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13-06-2008, 05:21
This is effectively a repost of Shinguuji's thread, minus links to pictures of the 5th edition rulebook. Thanks to the posters at 4chan for providing material, and to Shinguuji for the initial thread:

Note that this is all Australian marketing material, hence all prices are in AUD, not USD
5th edition marketing plan (http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/4006/1213315868311nt2.jpg)
Pre-order form (http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/670/1213315957466sn4.jpg)
Pre-order promo sheet (http://img122.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1213316081121ut8.jpg)(including contents of the new Apocalypse bundles)
Release Schedule (http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/9610/1213316197440bh8.jpg)
Changes summary sheet 1 (http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/3038/1213316297681ak9.jpg)
Changes summary sheet 2 (http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/1581/12133163579637362ccflo5.jpg)
Changes summary sheet 3 (http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/2530/1213316496966ku5.jpg)

(Mods: if any of these are against the rules, please remove the specific infringing links - there's too much useful info here to dump the whole thread - again!)

The summary sheets don't contain much new info - although when I saw the rulebook I didn't notice the new rules on bases (byebye, cool conversions). the pre-release info was interesting though - I had no idea what was in the apocalypse sets before seeing that.

The marketing info isn't going to be of any particular interest to any of us (is it?) - and I'm starting to wonder why they're putting, of all colours, Shining Gold in the starter bundles.

Anyway, enjoy the links. I have a feeling this thread won't last very long

13-06-2008, 07:04
although when I saw the rulebook I didn't notice the new rules on bases (byebye, cool conversions).
That this isn't quite what it says in the rulebook - anything other than the supplied base is opposing player's permission.

13-06-2008, 07:11
I usually take "requires opponent's consent" as "Don't bother with this" - I don't really have the time or inclination to negotiate for every single larger-base-than-normal model (most of my aspiring champions, for example, and my WiP Lord on palanquin), and I'm not going to make alternate models just so I can play pick-up games.

13-06-2008, 07:15
Fair enough, just pointing out that the summary wording is potentially misleading.

13-06-2008, 07:26
well, it does say "For 'official' play"

..it just doesn't bother defining what 'official' play is! (Hmm...referencing terms they haven't defined? yup, that sounds like GW)

13-06-2008, 07:30
Is it suggesting that the 4th edition rules will be available to download at www.macragge.com?
And why is "Shining Gold" part of the Core Bundle?

13-06-2008, 07:43
Huh I guess since the new ork boxes I have dont have enough bases to cover the nob I just have to improvise. Same goes for my warboss on a bike conversion, shame those also dont come with bases.

Also number 63 "Frag grenades are better against tanks!" great.... just great, its not like they are standard issue or anything.

I liked 6-8 myself:

6. True LOS! No more abstraction!
7. 100% wound allocation! Even not in range!
8. If you can see one model you can kill them all!

That doesnt contradict itself at all.

13-06-2008, 07:51
Pushing BoM on people right up to the point is going to badly hamper a lot of future customers, one marketer subconcious has spoken. I was caught out being sold a rulebook as a new player just weeks before 4th and I was not a happy kid. Most red shirts will quietly warn you not to buy it at this stage though. Mind you in aus GW workers where plain clothes, so not really red shirts, but guys with name tags.


14-06-2008, 00:50
"Walkers can always fire all weapons."

Part of me hopes that is shorthand...another part of me is looking at my defilers with a little more fondness...

14-06-2008, 01:02
Yous till can't fire normal guns and ordnance at the same time from a non-superheavy platform.