View Full Version : sea guard unit size

15-06-2008, 16:10
i would like to feild sea guard in an army, using then to follow my battle line as suport but shoot as well if im going defensef. and i dont know how meany to have in a unit, 18 would give you 6 by 3 so they can get good use out of spear but less use out of bow and they suffer more from shooting so do u go for 20 or the other way and 10-12

15-06-2008, 16:15
I go for units of 10 with shields and musician.

Comes in at 135 points. 25 more points than a unit of archers. But much more durable. And a lot harder for your opponent o get rid of compared to 10 archers.

Making big units of them seems a little like a point waste. Since you could just get a spear block + a rbt for the same points. But at the 10 man size they just out-performs 10 man archer units many times over for me.

16-06-2008, 02:51
It depends on what I want them to do. For the most part I use 15 with shields, 10 in the front rank.

For RBT guarding duties 10 with shields and maybe a musician does well. You pepper most fast cavalry who then have to take on a small spear unit as well. I wouldn't recommend them in larger blocks than 18, even that is pushing it.

16-06-2008, 05:13
I run them in units of 16 and set up 8x2. They get enough shots in to break a unit so it works well.