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Ironstone Doomhammer
18-06-2008, 03:00
I'm going to be starting a new army in WHFB and I would like the users of warseer to decide upon which army I will choose to play next. I am now a dwarf player but I feel as though they just aren't doing it for me. Although they seem to be a tough army like everyone says, I just cannot seem to do well with them.

I have only been playing a couple months but I just can't seem to do well with them. I have no idea of whether or not it is because we are not following all the rules and there are many things we are missing, we aren't wheeling/charging correctly and therefore making my tactics useless because my opponent can just use his superior speed to run past my short-legged dwarfs (to wheel we measure from the opposite corner of the squad, and move them their normal distance, however usually the angle of the wheel is extremely acute like 10-20 degrees, making it seem like they are turning in place which defeats the purpose of measuring the same distance.)

*phew* Sorry, I sort of still have some uneasy feelings about the way we are doing things. It just doesn't seem right and it seems unrealistic in terms of the game and how aligned it is with the squads and units following realistic squad formations and movement (terrain penalties, line of sight, etc.)

BUT ANYWAY, BACK ON TOPIC. Since I have been getting completely smashed by my friend's skaven AND ogre army, which is most of the time, I figured I might as well start on a new army. Now don't get me wrong, I don't play merely to beat someone, I try to have fun playing warhammer. Hell, it's the main reason I got into the game. However, it seems like the worse and worse you do against someone in a game, it just isn't fun, It's just frustrating because your perfectly executed tactic was thrown out of the window because his ogres turned on a dime and charged on an extremely acute angle and caused 4 impact hits. So, I want to start a new army and maybe the increased magic and movement will be a fun addition.

I just want a fun army to play with so I am starting a poll and would like you guys to choose for me. Now the reason I am limiting the choices is because our group of friends has most of the armies or at least intends to get it. So I don't want to pick duplicates.

So the choices are:
High Elves
Wood Elves
Dark Elves
Warriors of Chaos
Orcs & Goblins

18-06-2008, 03:26
I wouldn't start dark elves with the new book around the cornor (unless you want to wait for it).

I think you might like high elves. pretty fighty and would very different from dwarves. much faster, good fighters and casters.

might like empire also as they have warmachines like dwarfsm still faster and some magic

18-06-2008, 03:45
It depends on your temperament. What do you like to do?

Have you ever played any other war games; were there any options? Did you enjoy hit and run, ambush, wearing down your opponent? Wood Elves are for you.

Did you just want to get into the fight, and aren't too concerned with the results? Orcs and Goblins.

Wanna blast everything in sight? Empire.

Avoid any decision on Dark Elves for the time being.

If you can handle it, and want an army that kicks ass in close combat - Chaos.

High Elves are forgiving and ASF forces your opponent to weigh any decision regarding frontal attacks. They are, however, fragile.

Wait until the Dark Elf AB comes out, before committing yourself. It will probably be worth it. In the meantime, proxy your models and experiment.:)

18-06-2008, 05:32
High Elves: Will take a bit of getting used to having just stopped using dwarfs so take into consideration the things you like about dwarfs before taking high elves.

Wood Elves: same as above.

Dark Elves: same as above, however the new book couldn't be any worse then the current one and they look to be pretty killy in the next edition with universal hatred.

Warriors of Chaos: These are a bit iffy, as the new book might end up being a bit bland.

Empire: Alot of options and are slightly more competitive then dwarfs with a similar playstyle. Might be what you're looking for because they have what it takes to thrash skaven and ogre's without gunnlining.

Orcs & Goblins:always fun to play with and against, can be frustrating when someone says they beat you with tactical brilliance as opposed to you rolling a 6 and wiping out your own unit on that animosity.

EDIT: I voted empire in case you where wondering.

18-06-2008, 12:36
I'll vote for the Warriors of Chaos.

The White Dwarf list isn't too bad and they have a new armybook coming out in November so you won't have to worry about outdated models and an uncompetitive list.

Also, the new Chosen look amazing... trust me ;)

18-06-2008, 13:59
I voted High Elves. I always vote High Elves.

If you weren't into dwarfs, then I think any elf army would be a good choice. Me, I'm partial to the High Elves as you can tailor them heavy infantry, magic, cavalry, shooting, whatever you feel like. A lot of fun.