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16-06-2008, 16:11

I have two related questions:

Do Bloodcrushers have US 3 or US2?
What is the Unit Strength of a Herald of Khorne on a Bloodcrusher?

My gut feel for the first question is 2, since they are treated as cavalry... but I'm hoping to be proven wrong....

16-06-2008, 16:22
1. US 2, they are cavalry.
2. Also US 2, as they are a US 1 character on a cavalry mount.

16-06-2008, 21:17
Which is a big problem for them . . .

GW might wonder, in time, why so many Daemon players are taking Flamers for their Rare slots, even in lists that aren't "strictly Tzeentch" (or even a little Tzeentch !).

1.) Bloodcrushers cost a ton for a 4+ Armor Save // 5+ Ward - GOOD, but not Great - and really under-defended for a "super-heavy cavalry" unit, at least in terms of the Armor Save.

True, they have two wounds, but this is very easily torn apart by Handgunners, Wood Elf Arrows, etc. , which makes using Bloodcrushers effectively relatively challenging, compared to the other Rare choices for Daemons.

2.) Beasts of Nurgle can be good, but are quite random (obviously) so it's hard to rely on them to consistently do something in combat, since you never know (for sure) how many attacks they will actually roll up. Also, they are EXTREMELY expensive and it's hard to fit more than 2-3 in a list at 2000-2250, even if you are playing "pure" Nurgle.

3.) Fiends of Slaanesh are quite good - and should give Flamers a run for their money, in certain lists. They are very, very, fast and pack a great statline and number of attacks for what you pay for them. They are also Unit Strength-3, meaning a unit of 3 of them can run around and break ranks, etc. ...and even when they take a casualty (lose one model), they STILL break ranks as they will be US-6 for two of them together ! This is huge, and is what Bloodcrushers really need, when you consider their cost, as well as their huge 50-mm bases.

Clarifying them as US-3 would also help the Crushers by making them them immune to Killing Blow (per the Rulebook KB cannot work on US-3+ unless it's a special case//ie-Skulltaker, etc.)....given their cost, and the fact that they were immune to Killing Blow in Storm of Chaos (they edited/errated them to be US-3, since nobody was taking them because they cost so much, and were too easily slain by enemy troopers like Grave Guards, etc. - plus, at US-2, as we are seeing currently, they weren't being taken much since a unit of 3 CAN break ranks........but lose just 2 Toughness-4 Wounds and "poof" - you are no longer a rank breaker....:eyebrows:

4.) - Meanwhile, the humble ;) Flamer stands there smiling as everyone reaches for him and his crazy firepower- yet nearly equivalent Toughness as a Bloodcrusher for half the points per model (the only difference is a 4+ Armor Save, which is good for the Crushers....but not "amazing").

16-06-2008, 22:00
This is a thing I hope GW will errate.

Sure Bloodcrushers are MEANT to be US 3 and sure Siren Song is MEANT to be worthless against ItP troops.....


Dear GW,

After countless annoying rules leaking I've encountered on Warseer, I would be rather glad if you made an errata/FAQ document about Warhammer Armies: Deamons of Chaos.

Thanks in advance,



16-06-2008, 22:09
I disagree, giving them US3 will make them WAY too powerful (especially as a mount for a herald), I just played against them for the first time on Friday and the only way to kill it was KB, or Combat Resolution, I couldn't even dent the damn armor.....

Chicago Slim
17-06-2008, 11:22
Yeah, they're eggshells with hammers. Really REALLY big hammers, at that (4 attacks per model, at high WS and S5 or S6, with Killing Blow to boot!)