View Full Version : 2250pts of Slaneesh n' Tzeench

17-06-2008, 01:37
Hlo everybody!

Got an armylist that I'm struggling with, think it's a bit heavy on characters... But then again, maybe not. I figure you need the heralds to make the daemonettes do *anything*.

Ok, here is (we don't play with SC where I am btw).


Keeper of Secrets 450p
Lvl 3 85p
Allure of Slaneesh 25p, Siren Song 25p, Soul Hunger 25p, Torment Blade 5p

-This guy is obviously THE most important unit. Thinking of cutting him down in some way, but can't really think of how. As is, he can cut down almost anything. But expensively so. And w. just 5 wounds...



Herald of Slaneesh 90p
Bs 25p
Great Icon of Despair 75p
Allure of Slaneesh, Daemonic Robes 50p
Steed of Slaneesh 25p

-Gotta have her in a Slaneesh Army.

Tzeench Herald 115p
Master of Sorcery 25p, Flames of Tzeench 25p
Disc 20p

-Now, I should really take a spell destroyer instead on the FoT gift, but I've got this really cool model... So, can't really. Figure I'll be reasonably safe w. 7 DDice anyway.

Herald of Slaneesh 90p
Lvl 1 Wiz 50p
Daemonic Robes 25p

-This one would be facing the chopping block if I could figure out something better to put the points on. But she's boosting the other daemonetteblock, and could protect the BSB in a pinch.

-Quite heavy on characters...


Daemonettes 22st 264p
CSM 30p
Banner of Ecstasy 25p

-Here goes the BSB

Daemonettes 14st 168pts
CSM 30p
Banner of Ecstasy 25p

-Here goes the other one.

Horrors 120pts


Seekers of Slaneesh 5st 120p
S 12p
Siren Standard 25p

-Figure it's too good to miss having one of these. But they're fragile...


Fiend of Slaneesh 55pts

-Fer hunting mages n' warmachines! Cheap, fast, reasonably tough.

Flamers 4st 140pts

-Needs no reason really. They're that good.


Now, what this list needs is prolly a unit of furies... But can't make up my mind on that one.

Any help appreciated!