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15-06-2008, 20:21
Well after proxying various armies I decided that my new army for the summer will be the Cult of Ulric(love the fluff behind them,13th warrior or 300anyone) . I don't intend to make a large army but would like to get upto 2000pts eventually but for now only playing games upto 1000pts. This is my 500pts army which I believe is pretty effective, it worked well in the few proxy games I played and would like to here what people think of it and any tactics/improvements that could be made.

Seneshel-full plate armour, white wolf hammer, barbed warhorse=82
5 knights of the white wolf-standard, musician=139
2x 15 warriors ulric- light armour, shield, hand weapon,standard,musician=180
5 huntsmen-marksmen=45
6 wolf kin-2hw= 60

Has anyone got any tactics or any ways I could improve the list? I think it has enough variety with the knights and wolf kin as the heavy hitters and the two warrior units holding the enemy up and using the huntsmen as charge bait and going after war machines/skirmishers.
Another question, how do people represent warriors of ulric? Was thinking using the empire state troops but they dont seem to fit with the middenhein look. I already own knights and the archers and can easily convert my beastmen gors to the wolf kin( swapping heads and different paint job should do it)
I Mainly play orcs and goblins and occasionally wood elves and tomb kings so any army specific tactics would be useful.
Cheers in advance.

16-06-2008, 04:01
You'll likely take a lot of flack for using an army list from Storm of Chaos, however for friendly games it's fine and if you're drawn to the fluff go for it. Realistically you'll probably be able to use most of the army as a conventional 7th ed. Empire army although not an especially good one if you stay true to the Ulric theme and avoid using detachments.

To your list, for 500 points I'd be about the last person able to help you. On the rare occasion I get a game together if it's not 2k or higher I'd rather just have a few beers.

It seems that you have a fairly well balanced force for that point range.

You could use this list as a conventional 7th ed by:
making the seneschal a captain with great weapon
white wolves as is
warriors of ulric could use swordsmen or free company stats depending on how you wnat them to work
huntsmen are, well, huntsmen
the wolf-kin I can't think of a great fit although a DoW duelist unit or Mengil's manflayers might be a suitable rule-set for them (cost appreciably too high for Mengil's in 500pts).

Tactics-wise, it's pretty clear cut. 2 infantry blocks hold center. Knights w/seneschal threaten one flank while skirmishing wolf kin address the other. Huntsmen scout ahead to march block and threaten war machines.

As to modeling a mix of free company and state troops with unarmored heads and wolf pelts from the empire knight sprues should work rather well. There are also the white wolf hammers which can be used on the foot troops.