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Chaplain Nikolai
16-06-2008, 13:46
Going for an all fast moving kind of thing here.

Tomb King-Chariot, Spear of Antarhak-250

Liche Priest (Heirophant)- Cloak of Dunes- 135

Liche Priest- Skeletal Steed, Hieratic Jar, Scroll-163

Liche Priest- Skeletal Steed, 2 Scrolls- 163

10 Heavy Horsemen- Full Com. -195

10 Heavy Horsemen- Full Com.- 195

3 Chariots- Full Com.- 170

4 Chariots- Full Com.- 210

4 Chariots- Full Com.- 210

Tomb Scorpion- 85

Bone Giant- 220

Main questions for me were whether the chariot units were big enough and whether the Bone Giant was worth it. General plan is to send the horsemen around the flanks, hopefully get the charge and then the chariots will punch through. The Heirophant runs behind the Bone Giant and gives him the extra shove with the movement spell to get him into combat.

16-06-2008, 13:53
Maybe drop the giant for another couple of scorpions

16-06-2008, 16:00
The chariot units don't really benefit that much from full command. Maybe put a champion and one of the nastier magic banners (the +1 to hit in the first round, for example) on the King's unit, but other than that, they do fine without. Ditto the horsemen.

Give the Jar to your Heirophant. You want that spell going off where you need it, not stuck in the hands of a (comparatively) slow mounted priest.

The Bone Giant isn't my very favourite unit in the TK army, but in this one it seems like a decent choice. You certainly don't want to bog yourself down with a casket or catapult, so...

With the points you save from command, you should be able to afford another scorpion -- which is definitely going to work in this army. Bury them near war machines or just run them alongside your troops to add that extra punch where you need it.

16-06-2008, 16:19
I can imagine this doing quite well. I don't have that much experience with cavalry, so I can't make any general statemens on the concept, but I do have some imput.

Repeating what others have said, the Jar is better put on the Hierophant. His mobility means you'll get the extra incantation across where you need it. Also, the other priests are far more likely to die simply because you'll be a lot more careful with your Hierophant, so it's better to equip the other priests with the more disposable equipment. Don't get me wrong, I don't think priests should be squandred away any more than the next guy, but if you do, then it's better to squandre a priest with a (probably used) scroll than one with a game-winning ace up the sleeve like the Jar.

I'd ditch champions and musicians on the chariots. They're just too expensive. Banners are fine though, since it's so critical to win on the charge with them, and the banners help you do so.

For the points you save, I'd maybe get the Golden Eye of Rah-Nutt or something on the King, he's looking very exposed. I'd also give him a light armour and shield. A 4+ Save is a lot better than a 6+ Save, and it's only 6 points. If you still have more points, a Warbanner would be very handy in a list such as this.

Finally, the Giant. I feel he's getting an undue amount of flak. 220 might be a bit steep, but not much. The beauty of the Giant compared to a similar amount of points spendt on Ushabti is that the Giant is a lot (a lot) easier to get around. He has an inch more in move (which translates to a lot more when you get two movement phases) and can pivot on the spot, where a unit of 4 Ushabti is too wide to practically wheel anywhere. Also, the Giant remains US 6 up until its death.

I say try out the Bone Giant and see how you like it. If you find it lacking, consider another Scorpion (a copout choice but it's hard to argue against), or some Carrion. Carrion are extremely good and very underused. Never underestimate a unit that can fly twice in a round, the tactical opportunities are too vast to mention. Units of 5 are best, but units of 3 can probably work well too.