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14-06-2008, 09:01
I got a tournament coming up and I wanted to get some fresh ideals on how to deal with some of the nasty lists I m going to be facing (I know all must all of the players and what kind of a list they will bring).

This is the list:

Grand master with sword of power

Warrior priest with sword of battle, mounted

Captain with BSB, sword of might and the no fear thingy.

Wizard, 2nd lvl and 2 scrolls.

20 sword men's full command with 10 sword men's detachment

20 sword men's full command with 10 sword men's detachment

10 inner circle knights full command with the banner of the deamon slayer.

6 knights full command

6 pistoliers with musician

14 hand gunners with standard

2 cannons

I may change the list but basically that is it.
The plan is for the grand master and priest to sit in the inner circle knights in the middle of my army. The infantry are going on their sides and the other knights and pistoliers on each flank. The BSB will go either with the small knights unit or one of the infantry.

My first concern is an all tree wood elfs with two tree mens, lots of drayds, some archers and absolutely no cavalry or ranked infantry for me to kill and get points.
The main strategy of this player (from past experience) is tree surfing and points denial. He will just site inside of his wood and surf right in to my lines (which I donít have a way to stop because he got 2 bound spells and 4 spell casters).

My second concern is an all cavalry brets. Mainly 3 buses which one of is grail knights with the army general and BSB (unit of Doom).
I thought of ways to take out the other buses but I just can't figure out a way to take out the bus of doom.
On top of that, last time we played (I used my new HE) I run white lions, chariots and dragon princes from all sides on this unit and it held and eventually after 2-3 round won the combat.

My last concern is a vampire counts army. I never played against the new ones before but I know this player is going to bring a heavy magic zombie, skeletons banker with the couch and every other nasty thing he got (I know from playing against him in the last tournament we did).

Chaos Mortal
14-06-2008, 15:23
maybe you should take some flagegants or greatswords so you have a unit you can try to tarpit dangerous units with, however they are usually fast and can pick there charges i still think they might add somthing.