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14-06-2008, 04:10
I am entering my first tournament in a month or so and thought I’d put my current list up to see if anyone has any ideas that they think might either make it better or tactics for my existing list. I have played as undead since I started collecting (I even had Nagash in my original army) but I haven’t played too many games with the new vampire list. In fact so far I have fought a few battles against high elves (damn asf!!) and Empire, who I found out were very good at running away!
I’m not sure what I’ll be going up against, so I’m trying to keep a balanced force. Also I don’t want to have a too cheesy army..
The rules are the standard force configuration for 3k and the general may have 150pts of items..
So heres my list:
Vampire lord (general):
Lv 4 wizard
Helm of commandment
Wristbands of black gold
Scull staff
Dispel scroll
Master of black arts
Forbidden lore
Supernatural horror.
So a good magic user (6 power dice with +1 to cast) who can give her WS to a nearby unit (zombies with WS 7)

Vampire lord
Walachs bloody hauberk
Tomb blade
Red fury
Infinite hatred
Walking death
(in a unit of 19 skelly’s with hand weapons an shields)

2 Wight kings
1 with sword of kings (in grave guard)
other with Skabscrath (unit of skelly’s with spears)

Necro in corpse cart with sceptre de noirot
(To raise plenty of zombies to shield my army and flank enemy)

19 Skelly’s with hand weapons full command and banner of dead legion and 2nd vampire lord

19 Skelly’s with spears full command and icon of vengance with 2nd wight

2 units of 25 zombies
(Cannon fodder and used to lock up enemies better units.)

10 ghouls with ghast
(These guys actually did surprisingly well against lightly armoured units with their 2 poisoned attacks)

10 dire wolves with doom wolf

19 grave guard with banner of barrows and 1st wight king
(+1 to hit killing blow I found works well with the heavy armoured units)

5 blood knights with full command, banner of blood keep and sword of battle
(These bad boys are my fav addition to the list)

1 varghulf to rip apart the flanks and cause terror!

================================================== ================================================== ===============================================
After having a few more battles Im thinking of changing a few things around, like getting rid of the banners in the skelly regiments, getting rid of the item in the blood knights and ditching the wolves all together so that i can increase the gouls to 2 groups of 15 as i was very impressed with them. i mean 2 poisoned attacks are pretty good, they are a bit weak and id only use them for weak unarmoured units or flank charges.
to make room for them the wight king had to loose Skabscrath (terror), which actualy has kinda worked well, but instead im thinking about giving him the book and issuing challenges, dropping the ememies ws to 1 and hopefully winning the challenge, maybe even getting in a killing blow (I have learnt to fear the killing blow in a challenge, as I have lost a very strong vamp lord in this was before)
any more ideas or anything then let me know!
PS. I know that giving the vamp lord forbidden lore prob is a waste of pts, but i do love being able to use any and all of the vampire spells and not worry about missing out on 2 (yes Im either very greedy, stupid or both) mwa ha haaa!!

14-06-2008, 06:59
I have recently started vampires so can't give u many tactics tips but i think that if u split your dire wolves into two units of five it wud be betta coz if the enemy causes more than five wound against one unit at shooting ( dire wolves ) then u still have th other five. They wud also be gd for gettin off flank charges, hopefully combined with a charge from another unit. Peronally I'd get bale fire to that corpse cart ( i have two corpse carts both with bale fire ) and make it a bloody hard time for enemy wizards to get spells off.

14-06-2008, 15:48
Ah yes i agree about the bale fire in the corpse cart, I actually forgot to mention that I did choose bale firefor that.. and it has come in handy against those damn wizards..
Ill have to give the split wolves a go in my next trial game!

14-06-2008, 16:22
So I am a long time VC player who has now gotten a few games under my belt with the new book.

A couple of suggestions I would make.

Casting Lord (try to keep him from combat) with helm is a great idea. This is a good choice and you should keep it. I did this with my first list from the new book. I have gotten away from it (too many other cool options) but if I was allowed 150 points of magic items with lord I think I would fit it back in. Great combo. A lord you don't necessarily want in combat with an item that is of great benefit if he is not in combat.

I thought forbidden lore sounded great but I find the vampire lore is the best choice against most armies. I used forbidden lore and thought that lore of metal would be great. Used it against dwarves and Empire a few times and it never really paid off. I have decided to spend the points elsewhere and stick to lore of Vampires. I would lose it and spend the poits elsewhere.

Strongly recommend that you take Lord of the Dead so that you can raise skeletons above starting strength. True you can always raise them back to 19 and get maximum rank bonus if a character is included. But this will only work on your turn. If you do not get them above 19 and do not break the opponent on your turn they will not get their full rank bonus on the round of combat that occurs in you opponents turn. You will rarely take no wounds on your turn with a unit of skeletons.

I would lose the sword of battle for you Blood Knight champion. True he will get an extra attack with it but it is not a lance so all his attacks will be S5 on the charge. I would go for the balefire spike (I think that is the name of the 10 point magic lance). This way he still gets his S7 attacks on the charge and has a magic weapon. Additionally I had this against wood elves (it has flaming attacks) and it helped me to destroy two treemen in one game. Against some armies the lance does not give additional benefits but if you ever fight someone only damaged by magic weapons or happen to fight flammable targets it will come in hand. Plus (again) it is still a lance so still +2 S on the charge.

Also, Fell bats are awesome war machine hunters if you can fit them in.

Just some thought to consider.