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15-06-2008, 20:36
made a high elves list where i could use the oh so crazy dragonmodel in it.

Prince on a stardragon with armour of calledor, vambraces of defense and a lance
a noble mounted (barded) with lance, shield and dragon armour carrying the warbanner.
accompanied by 5 dragon princes with a standard bearer.

11 White lions with a standard bearer who protects a lvl 1 caddy mage
12 Swordmasters including a bladelord with amulet of light and a standard bearer
12 spearelves with standard
10 archers
2 great eagles
2 repeater bolt throwers

its about 2K

16-06-2008, 13:50
that list is pretty common. I like how theres no mage... keep it that way.

Drop the bolt throwers and archers. add another unit of spear elves. beef up your SM or WL.