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16-06-2008, 22:20
Well, yeah, this list is designed to help me counter HE, with their massive amounts of ASF ;) - so yeah, it's also designed to beat other armies, as a general list, but mostly HE. The Necromancer on the Cart is designed to just help, as I've found he's most useful not in a unit...
What do you think?

Vampire 185
The Cadeverous Cuirass, Wristbands of Black Gold, Forbidden Lore

Necromancer 95
Invocation of Nehek, Rod of Flaming Death
Corpse Cart 100
Unholy Lodestone

Necromancer 90
Invocation of Nehek, Book of Arkhan

20 Skeleton Warriors 180
Champion, musician, standard bearer

20 Skeleton Warriors 180
Champion, musician, standard bearer

Corpse Cart 100

Corpse Cart 100

15 Grave Guard 270
Great weapons, Seneschal, musician, standard bearer, Banner of the Barrows

Black Coach 200
1500 points
40 models
5 Power dice and 4 Dispel dice
5 Bound Spells

16-06-2008, 22:57
Why take forbidden lore? It reduces you chance of getting dance!

Other then that, it looks good, except for the fact that u have no dire wolves or bats. You will be in troble when u need some fast cheep things to chase war machines or slow flank attacks. It shouldn't be too much trouble though, as VCs don't really mind flank attacks.

Andrew Luke
16-06-2008, 23:03
Not if he chooses lore of vampires... The problem with this list is it is supposed to be "casty" yet only has 5 PD. Replace the lodestone cart with a vamp with MotBA so you have enough dice to get a few spells off through drain magic if you want a chance.

16-06-2008, 23:15
Yeah, 5 PD isn't that good, but actually, 5PD is enough for what I do... The Bound Spells are almost impossible to stop while casting 4-5 IoN :) - but I can also cast Gaze etc if needed...