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Lord Asuryan
17-06-2008, 21:28
I'm coming up to a 2000 point game against lizardmen-fairly unconventional list, looks something like this:
oldblood: cold one, BBoC, Maiming shield, sotek, quetzl?
2 level 2 skink priest, unknown equipment
1 unit of 20 saurus
2 units of 20 sotek saurus
2 units of 10 skinks
1 unit of 5 Saurus Cavalry
4 kroxigors
3 salamanders
scar-vet on cold one, unknown equipment

thought I'd ask for some help-I play Dark Elves, and want to make a good list against this guy, without going on an RBT binge. I'm thinking along the lines of bringing either Morathi or a highborn on black dragon, for mobility, and taking an overall fast list with lots of dark riders, avoiding blocks of infantry-the saurus would slaughter them anyways. oh, and a few CoCs. any ideas? do I have it all wrong? I'm fairly new to dark elves, so any help would be appreciated.

17-06-2008, 22:36
Theh... you could've waited two months longer and you'd have a new armybook :)

What does your opponent have? Ok magic, ok heroes.... slow troops and fast troops. Fast ones are the Skinks and the Kroxigor. Beware: Kroxigors can actually charge through Skinks.
Salamanders are nasty for T3 elves. Their short range, however, should mean you would be able to finish them off pretty quickly.... highbornondragoning them will also help. Overrun guaranteed.
Shoot those skinks down with repeaters. Multiple shot + skirmish penalties would actually mean you hit them on 5+, but you actually wound on 3+. Good thing.
They can hurt, though. A lot.

Get that dragon behind the enemy line - a unit of Saurus (cavalry) surviving a hit in the rear from a dragon? Never!
Especially if you pummel them form the flank, as well. They are sturdyu fighter though, so try to avoid attacking them right forward... except if you have something really heavy hitting. :D

Do not underestimate Skinks, maybe you shoud take care of them in the first place... their multiple shots could really do damage to your lines, and they are fast as hell.

I do not recommend you using any Witches in this fight.
Executionners, however, will do pretty good against pretty anything he can throw against you. You have the advantage against the Krox, too.

So, basically, get rid of the fast things, get behind his lines and eat him.

18-06-2008, 00:51
I wouldn't bother with the chariots. He'll likely have a JSoD with a great weapon on chariot-hunting duty if he considers it likely that you'll bring any.

Shoot the salamanders -- their effective range is about 21" (walking six and then breathing fifteen) and you don't want them shooting. At all.

Try and get Doom and Darkness off on his Saurii before you force that terror check with your dragon. Cold-blooded doesn't help that much at leadership five (or four, if you put it on his kroxigors, although that would only be a fear check).

Lord Asuryan
18-06-2008, 02:28
he wont be taking any strength 7+ weapons, AFAIK.

Oldblood: blade of chotec, maiming shield=strength 5
2 skink priest= strength 3
scar vet on cold one=max strength 6

and not a stegadon in sight. I'll have to look out for kroxies though.

18-06-2008, 17:29
kroxies have strength 7+ weapons. ;)

18-06-2008, 17:31
kroxies have strength 7 weapons. ;)

19-06-2008, 09:45
Believe it or not skinks can do a lot of dmg to a chariots, but he has only 20 skinks so that shoudnt be a problem. Just watch out for kroxies.

19-06-2008, 14:54
Best strat with dark elves is to wait for a new book. :(

His army does look very big for lizzies. He probably doesn't have much equipment.

Currently, the best reptile killer in the DE list is the RBT. 4 should shatter the sarrus cav instantly, and then u can get to work on kroxigor/peppering the sarri down to 19.

Don't bother with any eleat infantry. Sallies will kill them all. Just take units of 25 spears to out CR his shot up sarri.

Lord Asuryan
20-06-2008, 16:14
thanks, I already played the game. opponent surprised me, took thefollowing
oldblood: -1+ save, blade of tzunki (this was a quetzl host)
2 skink priest-one with blood statuette
scar vet with opponents-strike-last thingy
2*24 saurus
2*3 salamander
4*12 skink

I won with the following list (approx)
dragon lord
20 warrior
15 exec
5 Cok
10 DR (in two units)
10 rxbmen
2 RBTs
10 shade

worked out very nicely, got a massacre, but then again it was a mighty empires thing and I got scouts, so was very easy to pull off a refused flank
thanks for the help!