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Sergeant Jim
17-06-2008, 13:03
I'll be using this list soon against my friend who plays VC. there always is a varghulf, and i am expecting a unit of black knights. he usually only takes vampires as characters with one for combat and the rest heavy magic. he may use a black coach but that is not certain and further lots of skeletons, a unit of black guard. now heres my list i'm going for the "epidemius do as many wounds with nurgle" style any comments welcome.

great unclean one 635
level 3
staff of nurgle
trappings of nurgle
(he just wont be able to kill this guy an it will do so much damage against his low S and T troops which is good for epidemius)

epidemius 135
(speaks for himself)

herald of nurgle 240
standard of sundering
(I just love this standard -2 on necromancy magic will significantly damper the effectiveness of his magic)

2*15 plaguebearers 2* 210
full command
(my hardy troops that don't die)

15 plaguebearers 198
(I could reduce this to 10 and also give my herald the staff of nurgle, but that would make him very expensive)

5 hounds 250
(these guys rock they beat almost everything that is not the elite of an army in combat, and i'm hoping to send karanak after his general as his general always is a level 4 wizzard that is not very deadly in combat)

2 beasts of nurgle 200
(i just like em and they wont die against any infantry he can throw at them)

4 screamers 120
(these guys will kill his varghulf as they have flaming attacks at strength 5 if they fly over it, thats two wounds a turn:D)

17-06-2008, 15:29
Over all I like it.

Remember your banner will not affect his summoning. I have played blood thirsters against VC and find he can be tarpited very easly with skeletons, the vamps can raise them faster than the BT can kill them. So I assume this will be the case with your GUO.

Your list is a bit on the slow side with no shooting, this will allow the VC to summon a vast army of zombies or skellies.

I would try to get at least one more unit of dogs into the list.

17-06-2008, 16:22
Playing against VC with a list tailored to use Epidemius' rules may not be the best thing to do... remember that ALL poisoned attacks (including those from your opponent's ghouls) will wound at 4+, and it will bypass one of your best defences - the high Toughness. That said, if you are planning to exploit Epidemius' rule then go for it, just make sure to weaken his ghouls prior to engaging.

What I really don't like is the GUO: with only 4 attacks he's not going to win any combat against VC unit, which rely in static resolution and wounds made by the vampires. I'd better spend those points this way:

Keeper of Secrets

- 4th level mage
- Siren song
- Soul hunger
- Enrapturing gaze
- Allure of slaanesh

total cost: 670 points

This guy is equipped to take advantage of the low VCs Ld: the Slicing Shards spell can devastate his units without a character, in combat he has to worry only of the characters (as the R&F troops will have to pass a Ld test using their own Ld value) and he can force the enemy to charge him whit key units (come here Cairn wraiths :D)

The list I'd play will be something along these lines:

Keeper of Secrets 670

Epidemius 135

Herald of Nurgle 290
- Level1
- BSB with standard of Sundering
- Staff of Nurgle

2*15 Plaguebearers 2*204
Standards, Champions

14 Plaguebearers 192
Standard, Champion (always take the champion against VCs)

5 Flesh Hounds 175 (I find karanak a bit too expensive)

2 Beasts of Nurgle 200

5 Flamers of Tzeentch 175 (better than screamers at taking out varghulfs, and nearly any other "light" unit)

Total 2245 points


17-06-2008, 16:52
Well trappings is probably overkill against VC, so you can save yourself some points there. GUO aren't as deadly as KOS its true but I assume you want to keep the army reasonably pure. Karanak is ok, but those are points that could be spend elsewhere IMO. Also I think Karanak is 75 points TOTAL not 75+35 as you have listed him. If you keep him you have 35 more points to play with, if you swap him out you have 75 more.

I would also recommend dropping the third plaguebearer unit to 11 with no command and boosting the other two to 16 so with epidemius/herald they will get +3 rank bonus, but drop their musicians (and the small unit of 11 can get +2 if joined, alternatively swap the third unit for 10 bloodletters if you have them). That's another 54 points saved though, 179 points. As Toschenko mentioned screamers are not as good as flamers, and you will want 5 (so-175,+120) leaves 124. Now there is one thing the GUO does better than a KOS and that's Nurglings, you can get 3 bases for 105 points and infestation for the GUO for 165 points (drop another 5 plaguebearers or drop a beast and boost the flesh hounds or flamers). Alternatively you can take your 124 points and invest in 2 units of furies (making this an all comers list).

If you want to win an excessive amount, take the 124 points and invest in the bluescribes and another magic level for your GUO.

Another nasty thing you can do with the great unclean one is go for pestilent mucus, very nasty and can turn a combat massively in your favour if your opponent has a fighty vamp.

17-06-2008, 19:58
If you DO take epidermus, you need to give the PB units the banner that doubles their CR per poison wound. When 4+ poison hits, thatll be a lot more dead skellies a turn from CR.

19-06-2008, 07:48
Does your friend allow you to talk special characters?