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22-04-2005, 06:15

I was thinking about getting into CoS and came up with this army list. I've included some of my thoughts next to the individual entries on why I took the units. Thanks for any opinions :)

2000 Pts


High Sorceress of Slaanesh @ 435 Pts *I love Slaanesh magic, and so wanted a Level 4 instead of an Annointed as my lord.
General; Mark of Slaanesh; Level 4 Upgrade;
Dark Pegasus
Tome of Furion
Heart-stone of Darkness
Wand of the Kharaidon


Sorceress of Slaanesh @ 195 Pts *Another level 2 to bolster magic power
Mark of Slaanesh; Level 2 Upgrade;
Darkstar Cloak
Dispel Scroll

Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh @ 146 Pts*Will take Shadow Magic for Steed of Shadows, to have an additional option to take out war machines or characters
Mark of Slaanesh
Great Weapon
Book of Secrets


10 Chaos Marauders @ 65 Pts *Small flanking or bait unit. Aspiring Chamption can go here to bolster power unless he flies out with Steed of Shadows.
Musician Flail

18 Devoted of Slaanesh of Slaanesh @ 271 Pts *I figure, with war banner and musk, can be a good unit that can take a charge.
Full Command
1 War Banner

5 Shades @ 70 Pts *Good harrassment unit


6 Cold One Knights of Slaanesh @ 239 Pts *Needed a good hitty unit
Mark of Slaanesh, Full Command

5 Dark Riders @ 127 Pts *Good bait unit and general harrassment
Musician; Repeating XBows

5 Dark Riders @ 127 Pts *Same
Musician Repeating Xbows

5 Furies @ 75 Pts * To take out War Machines


2x Spawn of Slaanesh @ 150 pts *I think this is a solid cheap unit that can run interference and generally mess with opponents movement

1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts *Nice to have some firepower to help get rid of enemy cavalry.

Total Roster Cost: 2000
Power Dice: 10
Dispell Dice: 6
Models in Army: 63

I guess I'll post a little more so that people can have an idea of what to reply with.

First, I love Slaanesh Magic and so wanted to go strong magic. That is why I choose a level 4. I only then went with one level 2 because I wanted strong magic, but not so much that I was totally relying on it. Think I should go another level 2? Also, I would like to put the Seal of Ghrond somewhere but there is no room.

The Aspiring Champion is there to add a little bit of hitty power that I lack in the character department. With the Book of Secrets (and Steed of Shadows) he creates a threat in the magic department for very little cost, hopefully draining the opponents dispell dice. He is an additional way to take out war machines or chariots.

The Maurauders are there to provide a cheap initial screen for the Aspiring Champion. With Flails, they can hit somewhere hard as well. Also, I don't have a story yet for this army but I was thinking the Aspiring came along with this group of Maruaders and joined up with the rest, but they worship a different aspect of Slaanesh so will be painted differently from the rest of the Army.

The Devoted with Warbanner is my one Anvil in the Army. With the Musk being like a ward save, and a large amount of attacks, I figure they can have a good chance at taking a charge from everything except the hardest hitting foes.

The Shades are there just as a harassment force. I'd almost like to include two groups but don't know where to get the points.

6 Cold One Knights. I figure since I have an anvil, I need at least one good hammer. I included Mark of Slaanesh just because it is cheap and as insurance against missle fire, but I'm not sure if it is worth the points. Thoughts? Also, I'd like to include the Rapturous Standard (if I keep the mark) as this would allow them to take one more units by themselves, but it is expensive.

The Two Dark Riders units are some of my favorite (when I play normal Dark Elves). Normally, I don't include XBows but I have here. Worth the 30 points a piece? Normally I use these guys to bait other units into charging into akward positions.

The Furies are there to kill off warmachines. Self explanitory pretty much.

The Spawn I love, in theory (thought I'd like to here if someone disagrees). They can be great for tying up a flank, but are cheap and not extremely intimidating so they might be ignored.

The Reaper Bolt Thrower is for getting Fast Cavalry mostly, thought it is nice to be able to soften up Giants and the like if one shows up.

Tactics: I was thinking about putting both spawn on one flank (to have a better chance of tying up that flank) with the mauraders with them (when the spawn tie up a unit, the maurauders can get a flank charge in).

The Devoted would go in the Middle, one unit of Dark Riders and Cold ONe Knights on the flank opposite spawn. The other units would deploy in relation to my enemy.

I would try to use magic and misdirection as much as possible, making very few combats in the end, but each combat devastatingly in my favor.

What I might like in this army, but couldn't find the points:

Raptourous Standard for CoK?
More Shades?
Another Bolt Thrower?
Seal of Ghrond?

22-04-2005, 16:43
First off, I have played a couple of times with a Magic Heavy CoS army and it works wonders...

Then to your list:
Both Sorceresses are ok, I prefer to have the Wand on an Noble or Aspiering Champion, due to the fact that if you get a misscast where the lord character can't cast more spells it's lost so I prefer to have it on someone that can't miscast. The only time I place boundspells on my wizards are if the items are "one use only".

The Aspiering cant have Book of Secrets, since you are only alowed MoS items only from the Chaos book.

About your units, I think they are to few... You only have two blocks of infantr and one heavy hitting unit (the COK's). And with limited back up shooting I think it will be hard to win with this army.

Good Luck!

22-04-2005, 16:47
I would say fluff wise not to go for the seal but you could quite easily say " yeah it's a seal of slaanesh..." Or say it's like the stigmata and that shes been marked as one of the dark princes favoured. I think that your army looks pretty nice. If it were me though I would drop the spawn go for some rank and file core. Most people underestimate their uses and just to get some combat res can really help some times. It would also help for those times when you can't avoid all of those cavalry units. Just a matter of oppinion though.


22-04-2005, 19:05
I think personally you have invested a bit too much in characters, personally i would be tempted to drop the aspiring champion and the RBT and get another unit of Devoted. Devoted are very good for the points and i feel you do lack a lot of troops.

My general rule of thumb for army creation is 2 of everything. If you have a fast unit, make sure you have another that can do its role. Personally looking at your list in some cases you dont have this.

Either way i think the list will do good, but its not as effective as it can be. I would say drop the aspiring chump and RBT, get another unit of devoted and perhaps chariot (i cant remember if theyre allowed in a COS list) because i feel you lack 2 real heavy hitters in close combat.

23-04-2005, 15:20
The Aspiering cant have Book of Secrets, since you are only alowed MoS items only from the Chaos book.

Where does this say?? The only thing I could find is this; DE character with MoS may take any "models marked with MoS only" from Hordes of Chaos as a part of their MI allowance.. Under ACC it says; As presented in the Hordes of Chaos.. And as far as I can understand, they can take whatever MI from Hordes they like..

23-04-2005, 15:59
I'm wrong! ;-)

I mixed it up with the playtest list I had avalible... Sorry!

Still don't think it's woth it...

21-07-2005, 09:29
I really like 2 spawns. They are very nice touch if you ask me, nice indeed. Any very usefull.