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That Guy
14-06-2008, 05:34
Getting in the spirit of the new Daemons book, I wrote a list integrating all four gods.


Herald of Slaanesh (with Daemonettes) [140]
Many Armed Monstrosity

Herald of Tzeenth [200]
Spell Breaker (maybe MoS instead?), Chariot

Herald of Khorne (General) [165]
Juggernaut, Armor of Khorne

Herald of Nurgle (with Plaguebearers) [275]
BSB, Palanquin, noxious vapors, slime trail, Sacred Standard of Sundering


16 Plaguebearers [247]
Full command, icon of eternal virulence

14 Daemonettes [198]
full command

15 Bloodletters [210]
full command

5 Furies [60]


5 Flesh Hounds [175]

5 Seekers of Slaanesh [120]


3 Flamers of Tzeenth [105]

3 Flamers of Tzeenth [105]

Total: [2000]

Thoughts? Suggestions? Insults?

14-06-2008, 21:44
looks fairly solid, good core unit sizes.
some suggestions for improvement:

MoS is a must for tzeentch heralds.
would change the virulence icon for seeping decay one.
6 flamers is good, 12 flamers is better but points probably better spent on other improvements.
seekers not great by default, they become extremely useful with siren standard especially vs gun lines.
magic phase will be a problem vs magic heavy armies 3 DD and no scrolls as it stands.

That Guy
15-06-2008, 04:06
Thanks for the c&c.

Maybe I should drop the unit of furies? That would give me enough points to give the Tzeenth Herald MoS and the Seekers the Siren Standard.

You're probably right about the plague icons.

I agree that Flamers are excellent. I try to not max out on anything that's that good; I prefer to win through synergy, not maxing the super units.

I actually do have a scroll (or were you thinking I was dropping it for MoS?), but yes, I'm EXTREMELY vulnerable to magic. My thought is that my flying Chariot and Seekers make decent wizard hunters. Does anyone have experience using them in this role?

15-06-2008, 17:49
yeah, one of the better looking 4 god lists for sure. I might actually steal it once i get some slaanesh daemons...

Id give the slaanesh herald siren song instead, its a wonderful ability.

Wheres your khorne herald going? if its with the hounds dont bother, but if hes in the bloodletters, makes them 16 strong for a full 20 models and full ranks.

I wouldn't change much else... against certain lists the stnd of sundering is great.