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12-06-2008, 18:29

was just wondering how much magic defense you guys think is a must.

- a lvl 1 caddy
- minimum a zillion dispel dice
- or would you dare field an army without any mage

what do you minimum take in your army(s)?

12-06-2008, 18:36

was just wondering how much magic defense you guys think is a must.

- a lvl 1 caddy
- minimum a zillion dispel dice
- or would you dare field an army without any mage

what do you minimum take in your army(s)?

Depends on the opponents you regularly face. If you are up against heavy magic armies most of the time you need lots of defence. If your opponents hardly take any magic you don't have to either. There is no right or wrong here.

12-06-2008, 18:42
What army do you play? Different armies can have some nice magic defense items in their lists.

I play lizardmen with one lvl2 two skink priest and most often I just give him the diadem of power. For 135 points he generates 3DD and I have used him against a mortal hordes of chaos army and not been stomped flat before.

My generic advise is a lvl2 with a scroll and a power stone. Still lets you scroll that crutial spell but it lets you blast your opponent as well.

12-06-2008, 19:21
I am just starting out in WHFB but I found that 2 DD and MR on all my units did not cut it. MR is great against Magic missiles but so much magic goes on that does not target my units. In the end I had to dump my blood letters for horrors to get my DD up to 5. So far this is working out well.

12-06-2008, 21:06
i'm planning to play high elves. ive made 2 lists one magic heavy and one "fun" list with one lvl1 caddy. most of the time i would be playing the magic list but somtimes just for a change i would play with the other one. I don't actually play any tournaments and my main opponents wil be ogres, VC and one guy who's gonna choos wood elves or daemons.

12-06-2008, 21:43
It depends on what the rest of your list is.

In my woodelves I have NO mages and thus have to live with just the two base dispel dice. However, because I saved the points that normally go into mages I now have a dragon, and between the dragon, the waywatchers, and the warhawks, I can usually take out the mages before they do much damage.

In my lizardmen list on the other hand, it takes me a while to get to the enemy (I like saurus) and other than the JSoD I can't really kill mages in units until I kill the unit itself. So no matter if it is a magic heavy list or not, my lizardmen usually have at least 7 dispel dice and a scroll or two.

13-06-2008, 10:01
The absolute minimum magic defense is a level 1 scroll caddy with 2 dispel scrolls. A mid-range response are two level 2 caddies with 1 scroll and 1 power stone each.

13-06-2008, 12:30
I generally go for 5DD at 2000pts, but for O&G this sometimes goes up to 8 or so, just because it's so easy for them.
No scrolls for me though.

13-06-2008, 13:14
Kroak list- 5DD
Bret List- 7 DD, 2 Scrolls, MR 2 on 1 unit, MR1 on 2 units.

13-06-2008, 14:03
It depends a little on the army, looking trough my usual 2250 pts armylists the antimagic looks like this:

HoC Khorne: 8 DD 1 unit of furies, 2 units of fast cavalry
HoC Tzeentch: 6 DD (w. re-roll), 1 unit of furies, 2 units of fast cavalry & a single scroll
BoC Khorne: 7DD & 1 unit of Furies
Daemons of Chaos: 4 DD, 1 unit of furies, 1 Spell Breaker
Vampire Counts: 7DD, 2 units of wolves, 1 unit of fell bats, 1 scroll & periapt
Goblins: 5 Dispel dice (one from staff of sneaky stealing), 2 units of wolves

So allround I would say minimum is 4DD, a scroll & atleast 1 unit of mage hunters.

Bretonnian Lord
13-06-2008, 14:15
In 1000 pt games, I usually go no magic defense at all, for better or for worse.

In 2000 pt games, I get a lvl 2 Damsel toting around some scrolls for magic def. Maybe another Damsel if I know in advance I'm going up against a Slann list.

13-06-2008, 18:00
At 2,000 Points -

Orcs and Gobs Night Gob Theme; 10 Dispell with + 1 to Dispell and -1 enemy Power Dice.
Orcs and Gobs Common Gob Theme; 7 Dispell.
Dwarfs; 6 Dispell with - 1 Enemy Power + 1 Scroll + Mag Res 1 on main units.
Empire; 6 Dispell + Casket Captain.
Wood Elves; 7 Dispell with 2 Scrolls and Re-Rolls.
Good DoW; 6 Dispell with +1 to Dispell + 1 Scroll.
Evil DoW; 7 Dispell + 2 Scrolls.

So I have a lot of Magic Defense but I mainly play against High Elves [9-12 Power + 1 Bound], Blood Dragons [11 Power + 1 Bound] and Strogoi [ 12 Power + 2 Bound].

Then I have my Regular DoW though with a mighty 1 Scroll Caddy!. ALthough they have recently massacred 10 Power Dice Skaven. My Lvl1 Caddy managed a Miscast and gave the enemy a free spell though, hahaha. I was hoping to get Bears Anger off on IF.

14-06-2008, 07:39
Planning on using Second Generation Slann in my list with Plaque of dominion and Staff of Sorcery,

14-06-2008, 11:01
Blood Dragons [11 Power + 1 Bound]

Lmao. Thats kinda takes this **** out of a 'Blood dragons' army, dosnt it?

My defence is usually no higher then 5 DD and one scroll.

My group play 6 lvls of magic max and so we all tone down our defence in consideration. Taking 10 DD and 4 scrolls is the ultimate lame when youve told your opponent 6 lvls of magic only.

14-06-2008, 11:07
My regular greenskin army has five dispel dice and two scrolls. My Empire on the other hand gets along fine without any scrolls: six or seven dispel dice and the rod of power is pretty much enough. My upcoming VC army will probably try to survive with only six dispel dice and one scroll, but I also have the Black periapt to help a bit. Immune to psychology reduces the need for magic defense a lot.