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12-06-2008, 15:39
So I was challenged to a 3000 point game. The high elve player had decided to try magic heavy and wanted a game against my lizardmen. So it was going to be a super battle battle.

My list:

2nd Gen Slann w/ ASB, diadem of power, plaque of tepok, protection
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ rod of the storm
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ dispel scroll
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ dispel scroll
Scarvet w/ tepok, light armor, shield, greatweapon, jaguar charm

20 Temple guard w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
10 skinks w/ scout
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks

4 kroxigor
6 chameleon skinks

3 salamanders
3 salamanders

His list: (as best as I could tell)

Archmage w/ vortex shard
Lvl 2 mage w/ dispel scroll
Lvl 2 mage w/ dispel scroll
Lvl 2 mage w/ staff of scorcery

15 spearman w/ full command
10 archers
16 archers

25 phoenix guard w/ full command, banner of sorcery
15 sword masters
10 silverhlems w/ shield, full command
10ish shadow warriors
Lion chariot


The board was 6X4. The only terrain that mattered was a large 2-stage hill as the back of his deployment zone. A large forest on the left flank, and a hill on the right flank with a building on it.

He dployed his RBTs on the top of the hill with the archers in front (1 mage in the unit of 10 to the left, and Teclis in the unit of 16 on the right). From left to right in the chearing there was: phoenix guard w/ archmage and Caradryan, lion chariot, swordmasters w/ mage, spearmen w/ mage, silverhelms.

Behind the trees on the left I deployed a unit of jav skinks, then in the clearing from left to right there was: saurus w/ scarvet, salamanders w/ 2 priests, templeguard w/ slann, salamanders w/ priest, saurus, blowpipe skinks, kroxigors, and finally blowpipe skinks behind the hill on the right.

He won the roll for placing scouts and put the shadow warriors behind the buildind. I put the jav skinks and the chameleon skinks in the forest on the left.

Pre-game thoughts: Well I felt I had the upper hand. He had a lot of magic but I was sure my slann could do more damage. With Caradryan in the phoenix guard it meant that had MR3, so they would be a pain, however I was sure I could bait them and hit their flank. The salamanders too would rip apart units like crazy. I just hoped he wouldn't get too many irresistable forces...

He won the roll for first turn and took it.

Turn 1 HE:

All of the center units march up (he was going to take the fight to me). In the magic phase he gets off the shield on the swordmasters, makes the phoenix guard cause terror, and kills 6 temple guard between a fire ball and a crazy conflageration of doom (4 dice). In the shooting phase he goes after the slann with his RBTs. (He asks "What is the ward save of a slann?" and I reply "Usually 4+." to which he raises an eyebrow.) However, even though all four RBTs and all the archers fire at the slann, I never have to tell him about my 2+ ward (so I can trick him next turn), but then another guy comes over and says "You know he gives him a 2+ ward right?". Oh how I love spectators...

Turn 1 LM:

Scarvet charges into the lion chariot. Terror causes the chameleon skinks to flee through the jav skinks, but the jav skinks don't panic so they move to the edge of the woods. Other jav skinks move up to the woods. Salamander units move back ever so slightly to avoid multicharges. Blowpipe skinks move infront of saurus on the left and korx move a bit back. Other blowpipe skinks move up to building. In the magic phase I was a fire ball on the swordmasters as I forgot they had the shield spell on them, but still kill one. Rest of my magic goes towards the spearmen, and after drawing out a scroll I do very little damage and decide to save my last PD in my diadem of power (seeing as he still has four DD). Jav skinks do nothing to phoenix guard. Salamanders on the left open on the phoenix guard and kill two. Salamanders on the right go after the spearmen and kill five, but they don't panic. In combat I smash the chariot and overrun 5 inches.

Turn 2 HE:

Seeing my plan of you charge skinks/overrun into saurus/I countercharge with krox, he is unsure what to do until another voice from the crowd tells him to charge the krox, which he decides to do. Using my knowledge from playing Brets for four years I decide to hold because I think he is out of range and it turns out he is out by an inch and the charge is failed. The phoenix guard and swordmasters also try to charge the saurus and temple guard respectively even though he is obviously too far out, and fails (what did he care, he has ASF). The mage from the spearmen moves into the swordmaster unit. In the magic phase the non-scouting jav skinks are hit by a fire ball and 5 are killed, but they don't panic. The salamanders on the left are hit with master of stone, he get 6 hits with ALL hit the salamanders and ALL wound killing two of them (ouch). Another 4 dice conflageration of doom kills 2 temple guard. He gets off curse of arrow attraction on the scarvet. I use a scroll and manage to stop the rest thanks to bad rolling (even save two dice). In the shooting phase the shadow warriors move into the building and take a wound off the krox. The archers all go after the scarvet and shoot him down. The RBTs go after the salamanders on the right, and wound a salamander and kill a handful of handlers.

Turn 2 LM:

Krox charge the silverhelms and they flee. The chameleon skinks rally. The scouting jav skinks make a run for the RBTs left flank, while the five other jav skinks move up to the phoenix guard to block them from charging the saurus, but if they are charged they will run at an angle and the saurus can flank charge. The blowpipeskinks and the saurus move up the right flank to threaten the spearmen. In the magic phase he uses the vortex shard, and I don't get a magic phase (I hate that thing...). I make up for it in the shooting phase however as all four salamanders roast the swordmasters and kill ALL of them, leaving the two mages standing there and in big trouble. This causes the spearmen to flee, and the hop over the running silverhelms. The blowpipe skinks shoot into the building (needing a 8+ to hit) and actually kill two shadow warriors.

Turn 3 HE: (The Turn From Hell)

The silverhelms rally, but the five spearmen keep running. Although he sees my trap, a voice from the crowd tells him to do it so he does... he charges the skinks with his phoenix gaurd, I flee and he catches me.

*Insert biggest ruels debate we have ever had!* I believed that you flee from the unit, so the phoenix guard would run to the side, however two people from the crowd said that since the phoenix guard could charge from moving straight ahead that they would overrun into the saurus. We check and combed through the rule book and there was a lot of anger and heated debate. I felt that the diagrams and the wording that you flee from the charging UNIT and not form the CHARGE, and that the persuers much go in the direction that the unit fled in, that it was obvious. They felt that since they are charging forward, and since skirmishers didn't have a facing, that they had to flee away from whatever direction the chargers decided to charge. (By the way, my opponent didn't care and just left to watch TV while we fought this out.) After easily an hour we decide to check the FAQ and found we were both wrong. Although I was right that the charging unit had to pursue in the direction that the skinks ran and not in a direction of their picking, the chargers charged after the closest visible model and not towards the general center of the skirmisher unit. Now we had another problem. Since I was cuaght I had already removed the skinks, but we knew the second one in had been the closest. So we knew that the phoenix guard would charge off in an angle, but we weren't sure if they would clip the saurus. We rolled it off, 4+ they hit the saurus, my opponent rolls a 4.

So I pass my fear test and the phoenix guard overrun into the saurus. Mages try to run back towards their lines. The ten archers on the left wheel to face the incoming skinks. In the magic phase he first gives his archmage a flaming sword (which I let go through since they were screwed anyway), and then he miscasts with one of the fleeing mages and the magic phase is over. (Totally karma for the vortex shard I'd say.) In the shooting phase the archers kills 5 jav skinks and they flee. Other archer go after the blowpipe skinks and also kill five, but they hold. The RBTs go after the slann (even though the crowd told him not to) and he actually does four wounds to the slann! (Two failed 2+ wards and then he rolled two wounds for each. Eat that crowd!) The shadow warriors go after the blowpipe skinks on the other side of the hill but fail to do anything. In the combat phase I make a challenge and his champ kills mine. Then after some bad rolling he only kills another two models so I have two saurus to go after the archmage and I do 2 wounds. I fail me rerolled insane courage and run, but I get away.

Turn 3 LM:

Jav skinks and saurus rally. Chameleon skinks move into the forest. The five blowpipe skinks move infront of the saurus on the right, and the krox get ready for a flank charge (making sure they are well out of rank of the silverhelms). Temple guard move up and the salamanders turn towards the phoenix guard. Priest are all in the unit with 1 salamander but 9 handlers. In the magic phase I kill both the fleeing mages. In the shooting phase the skinks can't do anything to the shadow warriors but the salamanders bring the phoenix guard unit down to 20 (although the 3 salamanders are now be controlled by two handlers).

Turn 4 HE:

Phoenix guard charge the saurus who pass their fear test, and the silverhelms charge the skinks (hoping that the saurus panic). Spearmen rally. The 10 archers wheel so that they are facing straight ahead again. In the magic phase he doesn't do a lot as his arch mage want to keep the flaming sword, and after some bad rolls his magic phase is over with little to show for it other than two more dead temple guard (although he did get off drain magic). With my remaining dice I dispel the flaming sword and save one DD. In the shooting phase the shadow warriors kill 3 blowpips skinks and they flee. The archers on the left kill 1 temple guard guy, and the archers on the right kill 3 saurus. The RBTs go after the slann and do nothing. In combat the skinks are slaughtered and he overruns into the saurus (who don't panic). The phoenix guard roll badly again and I'm left with two models to attack the archmage but I fail to wound. I flee and am run down and the phoenix guard run off the table.

Turn 4 LM:

Krox charge the flank of the silver helms. Skinks rally. Jav skinks move toward RBTs. Temple guard march forward. The single salamander moves into the forest with the handlers trailing behind. The three salamanders move toward the building (those shadow warriors are starting to bug me...). In the magic phase I kill 6 archers from the unit on the left, and they hold. He uses Teclis' scroll and I don't get anything else off, but I'm surprised at how many DD he has after I kill some mages (damn Teclis!). In the shooting phase the shadow warriors are wiped out by the salamanders. In combat he kills two saurus and kills the wounded krox , but then I kill seven silverhelms and they flee and I fail to catch them.

Turn 5 HE:

Silverhelms rally. Phoenix guard come back on the board and head towards templeguard. In the magic phase I lose some more saurus and temple guard (about 10 temple guard left, and 16 saurus). In the shooting phase his bolt throwers wipe out the kroxigors (he was going to go after the slann but the crowd convinced him that the krox were more important). Archers go after salamanders and only kill a few skinks.

Turn 5 LM:

Chameleon skinks, jav skinks and single salamander head toward RBTs. Blowpipe skinks and the three salamanders move towards phoenix guard. Temple guard and saurus march up. In the magic phase the remaining archers on the left and the mage with them are killed, but all surrounding units pass panic test. In the shooting phase the single salamander fails to harm a RBT. The other salamanders kill 5 phoenix guard.

Turn 6 HE:

Silverhelms charge the saurus. Phoenix guard keep moving toward temple guard. In his magic phase he made the silver helms stubborn, and kills 2 temple guard. In the shooting phase everything goes after the slann but he can't get passed his 2+ ward. The silver helms kill only 1 saurus and I kill 2 silverhelms. The stuborn champ still fails his break test and flees but I don't catch (not that it matters on turn 6).

Turn 6 LM:

Saurus charge the archers and lose 1 model from stand and shoot. Jav skinks and the lone salamander move toward the RBTs (could have charged with the jav skinks but I didn't like my odds). In the magic phase the slann wipes out two RBTs and I kill a crew from another one. In the shooting phase I can't finish off the last crewmen of the one RBT, but the three salamanders manage to eat the last two handlers and do no wounds to the phoenix guard. I fail my monster reaction test and they whimper and become unbreakable guarding the bodies (again, not that it matters on turn 6). Then the moment I was waiting for. Teclis kills my champ, and then with eight attacks I kil... nothing!?!?! (Damn ninja archers...) This means he wins combat by two, but luckily I hold thanks to the BSB.

So we all weren't sure who won. We kinda though it was a draw but with helf points for the slann and tenpleguard and his expensive phoenix guard and arch mages still alive it might have been a minor victory for the HE... we decide to add it up and it's... a draw. The difference was only by 30 points in favour of the high elves : )

Post-game thought: Wow, that turned out to be a good close game. It was really frustrating though with the big debate and the crowd sticking their nose in. I guess that debate was a good one to have though. It's one of those ones we needed to get to the bottom to and now in the future we are all clear on how it works. I was surprised at how much magic the high elves could have. Those items that add D3 PD/DD are killer. I was sure the slann would easily eat through his DD, but in the end it was only when he rolled badly or I got irresistable force (or killed three of his mages) that I got anything through. Hopefully we can have a rematch and have an equally close game without all the arguing and pushy spectators : )

Thanks for reading.

12-06-2008, 15:50
Those spectators were REALLY partial :\
High Elves are a junk army. Everyone uses High Elves. VC have some style, I think. Teclis is just not funny.

12-06-2008, 16:36
Nice report, but I couldn't have stand this rule debate. After 0.1 minutes of arguing I would you have it your way or just roll it off.

Was Teclis really present? He never gets mentioned really ;)
As I read the army list I thought, Malorian you are in trouble. Teclis with pits of shades versus a slann is going to be rough. But the High Elve played it nice.

12-06-2008, 16:43
Telis usually when for hard spells and didn't get them off, so when he did I could easily dispell them. It also helped he only cast with irresistable force twice.

12-06-2008, 18:15
Nice report. Unfortunately it made me very angry. I remember the days at my LGS when i sued to show up with Tyranids to play 40k. At the time it was only me and 1 other guy who played them. Everyone else hated them. But it would be me on one side and 20 people on the other side advising my opponent on my Lictors 2 ward saves, or what I used to shoot with barbed stranglers or just generally rooting against me. And they wondered why I had to bring "power armies!".

Then the rules fight. Same thing almost exactly happened in one of my last games. The first round of our LM vs. Orcs. We had krox across form NG's. Orc player moves a unit of wolf riders in between them but angled so that if I charge them my flank is exposed ot the NG's. and If I win and pursue I will be take out of range but way to the side. So I charge and he flees with the wolfriders. the though was since the wolves were angled I had to angle to come in, and this would leave me with the exposed flank to the ng, who were previously directly in front. However you don't angle before you charge, you can wheel at any point in the charge. The wolves ran away and so I should have been able to redirect into the NG's directly in front. I didn't need to turn at all to hit the wolves but would only have aligned with the free wheel. we argued over that unitl I conceded and he let me have just a failed charge straight forward. The NG's charged me next turn I think. But I should have gotten the redirect, or been able to declare a new charge as a. i could not catch my original target after they ran b. there was another target now in my charge arc after they ran. Now of course this was block units and skirmishers are messy, but it sounds like you had a definite case. One of the things I hate about warhammer is exploiting the raw rules like that. if it can be called an exploit i guess...

by the way I was really hoping you'd stomp him. 2 named characters... ouch. I'd be glad to have a gen 2 vs. that. :)

Prince Facestab
13-06-2008, 00:23
Blech. I too sometimes have spectator problems. Isn't it great how they always clearly show favoritism to one side or the other? At least your opponent sounded like an alright guy.

Caradryan+Teclis is a nasty combination. Watch out for Teclis next time you play; only two IF castings is pretty rare; he usually gets them about half the time, and if he's throwing a PoS on you 2nd gen slann... well, that bites. Still, next time maybe you won't have people breathing down your neck, and you'll have a better time redirecting.

OldMaster... this isn't really the place for it, but you're painting with an awfully wide brush, don't you think?

13-06-2008, 13:00
If I was your friend i would have taken Lore of Shadow. With Pit of Shades it on Teclis ans his level 4 mage it would have been the death of his Slann and Saurus.

13-06-2008, 14:19
I've never actually seen someone go for pit of shades... but seeing as he was failing to cast a lot of his spells I don't think it would have been a problem anyway ; )

13-06-2008, 17:10
Nice solid win, although as noted the lack of pit of shades was surprising, are you giving the VC a rest at the minute?

13-06-2008, 17:12
From the group in Fort McMurray yes. They seem pretty tired with them...

Still plan to use them in Edmonton though, so I should have another game with them on Saturday.

13-06-2008, 18:44
Nice solid win

Lol are we really at the stage where people just assume Malorian's won all his games? :D

Sounded like a good game, your opponent sounded cool but the crowd should've butted out. Also I like that it took you guys an hour to pull out the FAQ that solved your massive argument!

14-06-2008, 03:53
:) I would consider that a win, 1 player against 10 by the sounds of it!

I don't mind bystanders giving advice and taking sides too much though myself, especially if one side has been winning a lot and the other has been losing a lot and the loser is being helped. On the other hand a 1 hour rules debate does not sound like a lot of fun . I mean if they wanted to see Malorian lose (which it seems they did) bending rules to do so is hardly a nice way to do it. His opponent didn't seem to be involved in that Fracas though, so fair dues to him.

Its pretty cool you have two seperate gaming groups though Malorian.

15-06-2008, 04:50
Good battle report. Do me a favour. Carry either either a hockey stick (not a Canadian reference, sorry just noticed it, I have a pair of them in my car and it is an ongoing joke with my gaming joke after I threatened a persistent coacher) or large hammer and punish any that feel they need to be part of the game. At my local gaming group it is a rule that only the people actually playing the game can "play" the game.

I really thought you had him once the salamanders started opening fire. Good luck next time.

15-06-2008, 05:05
Backseat drivers are a scourge on society- still, nothing like beating em. Best of luck next time around- take some more skinks and chant asf THIS.

17-06-2008, 07:05
Your opponent sounded like he didnt care.

Didnt know about Slann ward saves and was more interested in watching TV then getting an important clarification through.

Nice close game though.

19-06-2008, 17:06
From the group in Fort McMurray yes. They seem pretty tired with them...

Still plan to use them in Edmonton though, so I should have another game with them on Saturday.

Speaking for the Fort McMurray group. No we're not sick of you... yet. The main reason for the fight was we wanted to know the rules. With 2 wood elf players, huntsmen, 2 lizardmen players with scouting skinks and Jasons shade heavy dark elf list we really wantted to make sure how they ran because it's going to come up like 20 times in the next few months.

And FTR I was actually hoping you would win. I want to get people AWAY from bring 2 lord wizards and 3 hero wizards in 3000, you really deserve a beating when you do that.