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22-04-2005, 08:00
Well, I have to start off by saying that I'm not really into Fantasy at all. I have played 40k for a couple of years now, but have never really touched fantasy.

Until two days ago, when in a weak moment I bought a box of Ogre Bulls and the the Ogre Kingdoms Armybook. I really like the models (the plastic ones that is, not the entire range), so I bought them just to build and paint a couple. I have already started converting them (can't have plain stock models, now can we?), and have found myself thinking about making an army of the fat blokes. So I need some advice.

Basically, what is worth taking, and what isn't? This is first and foremost a modeller's army, i.e. look over effectiveness, but that isn't to say it wouldn't be fun to win a game or two. So what to take? Are many characters good? How much should I tool them? Or are masses of infantry the way to go?

Ok, a short list here. Below are the models which I either like the originals, or I got good conversion ideas for.
* Bulls (love originals)
* Ironguts (love originals)
* Gnoblars (like originals)
* Gnoblar Trappers (absolutely love and adore the models)
* Butchers (hate originals, but have good ideas for conversions)
* Hunter (like original, hate Sabretusks, but I'm thinking about using furry mountain squigs :D )
* Tyrant (hate stock model, but can easily convert one)
* Bruiser (same as Tyrant)
* Maneater (like one of them)
* Gorger (about 50% happy with the original, think I can do a good conversion)

And I hate and have no good ideas for the following.
* Leadbelchers
* Scraplauncher
* Yetees (spelling?)

I think this is about it. I don't have the book with me at the moment, so I may have forgotten some units.

Advice dearly needed, and a sample 2000 point list (this is the standard size, right?) or two would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

22-04-2005, 09:50
I'm going to convert yhetees out of the new plastic rat ogres, plastic wolf's heads and a reasonable ammount of green stuff. Quite possibly gorgers in much the same way.

22-04-2005, 11:52
Here's a list I made, mostly with the models you like. I only played 2 games with my ogres yet, so I don't know if it'll be that good. Anyway, it's a good start.

Bruiser: general, 1 of each gnoblar, heavy armor, cathayan longsword
wyrdstone necklace, wallcrusher, fistful of laurels (in the big bull unit)

butcher: 2 tooth gnoblars, dispel scroll, gnoblar thiefstone (with the ironguts)

hunter: 2 sabertusks, longstrider, rock eye

7 bulls: light armor, ironfist, banner, musician
4 bulls: banner, musician (to kill smaller units/flank charge)
7 ironguts: full command, runemaw banner
24 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
20 gnoblars
8 trappers
8 trappers

1 gorger
2 maneters: both heavy armor, 1 longsword, 1 great weapon

as for the special units, here are some ideas:

you can take lots and lots of barrels for the leadbelchers. Also, use various weapons like a warpfire thrower, an almost complete mortar.

For the scraplauncher, maybe make your own catapult, just keep the rhinox and the gnoblars. Maybe some gnoblars to push or ride the Rhinox.

For the yheetees, I don't really know except rat-ogres conversions.
I bought a ratman from legends or dark heaven or reaper (all 3 are written on the blister). He looks like a yheetee with a huge bone as his club, but only has a ratty face. Change the face and he'd be nice!

22-04-2005, 16:35

'nuff said.

23-04-2005, 14:56
Thanks a bunch guys. I'll look check out the possibility of using Rat Ogres, and I'll check out the Ogre site as well.

Skavenguy, I like that list, have been thinking about something similar, except that you can't have more Gnoblar Fighter units than Bulls.

Again, thanks a bunch. Cheers.

24-04-2005, 01:10
I wasn't sure and thought it must be all core ogres. I was too lazy to check. Just take more gnoblars in the other units then :D
Lots and lots of small greenies... LOTS

07-05-2005, 23:04
I`d modify the list skaven posted a bit... Skip the ironfists and light armor and just take extra handweapons; the save will next to never be worth it and it costs so much... Skip champs on the ogre units. Take units of 4-5 ogres, do not take large units, as they can be easily avoided, and concentrated fire will take those out. Taking 3 units of 4 Bulls with xhw, standard and bellower would make you able to take 3x20 gnoblars aswell, and since they are so nice... You`d want that. Try to take 2x4 guts aswell, instead of the big unit.

Otherwise it could work, based on the stated models of your liking. I can`t live without leadbelchers, but I guess others can....