics. My other big worry were those Savage Orcs. Strength 5 choppas aren't all that great when he gets a save regardless. Oh, and the magic phase looked like it was going to be a hoot! 2 shamans with Gork's Warpath, as well as Foot of Gork?!! I sensed much squishing under giant green feet.

Deployment: The terrain was fairly unimportant, with some scattered forest and fences. I definately learned from the last time, and moved the fences out of my bloody way. My line deployed evenly, with the large unit of Orcs taking the middle. The Black Orcs stood beside them, across from the Savage Orcs. The chariot sat to the right of the Orcs, with the Night Goblins taking the right flank. The savage orcs deployed across from the Black orcs on my left flank. The Night Goblins stood slightly off centre, while the Giant tried to sneak through the woods on the right flank (how a Giant can sneak only Mork knows!)

We rolled for first turn, and I won. Eager to get Gork's Warpath off before my opponent could, I took first turn.

Turn 1 Orcs and Goblins

Animosity didn't bother me this turn (unbelievably, I didn't fail a single animosity check! That's 0 failed animosity rolls for 2 games in 1 night!!!) and so the army moved forward as one. The magic phase began with a bang, as I miscast with Gork's Warpath. Uh oh! However, I got reeeally lucky and rolled a 12; Now it went off irresistably! My opponent could only watch in horror as Gork landed feet-first on his Savage Orcs, squashing 4. But the zany green god wasn't done yet; I rolled well and he managed to hit both the Night Goblins and the Giant as well! The entire back rank of Gobbos were turned to paste, and the Giant took a 3-wound kick in the gut! Gork was hungry for a little more blood, and saw fit to bounce on my Black Orcs as well! 4 Black Orcs were turned to jelly as the mishievous god bounced away giggling. You've got to love Orc magic!

Unfortunately, I had to roll on the Miscast table again. I watched as my shaman exploded, and took 3 orcs with him! My Night Goblin shaman, after cackling hard at the magical shenanigans, used his Ring to put a wound on his counterpart. With no shooting or combat, it passed to my opponent.

Turn 1 Savage Orcs

Slightly phased, my opponent moved up to bring the fight to me (for a nice change of pace). The Great Green was still shaken up from Voodoo's accident, and so all his spells were either dispelled or failed to cast. There were still no combats (and obviously no shooting), so turn 1 ended quickly.

Turn 2 Orcs and Goblins

My army continued to move up, eager to get to chopping! The Night Goblins marched towards their counterparts, which brought them within 8 inches of the Giant. Fanatic time! Both of my lunatics went sailing out of my unit at the big lad. They were clearly hopped up on Fungus Brew, as they made the distance and then some (once more, they both crashed into terrain). The first fanatic only managed to graze Gigantor's shin, causing a wound. Nervous about my other nutter, I could only smile while Twirly cracked the Giant in the skull for the final two wounds.

The magic phase was somewhat diminished, as I was now a shaman short. Niblet stepped up to the plate, however. While Brain Bursta was dispelled, I got Nibbla's Itty ring through their defences, and 'Eadbutted his Night Goblin Shaman to death! Now we were both at one Shaman apiece. My turn ended there, since there was no fighting to be had.

Turn 2 Savage Orcs

Frustrated, the Savage Orc shaman let loose a toothless WAAAAGH!!, launching his boyz into my black orcs. Naturally, the Night Goblins squabbled and stood in place. The magic phase was definately in the Savage Orcs' favour, since the shaman was now casting at +2! I scrolled Gork's Warpath, but couldn't stop Fist of Gork. 3 Black Orcs fell to ghostly punches to the gut.

In combat, the luny shaman challenged my Big Boss, and could only watch in horror as he failed to wound my burly leader. In reponse, Bigrunt easily cut down the Shaman. Shocked by the loss of their leader, none of the savage orcs did any damage. Using my magic banner, my Black Orcs managed to kill another 2 (it was the combat of terrible rolling). The combat ended in a draw, but now Bigrunt could unleash his axe on the unit.

Turn 3 Orcs and Goblins

With an explosive fart, my boar chariot rumbled towards the Night Goblins. Terrified, they pushed their fanatics out in the wagon's path. Both struck the chariot, but only inflicted two wounds. My night Goblins turned to aid the Black Orcs, while the Orcs marched towards the Night Goblins.

My main concern where those lunatic fanatics spinning around. My shaman tried to finish one off with his ring, as well as Mork Wants Ya!, but both failed to harm the crazy bugger.

The combat phase was eventful on both sides. My chariot only managed to run over a single Goblin, but the boars and crew speared three more. The plucky Goblins couldn't find a weak spot in the chariot's planks. The Chariot passed it's leadership test, and the Goblins started to shake a little. On the other side of the battlefield, my Black Orcs were in worse shape. My Big Boss killed 2, and the rest of the boyz killed two more (including the Champion). However the savage orcs killed four themselves, and won the combat. My orcs needed to roll a 7, and promptly failed with a ten. The boyz ran, and I could only watch as they were run down (damn, two battles in a row).

Turn 3 Savage Orcs

Fresh from the slaughter of my Black Orcs, the Savage Orcs turned to face the formed-up Night Goblins. Then, with a mighty *CRA-SQUISH*, a fanatic went sailing through it's own unit and my chariot. The sturdy chariot took another wound, while 2 gobbos were flattened. Shaken, the Goblins failed to finish my chariot off in combat. They did however throw their nets, and tied my boars up. However, 1 of the creworcs managed to make spear meet flesh. Losing the combat, my chariot amazingly rolled a 3 to stay in the fight (note to self: give bonus to chariot).

Turn 4 Orcs and Goblins

Despite a broken nose, Bakhakka managed to call out a WAAAAGH!! in the absence of my Warboss. His Orcs went crashing in to help out the chariot, while the Night Goblins merely reformed to face the Savage Orcs. Niblet the Shaman spitefully fried 3 Savage Orcs with Brain Bursta, but failed to swat that damned fanatic with his Ring.

Casting their nets as a last line of defense, the Night Goblins prepared for the slaughter. Only two of the Orcs could swing their choppas, but each took down a gobbo. The Goblins, as well as my chariot, were too tired to mount any offense. Thanks to the added impact of my orcs, the Night Goblins fled...right through the fanatic! My charioteer, obviously eager to run down the last gobbos, failed to restrain. Four of the Goblins were killed, and the fanatic knocked the wheels clean off of my chariot.

Turn 4 Savage Orcs

The Night Goblins, too depleted to rally, ran away from the battlefield as fast as their little feet could carry them. The savage orcs tried in vain to reach the Night Goblins, while the fanatics swirled harmlessly around.

Time had run out at this point, leaving us to tally the damage.

Victory Points

Orcs and Goblins: 800
Savage Orcs: 670

Result: Marginal Victory for the Orcs and Goblins!!! (me)

Post-Match Thoughts: Wow, that was interesting. Once more, greenskin magic does some major damage in a single turn. My luck still seems to be holding out, as I had some very good rolls. Strategically, I think I should have called the WAAAAGH!! to try and reach the Savage Orcs, but other than that I think it worked out well. The only disappointment continues to be my Warboss; With WS 7 and 5 attacks, he should be killing more than once or twice per turn.

My orc of the Match comes down to two nominees. Once more, Voodoo O'Malley did some major damage with a single spell, squashing no fewer than four units! However, I'm going to have to go with Trundall and his boar chariot, for their pig-headed (pun) tenacity. I didn't expect them to survive that second combat round. Not only did they survive, they held the Gobbos long enough for the Orcs to do some bashing.

After these two battles, I think my list needs some re-tooling. I'm open to any suggestions.

Orc of Da Match: Trundall's Ride

Bigrunt stood in his cave, seething. His boyz had run away once again. Once again, he had lost face in front of his WAAAGH!! Once again, Voodoo O'Malley enthralled the boyz with his power. The Black Orc spat. "No more" he thought to himself, "Dis ain't happenin' no more! I'ma show da boyz how a Waaagh!! s'posed ta go! I's gonna bash everyone in me way good an' proper! I's gonna be da bestest!"

12-06-2008, 04:23
Erm... not tryin ta stop your thunder or anything, but in a 1000pt game, isnt a 0-149 pt difference a draw?

12-06-2008, 12:53
Well done ID, and I'm enjoying these O&G battles of yours, lots of fun. Ooooh the whackiness of 2 orcs & goblins throwing down.

- Salvage

12-06-2008, 13:55
Erm... not tryin ta stop your thunder or anything, but in a 1000pt game, isnt a 0-149 pt difference a draw?

Well I looked at that one, and I guess it's kinda variable. My list (despite the points discretion) was meant to be less than a 1000, and my opponent's was also less than 1000. We decided to call it a marginal victory, because of the number of forces left (i.e. I had two full units left, while he had a badly damaged Savage Orc unit).