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13-06-2008, 04:18
Warriors of Chaos 2,150 points


Daemon Prince: Mark of Nurgle, lvl. 1 wizard. 420 points.


Exalted Champion of Chaos: Mark of Nurgle, flail. 120 points.

Sorceror of Chaos: Lvl 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Familiar. 160 points.


20 Warriors of Chaos: Mark of Nurgle, Chosen, Shields, Full Command. 420 points

15 Warriors of Chaos: Mark of Tzeentch, Halberds, Full Command. 260 points

15 Warriors of Chaos: Great Weapons, Full Command. 240 points

15 Marauders of Chaos: Shields, Light armor, Full Command. 135 points

18 Marauders of Chaos. 90 points

10 Marauders of Chaos: flails, Full Command. 90 points.


7 Knights of Chaos: Mark of Nurgle, Full Command. 276 points.

Chariot of Chaos: Mark of Nurgle. 120 points.


Dogs of War Cannon. 50 points.

Urgbulk the Chaos Giant. 205 points.

2046 points

Any alterations, comments, or questions, please.

And advice, especially.

13-06-2008, 06:41
Well, i would personally alter many things in this army.
Daemon prince - not really worth the points and hero slot. If you want to go magic heavy then take an exalted sorcerer instead. With 2 mages (1lvl and 2lvl...) you wont ever manage to cast a spell through your opponents magic defense. Give the exalted a GW at least - he will get charged anyway as he's on foot so make sure he can at least have S7 in subsequent turns of combat.
Too many units imho. The 10 marauders w/flails and fcg are free points to your enemy - single volley of handguns or charge of 5 heavy cav will earn your opponent 90 (190 in case they get beaten in CC...) points. You should better go for 2 units of 20-25 marauders w/shields&light arm. and fcg and 2 units of 15-18 warriors with GW or shields.
7 knights? I guess you want to outnumber your enemies - i never tried such a thing with knights alone. I would drop them to 5 and make chosen. Chariot is OK, although if you could find some spare points take another one. ;)
I dont really like DoW cannons - if you want to shoot take a hellcannon instead:D, otherwise i would consider taking 2 giants (or 1 only in case there are no points left).
I hope my advice will help you a bit at least.:)

Lord Khabal
13-06-2008, 07:34
Waaaaay too many marauders. Marauders work best in big units (cheap). warriors with tzeentch are a defensive unit so its best to give them a shield. 2 sorcerors are too litle to get any magic across so lose the tzeentch mark on wizard and the level and give it 2 DMS. Do not give free standarts to opponent in marauders units (10-15?) unless it is a BIG unit (20+).
No chosen knights? WTF? They are Chaos best unit!!!
You're battle line will all go forward and your cannon will be left behind, alone and unprotected, so I'm not sure its a good ideia...

hope it helps!

13-06-2008, 16:51
I've been given a lot to think about...

Yes, I guess I should kill the standards in the 10 man maruder unit, and add those ten guys to the other marauder unit.

The 18 Marauders are a screen. I love DoW cannons, though, they have served me well. And as for 7 knights, that is enough to win a combat and stay cheap I've found.

Chosen are too points heavy sometimes.

I like the demon prince, he's very useful. So, I should go scroll caddy?

Thanks, guys, you've given me a lot to think about.

13-06-2008, 20:55
If you want to screen something you'd better go for hounds - at least they are faster.:) If the daemon prince suits you well then it's alright but in my opinion he's highly overpriced. For these 420 points you get lvl1 mage, S5, T6 and 5+ save. Compare this to a caddy w/2xDS (125) and an exalted champ with let's say GW (105) - half the point cost, you still got a free lord slot, you can tool the champ with magic toys, you get better magic defense and better kick in CC, etc... The only drawback is the fact that heroes i mentioned dont have flying and terror (but can stay in units that grant them protection, can ride daemonic mount for M9 and are generally more survivable). Think it over, maybe you'll change your mind. Daemons are fluffy and make a great addition to fun games (and it's not that i don't like them - i do field them sometimes myself) but since you're considering a tournament army list..;)

20-06-2008, 17:10
Good point. The only problem is that I have no hounds. I suppose I could just go for a double mage approach with an exalted champ and a lord...

Or, I could take an asp. champ. with a battle standard instead of an exalted champ.

I was thinking about maybe cutting chosen down to 17 to free some points up?

I currently have:

20 Warriors of chaos with shields, painted nurgley.

15 Warriors of Chaos with 2 hand weapons, painted well nurgley.

15 Warriors of Chaos with Halberds, painted Tzeentchy.

15 Warriors of Chaos sprayed black with great weapons.

15 Marauders with shields and hand weapons painted.

18 sprayed black Beastmen.

A Demon Prince

10 Chaos Knights, one of which could be subbed for a mounted sorceror.

A sorceror of chaos, a lord of chaos, a nurgle champ with a flail.

A chariot and a cannon.

I dunno, but I could convert one of my knights with a banner into a mounted asp. champ with a war banner or something?

W A L 5 H Y
22-06-2008, 11:56
hey im not to sure on the chaos rules but dosent your gennerall have to be undivided to have both warriors of tzeentch and warriors of nurgle?? or has this changed now? And can you take a DoW cannon in a chaos army? if so kl

10-07-2008, 21:53
There are no more mark restrictions.
And yes, you may take a DoW cannon for a single rare choice. Very useful in a chaos army, though I may end up switching over the hellcannon.