View Full Version : 2000 tournament list (need help)

14-06-2008, 09:33
I m going to be playing in a tournament and need some help with my list.
Sadly there's a 50% chance we will not have Comp scoring so it will be cheese heaven.
I don’t want to go all cheese because I m kind of making a statement by playing with a cheese free army.

This is the list:

Grand master with sword of power

Warrior priest with sword of battle, mounted

Captain with BSB, sword of might and the no fear thingy.

Wizard, 2nd lvl and 2 scrolls.

20 sword men's full command with 10 sword men's detachment

20 sword men's full command with 10 sword men's detachment

10 inner circle knights full command with the banner of the deamon slayer.

6 knights full command

6 pistoliers with musician

14 hand gunners with standard

2 cannons

the grand master and priest will go with the inner circle knights, the BSB with the other knights or one of the infantry (which is still go to decide which) and the wizard will just sit somewhere like the scroll caddy that he is.
The plan is to put the big cavalry unit in the middle of my line with the two infantry on her sides. The 6 knights will go and one of the flanks and the pistoliers on the other one. The cannons and gunners will find them self a nice hill to sit on it (hopefully).

My main problem in the tournament are going to be an all tree wood elf list (two tree mens) and an all cavalry brets. The main concern I got about the brets is a big grail knights doom unit with the army general (stuffed with magic items) and BSB (stuffed with magic too) that I don’t have a plan on taking out.