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17-06-2008, 21:52
This is my usual 3000 list:

2nd Gen Slann w/ ASB, diadem of power, plaque of tepok, protection
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ rod of the storm
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ dispel scroll
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ dispel scroll
Scarvet w/ tepok, light armor, shield, greatweapon, jaguar charm

20 Temple guard w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
10 skinks w/ scout
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks

4 kroxigor
6 chameleon skinks

3 salamanders
3 salamanders

Solid with lots of magic. However soon I will be playing in a best two out of three series against empire and I was warned not to use a cheeseball list :wtf: So I came up with this:

Scarvet on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, light armor, shield, burning blade
Scarvet on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, light armor, shield, piranha blade
Scarvet w/ tepok, sotek, light armor, greatweapon, jaguar charm
Skink chief w/ sotek, light armor, shield, cloak of feathers, sword of might
Skink priest w/ diadem of power

20 Saurus w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
10 skinks w/ scout
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks

6 saurus cav w/ banner blessed banner
6 saurus cav w/ banner warbanner
3 Terradons
3 Terradons
6 Chameleon skinks

3 Salamanders

Still solid, but almost no magic.

So which army do you think is best, and do you think the first list is 'cheeseball'?

18-06-2008, 01:52
First One:
Not really cheesy its sort of cheesy but most magic centered lists will be like that . . . so its not to bad.
I'm sorta worried that your army isn't large enough. While magic won't be a problem your army is only a tiny bit larger than my LM list at 2k so you'll probably be badly outnumbered in battle.

Second One:
First thing i am thinking is no lord . . .i'd say kick out a scarvet on cold one and skink chief(right now skink chiefs just are not worth their cost) and get a lord /w wtv you want on him. Put him on either a carnie or a cold one . .
Another thing is you have barely enough magic defence for a 2k army list you might want to get another priest and give him 1-2 dispel scrolls . ..
You could take out a stegadon and replace it with a set of 3 salamanders to get a few extra pts out of the army . . .
The weak pt. is probably the saurus since the rest of ur army has atleast 6in. movement the saurus will be left behind and unable to support the rest of your army

18-06-2008, 13:12
My vote was for least bad rather than best...

Avoiding cheese and crippling yourself are two different things. Apologies if any of the following appears harsh, it is intended to be constructive.

Forget about the second one against empire, your steggies will soon resemble colanders at 3k even with the terries.

COR with a magic banner that isn't huanchi?

3 saurus blocks aren't manouverable and are liable to be shot up before they reach the enemy then detachmented (is that a word?) to bits when they get there. Especially as you are light on screening skinks.

Rod of the storm? Rod of the Storm!!! When you don't have the points to give your scroll caddies two scrolls each or just 1 with 2 scrolls and an additional scarvet or old blood.
If you are going to have that many priests, have you considered using a host army so that you can have more offensive magic from the priests.
And tepok on the JSoD? The JSoD is not really survivable as built, needs quetzl and glyph at minimum and would be better at his job with sotek. If you made him from an old blood you could afford to give him tepok, but he would be better off with the MotOO.

No lords in 2nd list and only 1 in first? Our lords are (or were until the last couple of rule books) some of the best in the game. An old blood JSoD causes nightmares for the opposition. 2 Slann may be cheese but a Slann and an old blood isn't.

And empire complaining about cheese? I take it he won't have any Stanks and only one great cannon with no more than one other war machine...

You also have too few skinks, and what are they armed with?

18-06-2008, 13:29
Why no magic standard on the TG or slann? Add prophesy to the slann and Huanchis to the TG for a VERY powerful shock unit. At 3K points id also put a vet with gleaming pendent in the units, and some skinks in front. With Huanchis u can effectively charge threw the skinks if your opponent gets too close.

23-06-2008, 22:24

I voted for the first list, but I think the 2nd could be stronger.

1) One of the cavalry units should have the huanchi banner.
2) The JSOD should be upgraded to an Oldblood, makes him much more survivable, and the extra magic items and spawnings allow him to do his job better. I also think the Slann list should have an Oldblood in it.
3) The cham skinks should be switched for 10 scouting skinks (savings 20 pts) and one of the saurus blocks should be upgraded to have the +1 armour save spawning. While the other should be reduced to 12 with a champion to be flank protection only.
4) To sure up the magic defense one of the characters should be dropped for a 2nd skink priest with 2 dispel scrolls. My preference would be for with one of the mounted scar vets or the flying skink chief. However this is not essential as you have 5+2 dispel dice with the diadem. If you had a 2nd priest you could drop some of the tepok marks for either the +1 armour save or sotek.
5) Another option to consider would be dropping one of the saurus cav units for a unit of 4 kroxigors, as it's nice to have some more str 7 attacks, particularly on non-characters if you come up against treemen ancients (who normally have nettlings)