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18-06-2008, 07:10
I just came up with this list to take down the countless amounts of skaven, orcs, and horde like armies that outnumber me all the time. This lothern sea guard list is my best bet at winning against this one skaven player who is always killing me. He usually runs one unit of plaguemonks, a warp lightning cannon, 2 warlock engineers, ratling guns, and I believe 4-5 clan rat units of 25.

The tactic I need is rolling well against shooting and magic wounds. Hopefully I can panic a unit or two by causing enough wounds to the clan rats. I know from experience against skaven that when the clan rats panic, the ratling guns are screwed, and then leaves the plaguemonks to fight in combat or die on their way there. For the warp lightning cannon, I want to put a solid volley of bolts into that thing and take the crew out ASAP. That cannon destroys my units and the characters in them.

Heres the list:

Archmage: lv 4, ring of fury, annulian crystal (340)
Noble: Reaver Bow, Dragon Armour, Great Weapon (139)
Mage: lv 2, staff of sorcery (175)
Noble: Armour of caledor, guardian phoenix, hand weapon, longbow (145)

Lothern Sea Guard: 16, full command, shields (233)
Lothern Sea Guard: 16, full command, shields (233)
Lothern Sea Guard: 16, full command, shields (233)
Archers: 10 (110)

Shadow Warriors: 5, shadow-walker (92)

x 3 repeater bolt throwers (300)

As for magic, I'm going to have the archmage and the mage take the high lore and hopefully get fury of khaine or flames of the phoenix to burn up those rats to kingdom come. And luckily, if I get Curse of Arrow Attraction, my bolts and arrows will make the game a lot easier to win at.

Any comments or critique is welcome. Thanks.

19-06-2008, 03:12
21 views and no comments? I guess this list is fine.

19-06-2008, 03:28
Umm... that's a lot of LSG. I'm an LSG fan and even I wouldn't take that many but tell us how that goes.

The problem with this set up is that you're lacking the Banner of Sorcery. Even one block of Phoenix Guard can do a good job of hauling that around.

As for the WLC, have you ever tried sacrificing two Great Eagles for it? One charge ought to get rid of the crew, and two Eagles when dispersed can get to the WLC.

Oh and why not a Great Weapon on your AoC/GP Noble? Drop the Shadow Walker for it.

I don't know how this'll do but it could work. Unless he screens with slaves or something.

One suggestion is if you want to go magic heavy try an Archmage and Dragon Mage combo. Get LSG/Archers and 2 RBTs and 2 Eagles as well as a solid core of Elite infantry and some cavalry.

The Eagles can worry the WLC, the Dragon Mage can be on the other flank sowing terror and starting fires. You'd throw his entire line into disarray from panic and terror and from shooting and magic from the main bowline.