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17-06-2008, 20:44
Hello guys.

I was brain storming about a nice all around list. I would juist like to hear what you guys think about it. What should be improved or is it a really doomd list. Its almost all on foot army because fluff reasons.
Anyway here it comes;


Noble. 161 Points.
-lore master cloack.
-Mask of mealdor
-great wep.
-dragon armour.
-long bow

Noble bsb. 160 Points.
-Armour of caledor.
-Foe Bane.

Mage. lvl 2. 165 Points.
-Silver wand.
-Dispel scroll

Mage. lvl 2. 155 points.
-Dispel scroll.


27 x Spearmen.unit 1 288 points.
Full Command.
war banner.

27 x Spearmen. unit 2 268 Points.
Full Command.


12 x Sword masters. 245 Points
Full command.
- 1* Banner of the lion - banner of arcane prot
-The gem of Courage.

12 x Sword masters. 250 points.
Full command.
- Banner of Ellyrion.
- 2* Amulet of fire. Skein silver

6 x White lions. 1 90 points.
6 x white lions. 2 90 points.

Lion chariot. 130 points.


Eagel. 50 points.
Eagel. 50 points.
Eagel. 50 points.
Bolth thrower. 100.

Models: 99
Total : 2252. points
Power dice: 6.
Dispel dice: 4.

*1. If I fight magic heavy use arcane. scary beasts, Lion.
*2. If I fight magic heavy use amult els Skein.

Tha plan.


The Nobels.
will go in the spear men unit. Bsb in unit two, Normal noble in unit one. Their role will be giving the spearmen unit a bit more killy.

each of them will join one unit of sword masters (( Who can baby sit a mage better then a Sword masters? )). If vs magic heavy both of them will go high. els one of them goes <random>. other with + 1 spell will go lore of death Hopping on walking death. They will be suporting the infantry with or keeping them alive or boasting them. (( 5+ ward save )) have a decent chance to get walking death and casting it on my spearmen unit.


They will bring the combat to the enemy. If they get charge they will meet a huge spear wall. Els they charge and still fight in 2 ranks. (( 12 atacks )) with the atacks from the noble they must kill something. After that they will win with CR. 3 for ranks. 1 for out number (( not much people have unit str 28 )) 2 for banner + war banner or banner + bsb. At the end I will have 6 points + kills. Beat that ^^


There only job is don't get killed by shooting. They will be screening the sword masters. After their job is done they can go and kill some high t bigie. or juist run into the forest - support Sword masters.

Sword masters.
They will run over the field of battel and will try to get into a usefull combat ASP.

Lion chariot.
Support spearmen groups.


Eagels will do what they should do: slow down the enemy and bait.
BLT will kill weaken big nasty things.

I thank you all for reading this. I know its alot.
I would love to hear your replies on what its wrong and what I should change.
And If you think it could work let me hear it!:D


18-06-2008, 16:45
33 views and no replies?

18-06-2008, 17:30
I like the spearmen units a lot. I like putting them in large units to get enough attacks off and be able to outnumber.

For the BSB, why didn't you pick banner of the world dragon or the battle banner. Either one works well against VC or any combat heavy army like Khorne Daemons.

Overall I like the list. It fits well in what you're trying to acheive.

18-06-2008, 23:30

If your going combat heavy then the lord is a must, LD10 and with the white sword and the talisman on loec is a monster in the round it's popped.

The spearmen units leave me a little cold to be honest, anything hard enough to break them will go right on through and break them and anything that's not will simply ignore them.

If your removing spearmen then bumping the white lions up in size and giving 1 the lion banner and the other the standard of balance, these give you 2 units of stubborn LD8 troops that can dish out some pain and are immune to auto-break.

2x12 white lions as above
4x12 swordmasters
2 RBTs
2 GEs
2x10 archers
2 mages

I've played with a list similar to the above twice now, it really gives people some problems because no-one expects 2 stubborn units + 4 units of swordmasters. The added shooting is a must, as it helps kill enemy missile troops that will butcher the swordmasters.

By all means run the spearmen if you think there worth it, I'd just run them 6x4 or 5x4 as the added models don't justify there cost in my view. Use any spare pIf you really want to go the elite infrantry root then I'd run
2x12 oints to get more feet on the ground.

With the origional list against a moderatley shooty/magic army you can expect to lose the white lions and a unit of swordmasters on the way in no problem.

19-06-2008, 00:17
I like the list. However I feel that 27 Spears is a bit much. Don't try to get 7 x 4 in there, satisfy yourself with 7x3 + 5 at most.

Yes, yes they're fine as long as they don't get shot at too much. However one pie-plate will ruin the day of those Spears. A simple mortar that's on target will reduce that them to ashes.

Consider that for the price of those 27 Spears you could get close to 19 Phoenix Guard. Fear-causing, 4+ ward saving, badasses. No, you don't get three ranks of pointy stick fun but if you want a reliable anvil they're your guys.

But Spears do well if you support them with Nobles.

Oh, and Lion Chariots cost 10 points more than what you have there.

A Prince is pretty much a requirement for so many troops. That or even an Archmage to cast even more beneficial spells. But the Prince's Ld10 will count for a lot.

You're lacking in ranged potential too, an RBT isn't going to cut it against most things. Oh, and what are your Mages doing exactly? They're not going to get many spells off. I suggest trimming the points and the level upgrade to get a total of 2 dispel scrolls on one Mage. Then give the other mage the Ring of Fury and the Silver Wand. At least you'll draw out their dispel dice.