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25-10-2005, 02:31
Hey, I am having some trouble understanding some more complicated/vague rules and was wondering if some people could help me out. I appologies if these have been asked before.

1) The +1 to the armor save in close combat for having a handweapon and shield:
Is that still given if you are using a magical weapon (One handed) and a mundane shield
also is it given if you are using a mundane weapon and a magical shield
If you know the answer to this could you tell me where I could find it in writting?

2)Do undead have to roll to restrain or is that part of immune to psychology

3)Hills and shooting, could someone explain all the rules for shooting off a hill, can they shoot over a screen of units into blocks behind that. I just don't understand it...

Any response will be greatly appreciated, thanks for helping


25-10-2005, 04:33
1. You need to have both a mundane shield and mundane handweapon to recieve the bonus save. A magical sheild, weapon or both will not grant you the save. I do not have a rulebook handy, so I will leave the citing to someone else, or do it when I get a chance.

2. Pursuit, like a breaktest, is not psychology. Therefore, Undead must test to restrain as usual. Given their poor Ld, it usually doesn't work to restrain unless there is a character in/near the unit.

3. Hills can be tricky. They tend to allow units to see over units on the ground, but you have to watch for the distance between your units and theirs. If you get too close to the enemy, your units will block site from your elevated men on the hill, as the LoS will clip through your other units. Generally speaking, they will have LoS, as long as other terrain is in the way, or you get close to the unit. I suppose it comes into consideration the size of the hill. We tend to play on rather tall hills, which helps avoid this problem. Just look from the model's perspective, and see if you can get a clear line of sight to the enemy.

25-10-2005, 09:56
You need the FaQ (http://uk.games-workshop.com/chronicles/faq/assets/warhammer-faq.pdf) with regards to the Hand Weapon and Shield bonus.

Fifth page, a little over half way down, in the left-hand most column.

Shield of Freedom
25-10-2005, 15:01
1. Mundane Hand weapon + Mundane Shield + NOT MOUNTED = YES
Magic Weapon + Mundane Shield = NO, mounted or otherwise
Mundane Hand weapon + Magic Shield = NO, mounted or otherwise

2. Break Tests, and testing to restrain pursuit are NOT psychology. Tests must be taken as normal even for units that are IMMUNE TO PSYCHOLOGY.

3.Troops on hills have line of site over thier own units and enemy units that are on a lower elevation. They cannot see behind other hills or forest templates etc. This is something you should discuss with your opponent before each battle, ie. "How high is this hill?" "Are forests infinitely high as to block all line of site drawn through them?" etc. Don't forget that on a hill, missle troops may shoot with thier second rank, if any, at troops on a lower elevation. We usualy play the "abstract" way of hills just being higher than the table and therefore incurring LOS to all units on lower elevation, even if behind other units (friendly or otherwise). The alternative is to play as stated before with actualy using the models' LOS. The "You can only shoot what you can see" rule.

25-10-2005, 20:44
Units on hills can see everything except what is behind large targets, and what is behind woods and other cover.