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hello a while ago I started a project called universe creator. The idea was to create a sci-fi universe. Many months on empires of ambition is rolling along nicley and has a rule system that I would like you to c&c.
I didnt create this, a member called Loknar did.

can it transport? Note that aerial transports must set down to let their troops disembark.
Zip Lines..............Allows aerial transports to drop their infantry cargo at any point along the path of their movement.
Cargo Hold.............How many Size 1 vehicles can it transport?
Ram....................Vehicles that move at least their basic move distance can ram vehicles or structures. Roll 1D6 + Front Armour value for the rammer, and compare to the local armour value of the target. If the vehicle's score is lower, the vehicle is damaged and suffers a MINOR HIT. If the score is equal, both suffer MINOR HITS. If the vehicle's score is greater, the target suffers a MAJOR HIT. Against infantry, each infantryman must take a Morale test or be hit by a weapon with strength equal to the vehicle's front armour and with an AP Value equal to their armour. They can still take Shield Saves as normal. All vehicles, unless specified, can ram.
Carry Vehicle..........As long as the target vehicle has not moved, an aircraft may pick it up off the ground, but cannot then move any further that turn. Shots against the aircraft will hit the vehicle on a 1D6 roll of 5+ (test against the top armour value of the vehicle). If the vehicle explodes, the aircraft suffers a single hit with a strength equal to the top armour value of the vehicle. If it is merely destroyed, the aircraft drops the wreckage directly below its position.
Drop Vehicle............If an aircraft is carring a vehicle, it may set it down on an area of normal (ie not difficult) terrain, but may not move after doing so. If an aircraft crashes atop a vehicle, the vehicle suffers a single hit against its top armour by a weapon with strength equal to the aircraft's front armour value.
Full Speed..............For -1 Accuracy, a vehicle may move half its Speed value in a straight line after its original move. In addition, you must reroll successful difficult terrain tests should you pass over any difficult terrain. All vehicles, unless specified, can use Full Speed.
Crew Escape Mechanism...If the vehicle is destroyed but does not explode, roll a D6. On a 4+, the crew escape the vehicle safely. The vehicle is only worth half its points value until the crew are killed.

+++++ +++++ +++++

-----If a weapon's strength is more than double the target's toughness, then if they suffer any wounds from the weapon they are killed outright.
-----Units more than half under a template or blast marker are always hit, but units less than half under a template or blast marker are only hit on a 4+.
Guess Range........Instead of rolling to hit, guess the range of the weapon, and place the centre of the template (if any) at the guessed point.
Bombardment Blast..The weapon has a 12" blast radius (!).
Artillery Blast....The weapon has a 6" blast radius.
Ordnance Blast.....The weapon has a 3" blast radius.
Blast..............The weapon has a 1.5" blast radius.
Template...........Put the template down so that its pointed end is touching the firing model's base. See above for how models underneath it are affected.
Rapid Fire #.......The weapon may fire twice the number of shots as normal at half range.
Toxic..............A toxic weapon does half its Strength value (rounded down) to a target wounded by a similar toxic weapon each turn, with no Armour saves (or Shields) allowed.
EMP................If the weapon hits roll 1D6. On a 2+, one weapon system (chosen by the attacker) is destroyed. If the vehicle is EMP-Resistant, then roll a 4+ instead. If the vehicle is EMP-shielded, then EMP weapons have no effect.
Flash-Bang.........Infantry within range must take a Morale test at -2 Morale. If failed, they may not shoot or charge next turn (but may continue fighting if already in melee combat). In addition, the suffer -2 to their Reflexes in combat next turn, and are unable to use their Morale Value to spot targets.
Psychic............Organic units that suffer a wound from a Psychic attack are killed outright.
Targeter...........A targeter allows you to reroll missed shots. You also gain a +1 bonus when shooting in an assault (so you will only hit a friendly soldier on a 5+).
Anti-Tank Weapon...Anti-Tank Weapons roll an extra D6 when rolling to see if they can penetrate tank armour.
Full Power Shot........A weapon with "Full Power Shot" gets +1AP (ie lower value), doubles its Strength, but cannot use Rapid Fire and cannot fire the next turn as the power cell has to be replaced.
Fire Ports.............A vehicle with Fire Ports allows transported troops to fire out from within the safety of the vehicle's hull, albeit at -1 Accuracy if the vehicle is moving.

+++++ +++++ +++++

-----Infantry get to make a save against successful enemy shots / melee strikes using their armour value. Roll 1D6 - if the result is equal to or higher than their Armour Save then the damage is ignored.
-----However, if the AP Value of a weapon is equal to the infantryman's Armour Save, then they get no Armour Save.
-----Against tanks and structures, roll 1D6 and add it to the weapon's strength. If it is equal to the tank's local armour value, then an MINOR HIT has been scored. If it is greater than the local armour value, then a MAJOR HIT has been scored. If it is double the local armour value, then the vehicle loses is destroyed. On a 1D6 roll of a 1-2, it is left as wreckage. On a 3-6, it blows up (see the MAJOR HIT table for rules as to Vehicles Exploding).

-----Shields absorb the strength value of enemy attacks, but get weaker as a result. Every point of strength from a ranged weapon reduces the value of the shield by 1 for that turn, If the shields reach 0 then the Shields have failed and the target must rely on its armour.
-----If a shot is partially blocked by Shields (ie there are still points of Strength left over) then it is still blocked.
-----Unless specified in the unit's rules, shields do not block melee attacks.
-----Shields will regenerate 1D6 points every turn, unless specified.
-----Shields that have failed must wait one whole turn before beginning to regenerate, and only regenerate 1D3 points per turn (unless specified).

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+++++ +++++ +++++

-Movement Phase
-----Move any units you want to move up to their maximum Speed Value.
-----Troops that disembark from transports can move half their Speed Value.
-----Vehicles that disembark from transports can move half their Speed Value.
-Shooting Phase
-----Shoot any ranged weapons or psychics you want to.
-Assault Phase
-----Declare charges, use melee psychic powers, resolve any combats.
-Resolution Phase
-----Rally broken units, perform repairs, heal wounds etc.
-Your Opponent's Turn

-----Unless specified in their rules, all units can move up to their Speed value. Any number of turns may be made, but the

overall distance must not exceed the Speed value.
-----Units that can Teleport into battle may also do so, but can only move at half their normal speed (rounded down).

To shoot, you must:
-----Be in range. Note that individual squad members can target different enemy squads / vehicles etc as long as they are in range and valid targets.
-----Roll successfully on the TO HIT table. Unsuccessful rolls miss and hit nothing. Note that Psychic attacks always succeed.
-----If you are shooting into a melee combat, roll 1D6 for every successful TO HIT roll. On a 4+, the shot hits the nearest friendly model within 1" of the target, unless there are no friendly models that close.
-----Any hits must then roll on the TO WOUND table - use the weapon's strength against the target's toughness. Roll once for each shot.
-----For every successful TO WOUND roll, the target must make an armour save. If successful, the damage is ignored. If failed, the target suffers a wound.
-----If a squad member dies from shooting, the squad must take a Morale test. If failed, they are broken.
-----If a unit suffers a wound from a Psychic attack then it is killed outright.

-----Declare charges. Models charging can move their full Speed Value towards their opponents.
-----Models that charge gain +1 Melee Attack and +1 Reflexes for the turn they charged.
-----Models that shot before charging do not get the Melee Attack bonus.
-----Unless the defender's Reflexes value is greater than the attackers', the attackers strike first. Defenders killed before they can strike back cannot strike back (!).
-----Each model attacking rolls a number of D6 equal to its Melee Attack value (including any bonuses) and can direct any of them against any enemy within 1". To hit the defender, compare the attacker's and defender's Melee Skill values to work out what the attacker needs to hit his target. If he rolls successfully, he hits, if not, he misses. The same applies to the defender.
-----All successful hits now work exactly like shooting - using the weapon's strength against the defender's toughness.
-----If the attackers did not manage to wipe out the defenders in the initial charge, then the two squads remain locked in combat.
-----After the initial charge, units attack in order of Reflexes, with units of equal speed striking simultaneously (ie they can both kill each other).
-----To retreat from combat, you must pass a Morale test with a -1 Modifier for every enemy squad fighting you (maximum -3). The retreating squad counts as broken.

-----In this phase you try to rally broken squads, heal organic units, repair mechanical ones, and generally tidy up after your turn. Note that broken squads in combat cannot be rallied.
-----Note that broken squads cannot shoot or charge, and will be at -2 Reflexes if charged.
-----Broken squads flee their full Speed Value towards their deployment zone (if none, then the nearest table edge). If they leave the table edge then they count as destroyed.

24-10-2005, 19:55
Melee Skill
-----How skilled the unit is with its melee weapons. The greater the difference between the attacker's Melee Skill and the defender's Melee Skill, the more likely it is that the attacker will hit:


-----How skilled the unit is with its ranged weapon. The higher the score the more likely it is to hit:


-----How strong a unit or weapon is. The higher the value, the more likely it is that the weapon will be able to wound a target or penetrate vehicle's armour. Note that for a melee weapon to penetrate armour greater than 12, the weapon used must have an AP Value of 3 or better.

....T1..T2..T3..T4..T5..T6..T7..T8..T9..T10.T11.T1 2.T13.T14.T15.T16.T17.T18.T19.T20
S1..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA..NA..NA ..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S2..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA..NA ..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S3..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA ..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S4..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA ..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S5..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+ ..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S6..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+ ..6+..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S7..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+ ..6+..6+..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S8..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+ ..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S9..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+ ..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA..NA..NA..
S10.1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+ ..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA..NA..

S11.1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+ ..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..NA..
S12.1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+ ..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..NA..
S13.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+ ..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..6+..
S14.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+ ..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..6+..
S15.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+ ..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..6+..
S16.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+ ..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..5+..
S17.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+ ..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..5+..
S18.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+ ..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..5+..
S19.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+ ..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..4+..
S20.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..4+..

S21.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..4+..
S22.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..3+..
S23.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..3+..
S24.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..2+..
S25.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..2+..
S26.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..2+..
S27.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..2+..
S28.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S29.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S30.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..

S31.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S32.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S33.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S34.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S35.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S36.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S37.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S38.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S39.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..
S40.1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+ ..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..1+..

-----How resistant a unit is to damage. See above table.


Vehicle Armour
-----The maximum value for any particular single facing (eg front armour or side armour) is 30.

Melee Attacks
-----The number of attacks the unit makes (before bonuses) in combat.

-----The speed at which the unit attacks. Higher values go first.

-----The discipline of the unit. To pass a Morale Test, you roll 2D6 and add the results. If the results are less than or equal to the Morale Value, the test is passed. If higher, then the test if failed.
-----If a broken squad passes a morale test, then it is no longer broken and may fight as normal. Rallying squads can only be done in the Resolution Phase.
-----When targeted by a psychic ability that does damage, use the unit's Morale value (after any modifiers have been applied) instead of their Toughness value.

-----If a Sentry is killed, roll 1D6 and add it to the Morale score of the nearest Sentry. If the score is equal to or greater than the attacker's Morale value, then the alarm is raised.

-----Infiltrating units employ a variety of light-distorting camouflage designed to make them harder to spot. To shoot at or charge an Infiltrating unit, roll 1D3 and multiply it by the unit's Morale value. If the result is equal to or greater than the distance to the Infiltrators, then the Infiltrators are spotted. Alternatively, organic Infiltrators may be spotted using the Psychic ability "Reveal".

-----The Speed value determines the maximum distance a unit may move normally. It is also the distance that infantry move when charging or that vehicles move when going at Full Speed.

Terrain Types
-----Impassable Terrain cannot be crossed except by flying / teleporting over it. Units may not land on impassable terrain.
-----Units moving over Difficult Terrain move at half speed.
-----Units moving over Unstable Terrain move at half speed. In addition, they must take a Morale test - if failed, they suffer a wound (armour saves, but not Shield Saves, allowed).

Movement Type
-----Foot units move on foot, and gain no special bonuses or disadvantages,
-----Tracked & Wheeled units gain no special bonuses or disadvantes.
-----Hover units ignore the effects of terrain. However terrain must be twice as high as the unit for them to hide behind. If at the end of their move they have any spare Speed points left over they can Land, and therefore stop being counted as hovering. If a hovering vehicle that hasn't landed is immobilised then it counts as destroyed - but always as wreckage, as the drop, though enough to put the vehicle out of commission, is not enough to make it explode.
-----Mechanised Walkers follow the same rules for immobilisation as hover vehicles.
-----Flying units ignore the effects of terrain. Whilst flying they gain no cover bonuses.

-----This explains roughly how much space a unit takes up in a transport. For example, a Size 2 infantryman takes up twice the space of a Size 1 infantryman, and so on. 10 Size 1 Infantrymen are equal to 1 Size 1 Vehicle.

Cover Bonuses
Cover saves are an invulnerable save taken when the unit is protected behind a barrier of some kind. They are taken before Shield and Armour Saves. Cover saves cannot be taken against weapons that use Blast Markers, Ordnance Blast Markers or

-----Open ground provides no Cover Save.
-----Tall grass, bushes etc provide a 6+ Cover Save.
-----Low walls etc provide a 5+ Cover Save.
-----Partially enclosed bunkers (eg no roof), civilian buildings etc provide a 4+ Cover Save.
-----Fully enclosed bunkers etc provide a 3+ Cover Save.
-----If half or less than half of a vehicle is visible due to intervening terrain then the vehicle counts as in cover: it can only suffer Minor Hits from enemy fire.

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the rest of the rule system is located here http://s11.invisionfree.com/warlordgrubnatz/index.php?showtopic=228&st=0

I would post all 3 sections but it woudl be akward to read and take up lots of space.