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16-06-2008, 21:35
hi okay im new to this painting log and things but i thought id do some squat merc's as bikers for my ork army,

im not sure if ill ever do a full army of them but hey if they look okay i might do

be gentle guys heres the first pics of Hurc Slamfist i did 1 as a trial to see if it looks okay, thats why im relying on you gents at warseer to help

16-06-2008, 21:47
i like it a lot

looks very good.:)

16-06-2008, 22:15
thanks, he should start to be painted tomorow

16-06-2008, 22:16
cool squats are back. You should do a themed squat army with nid bits, like their taking their revenge on the nids :D

16-06-2008, 22:17
could be a cool idea, but i'm seeing how things go first

some background :- the orks that served the great uzra olmek were notoriously bad mooded and drunk, (well being kicked out of the bad moons will do that to you)

, for being bad mooded and drunk, that and uzra accidentally attaching a rocket pack to the warboss's leg instead of a dead kicky one,

after he woke up from the biggest ork badboy brew bash of dorian 5, he saw a white haired pink skinned semi naked maniac who punched him straight in the nose and said "Oi ya green berk take you and ya mad green buddies of my land"

before he could stand on his legs again the white haired gruff maniac had already stolen the meks bike and shot the ork bar to pieces, and several orks there in

oi stunti i got a deal for ya, you keep shootin people like dat for me and ill give ya all the teef ya can shove down those stripey pants of yours

"i dont want teef ya green git i want...."

"ya ? ill get it ya just shoot fer me!!"

"you will huh? ok then ya green fungus munching ugly dog breath fruit, i want every ork who set foot on my farm dead, that includes you maybe , depending on how drunk i am , but first the others, ill bring my brothers and cousin cletus and we will shoot for you, but once all them green gits are dead then ill be the boss of your whole bunch of sasnack's maybe depending on how many fungus beers ive had, or depending on if ya give me more cool looking bikes like this one, " she smirked stroking the bike

" ok den stunti you can try "hurr hurr" uzrek smiled he would have the most insane bikers of orkdom (even if they were not orks, but he was a pretty drunk and mad ork anyway)

"ill think ill call you.... fishface ork, he patted his bike "and ill call you sandy"

16-06-2008, 23:06
Nice... ork bikes are definitely the way to go!

Mike KK
17-06-2008, 08:19
lolol thats cool

17-06-2008, 13:39
thanks guys