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15-06-2008, 05:28
right this is the first time in a long time that ive taken my vampire out for a game without a dragon, so let me know what you think...

count @ 455
Lv3, MOTBA, forbidden lore, lord of the dead
biting blade, flayed hauberk, cursed book, gem of blood, D.scroll

vampire @ 215
BSB, avatar of death(sheild), dark acolyte
staff of damnation

vampire @ 185
dead knight, walking death
book of arkhan

vampire @ 195
avatar of death(great wepon), infinite hatred
armour of the night,talisman of lynic, black perpit

15 skeletons @ 145
full command

15 skeletons @ 145
full command

20 zombies @ 80

corpes cart @ 100
bale fire

corpes cart @ 100
load stone

5 dire wolves @ 40

5 black knights @160
full command

15 grave gaurd @ 255
full command, banner of the barrows

varghulf @ 175

right i dont really know where im going to stick my characters so any help there would be awesome, im also not so sure about the load stone but i will see how it goes



16-06-2008, 09:22
The only thing I personally don't like is the Varghulf and Zombie unit. Varghulf's are nice, but it doesn't fit into this list in my opinion.

The reason I don't like the zombie unit is you would be better off putting in something like a unit of ghouls and raising up the zombies.

Now for the characters. Lets start with the lord.
As he already has the blood gem (Which I only personally use that when he will have to deal with characters that can single him out easier) the cursed book is redundant. I would drop it and the flayed hauberk and pick up Walach's Bloody Hauberk. Yes you're no longer going to have a +2 save, but a ward save is also good to have on a lord, especially a lord that should be in your case protected in a unit.

I would then give the flayed hauberk to the nike vamp (Aka 9 movement vamp) as he already will be doing a lot of fighting, would also suggest removing his black periapt and handing it over to the one with the staff of damnation and removing the staff. I suggest giving him something that will benefit a unit of skeletons, maybe a tomb blade so while you're tar pitting an enemy that vampire can assist with replenishing the unit with the blade as well.

Also with a nike vampire, I suggest having him hide in a unit until the time is right and use him for flanking. With an 18 inch charge range, +2 save, and s7 great weapon with infinite hatred it can do some serious damage to certain units on a flank while your main unit tar pits them. Or he can go hunting other issues.

Now as for placing the heroes, I would suggest either placing the lord in with the graveguard/skellies, or leave him hiding behind them, depending on the matches. The Nike vamp in with the graveguard/skellies, and the other vampire with the other skeleton unit. The one on mount should be with the knights with the wolves screening for them but make sure they screen a good distance to try to cut down on overruns, or use the wolves to flank.

16-06-2008, 20:42
hey thanks for the reply,

the reason i have the varghulf is a have 1 and i though it would be nice to bring him out for a spin, the zombies are there because i dont have any ghouls yet,

i wasnt sure about the book on the count i though i would try it out and you are correct it is fairly redundant,

i will come up with another list taking in your advice soon

thanks again