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17-06-2008, 10:41
This is a two in one report, the forst of which Iíve not got the inclination right now to elaborate on in too much detail.

First game: Vampires

My opponent asked if we could play 2250pts as he was practising for a tournament apparently. Tip: Refuse if a vampire player asks you this! With it I got an extra cannon (useless hunk of junk!) and a level Ďletís not cast anythingí 2 with some items. What he got was basically every mean magic item the vampires have access to (okay maybe not the skull staff or dreadlance)!

So my army in brief,
Lector on Altar with Speculum, +1 attack sword and 1+ save
2 Level 2s with Rod of Power and scroll between them
Priest (WP) with immune to fear
77 Flagellants
2 x 10 xbws + detachments
2 cannons
6 inner circle knights + warbanner
15 free company

His army,
Lord on horse with lance, red fury, infinite hatred and book of arkhan
Flying vamp with great weapon
Vamp on horse with helm and raise skele power
Wight BSB with Drakenhoff
(possibly other items as well)
6 black knights with banner of the barrows
3 units of skeletons
4 wraiths and a banshee
3 fell bats

I wonít do a turn by turn account of the game as it didnít even last 6 turns. My magic and shooting failed to harm anything so unfortunately when his wraiths got to grips with my flagellants they proceeded to kill about 50 all on their own, oh the humanity.

My altar charged the black knights + bsb along with a ranked unit of xbows in the flank in about my 3rd turn. Unfortunately in the challenge, my lector got killing blowed immediately despite the speculum. I still ended up winning the combat in that round despite losing the lector (and even a couple more rounds after that as black knights canít kill things for peanuts). It was a losing battle by then though. Had he not died immediately it would have put a 3 point swing on that combat but never mindÖ

The rerolling everything lord despatched quite a lot of models himself too.

All in all a fairly disastrous outing. Failing to do any ranged damage always sets you back as those ~500pts arenít good for anything else except keeping a vargulf happy. In retrospect I think my biggest mistake was not charging the wraiths with my altar in my second turn. The lectorís magical attacks could have held them for a while, not sure if heíd have come out on top though. So, vampires with all the latest trinkets are a tough cookie after all!

Second game: Tomb Kings

This was back to the GW where the campaign was running. Funnily enough the decision had been made to up armies to 2250pts here as well. Having read about 2250pt army lists and events etc. for a while online but never having actually played that size (2000 has been a universal standard at all the events and shops Iíve attended up until now), here was my second such game in a week! Conspiracy?! (I have a theory that this could have been due to the daemon book release recently. Like the vampires, what they can get for the extra 250pts is of quite some benefit as both lists tend to spend a lot on characters, so at 2000pts their armies are mercifully limited in size. The campaign organiser happens to be a daemon player hence the suspicionsÖ Anyway, Tomb Kings normally max. out their character/special/rare choices at 2000 so there was to be no whinging from me this game )

My army was the same as the one above (mounted WP is riding like the wind to join battle but heís a week or two off yet)

His army, (I think 2350 due to campaign adjustments)
Tomb King with destroyer and 4+ kill a skeleton ward
Priest with jar and scroll
Priest with 3d6 magic missile item and scroll
Priest with scroll
22 skeletons
19 tomb guard
4 chariots + banner of undying legion
4 chariots + banner
2 scorps
5 ushabti
5 carrion

Set up,
He put the catapult on a hill in the left corner with the army in the centre, flanked by chariots. The scorpions were tunnelled in advance positions on each flank.

I had a hill in the centre of my zone with a forest just to the left of it obscuring it from the catapult. Behind this hid my Altar and from him I strung out all my combat units. A cannon and 10 crossbows were charged with keeping any undead on the left flank at bayÖ

Turn 1,
The undead advanced (as usual, I wasnít sure if my opponent was keen to, fortunately my opponent was really up for it so battle was met! He did have the option of hanging back and trying to draw my Altar into catapult LoS, he chose not to.) Nothing much happened in the magic phase. The catapult misfired.

In my turn, everything pushed forwards with a unit of 21 flagellants sitting on top of the right scorpion. The Altar stayed hidden of course. Magic drew a scroll and achieved nothing else. Both cannons misfired.

Turn 2,
Charges! And proper turn 2 charges, not just flyers vs warmachines nonsense. Both scorpions appeared. The one on the left charged a militia detachment. The carrion also charged the xbows on the left flank whose archer detachment failed to counter charge. The other scorpion appeared under the 21 flags and charged along with a chariot unit. The rest of the undead moved forwards some more. At this point, the skeletons and other chariots were looking quite isolated from the main fight in the centre as they were way off to the left.

Magic involved almost every incantation go towards getting the ushabti to charge the flank of my 15 free company + WP who were holding the left of my line. Instead of trying to stop all the Ďtations I fled and the ushabti charged a 5 man detachment instead (also in the flank). The catapult missed with its shot.

In combat, the scorpion killed the militia on the left, the carrion lost by 1 (so thatís what crossbows are for) the ushabti creamed the detachment and overran into the flank of 28 flagellants. The chariots and scorpion succeeded in killing quite a few flags from the unit of 21.

In my turn, my Altar charged the rear of the ushabti with my other crossbows making a thunderous charge down the slope of their hill (Rohirrim style from The Two Towers, possibly with Monty Pythonís Holy Grail horsey impressions) into the ushabtiís flank. The knights charged into the chariot/scorpion/flagellant combat. The archer detachment over on the left charged the carrion flank. The free company rallied.

Magic drew another scroll and maybe damaged the ushabti a little. My cannons finally came good and destroyed the catapult.

In combat, the empire were victorious across the board although not resoundingly enough to destroy any undead units.

Turn 3,
The tomb guard + king reform and charge the Altarís flank. All the priests rush over to this combat to get into incantation range despite having to leave units to do so.

In magic, itís 5 incantations (on 8 dice) vs 8 dispel dice. By a small miracle, and I guess a mistake on my opponentís part by opting to heal ushabti with one incantation, my dice + scroll are enough to stop the king from smiting with his destroyer (not to mention about 5 killing blow attacks from the unit!).

In combat, the lector challenges and the king accepts although neither harm each other this round. The empire lose and the valiant crossbows flee. In the knight/flag/chariot/scorpion combat I do something sneaky and martyr 3 of the 4 remaining flagellants to minimise my losses (maybe I should be playing skaven ). The combat is drawn as a result. The carrions lose again, later on crumbling completely.

In my turn, the right most flagellants charge into the chariot/knight combat (scorpion has become disconnected from combat now) and destroy the undead. My free company + WP charge into the ushabti to make it a 5-way combat again. The lector dodges a couple of killing blows and the empire win again. My left cannon opts not to kill the scorpion bearing down upon it and goes for glory against the left chariots whoíve risked exposing their flank to get involved in the centre. 4 dead chariots later the crew pat themselves on the back. Oh yeah, in magic all I cast was steed of shadows on a lone wizardÖ to charge the hierophant who had risked going it alone! In that combat I rolled a 4, then a 5 - a wound! Now the hierophant HAD to wound in return to stay aliveÖ and did!

Turn 4,
Not much undead movement going on except the scorpion joining the Altar/flagellant/militia /ushabti/tomb guard/king combat, I donít think much was achieved in the magic phase either. Now this is where things get hazy and I think I may have to revert to summarising what happened all in one go.

So, the ushabti and scorpion all die just before the lector gets killing blowed by the king. The now out of combat WP is steeded into the hierophant combat and kills him. The now tiny unit of 28 flagellants charges and pins the tomb guard and king long enough for the militia and last remaining big flag unit that had rolled through the chariots to charge from both sides and finish them off. Oh yeah, and after some crumbling, the knights make it all the way round to the skeleton regiment who they wipe out.

Hope that made sense. It was a really cracking game with multiple combats going on all over the place that lasted for most of the game. It could have gone either way and I was lucky my lector survived as long as he did. I made some movement mistakes in my first turn as I wasnít expecting the ushabti and chariots to be so keen to charge head long into combat - as a result my counter charges didnít happen in an ideal fashion but they got there in the end.

Iíve now written four of these reports and an observant person may point out that Iíve given far less effort to documenting the loss to which I reply - if you want a more detailed report of that battle get him to write it :P

17-06-2008, 13:52
77 Flagellants!?!? Madness!

That vampire list wasn't actually that bad. The items can help, but all the bound items are at lvl 3 and easy to stop. Killingblow is nasty, and it always seems to turn up just when you don't want it to.

That tomb king army looked fairly strong.

It was kinda of hard to follow what happened... if you are going to write a battle report you might as well make it clear, even if you lose. Otherwise it's just a rant : )

18-06-2008, 12:18
I enjoy reading the battle reports you write, and im inspired so much to try a list such as yours, seems pretty strong theme yet affective on the battlefield.

Hope you keep up with writing more great battle reports, even if you do lose helps with the learning curve :p.

20-06-2008, 23:02
Nice battle report again (Monty Python references are always a plus) but next time make some pictures! :)