View Full Version : newb attempt at 2,500 points of daemons

12-06-2008, 04:53
Heya. Collecting daemons for 40k, thought i'd give fantasy a try. Comments and opinions would be welcome. List comes to 2,497 points

lord of change - level 4 wizard, twin heads

Herald of tzeentch - army standard: standard of chaos glory

35 horrors - changeling, musician, standard bearer: banner of change

herald of slaanesh - soporific musk, torment blade

29 daemonettes - champion, musician, standard bearer: siren standard

28 bloodletters - champion, musician, standard bearer

6 flamers

The army tries to march forwards as one. The horrors want to get to about 18" range and blast the enemy with magic. 6x6 formation. The LoC sits on their flank and supports them, charging flanks if they get engaged. I'm thinking the horrors could hold up a unit of chaos knights, while the LoC slowly brings them down if needed.

Then next to the horrors come the daemonettes, within range of the standard. 5x6 formation. The bloodletters are largely expendable, they either guard the daemonettes flank or charge into the enemy flank if possible.

Both heralds will only accept challenges they think they can win. Moving to the back of the unit is advantageous to me, since my daemonettes will always strike first and my horrors will get a 4+ ward save. The changeling will accept challenges from hardcore opponents, swapping their stats to give him the advantage. Anything that gets in close combat with the horrors will get the banner of change in their face every turn until they die, plus other assorted magic.

What do people think?

12-06-2008, 06:45
i think tht daemonettes are better used in blocks of 10 to 15 as they are really good at chargin the flank of an enemy. So drop the daemonettes into to units of 14-15 and maybe bring the blood letters done to 20. if u can find the points i would put in a unit of flesh hounds