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25-10-2005, 14:51
My friend just sent me his first battle report: Enjoy

Grakham was unusually greedy and covetous, even for a dwarf. When the slayer captain Ungrim Foebane had warned him that the taint of Chaos laid heavy on the old Dwarven mines on the edge of the Cursed Wood, he ignored the warning and brought his expedition right to the center of the mining complex, and set up camp in early summer. Numerous envoys from the Slayer captain went unheeded, and Grakham delved deeper into the mines in search of ancient artifacts to bring back to the hold. It was more then status, power or wealth that drove him, it almost seemed to those closest to him, that Grakham Deepseeker was answering a call deep within the complex, a call that whispered faintly on the consciousness of the captains, mining crews and guards alike….For rumor had it that the dwarves who worked this mine were driven mad by a malignant Chaos taint deep within the depths of the ground, and had long ago abandoned the mines to wander north, a band of Chaos Dwarves in service of one of the Four Great Gods of Chaos.

Finally, Ungrim had enough. He would lead a host of his Slayers to confront Grakham directly, for if the fool would not listen to reason, he had no choice but to remove him from this dangerous place by force! Half way to the site, A bloodied and nearly-dead slayer envoy stumbled back into Ungrim’s camp. “My lord…Grakham Deepseeker would not listen…and he attacked me most dishonorably in the back as I left…it was then that I saw the mark of Nurgle on his dagger hand!”

“Go…die with honor.” Ungrim said, as his envoy died. Turning to his officers, he replied with growing anger, “It is bad enough that a good Dawi who has taken the Oath has died in my arms in such a disgraceful way, but now we see that Grakham has already been exposed to the Chaos taint that lies below those accursed mines! It is only a matter of time before his entire host is infected. We must put an end to them before the madness of Chaos takes them completely, and sets them loose upon our lands. We must fight our own distant kin today, but there is honor in it aplenty, and opportunity for glorious death!” At the last word, a cheer went up among his forces, and they pressed onward towards Grakham’s camp…

Grakham was aware of their approach. Already the taint of Nurgle had infected his soul. A Solitary eye had grown on his left hand, the same hand which moved almost uncontrollably to kill the Slayer envoy he had spoken with earlier that night…almost…. Nurgle spoke to him in his head, a pulsating mass too gruesome to fully comprehend in the conscious mind. “Defend this mine from the oncoming Slayer hoard.”

“It will be difficult my lord. They outnumber us, and they bring the Goblin Hewer.”

“There is no place by my side for snivelers and excuse makers. Defend what is mine, and die in my favor, or disobey me and feel the torment of my many gifts….” With that, Grakham ordered his guard to assemble outside the Eastern tunnel, where the slayer host approached…
Army Lists

Slayer Army:

Ungrim Foebane, Dragonslayer, Great weapon, Deathblow

12 Trollslayers, 1 Giantslayer Champion + Standard, two hand weapons

12 Brotherhood of Grimnor, full command (1 Champion), Master Rune of Grimnor, two hand weapons

1 Doomseeker (Fingol Deathfinger)

1 Doomseeker (Ulgran Ironbones)

Goblin Hewer, Malakai (engineer), 2 slayer crew

Dwarf Army:

Graknam Deepseeker, Thane, Light Armor, MR Gromril + Rune Resistance

15 Warriors, Heavy Armor + Shield, Full Command,

12 Hammerers, heavy armor, great weapons, hand weapons, Full Command

10 Thunderers, Champion

Cannon, 3 Crew (light armor), Rune of Forging

The Dwarf Army deploys with the Thunderers digging in behind the stone wall. To their right flank are Grakham and his bodyguard of Hammerers, facing in towards the Slayer line. To the left flank on the adjacent hill, the cannon overlooks the field, and to it’s left, the unit of Warriors anchors the line.

The Slayers Army Deploys in a staggered line with Slayer unit on left, one rank, and doomseekers Fingol and Ulgran behind. Fingol is on the extreme left and Ulgran on the extreme right edge of slayer line. To their right, the Goblin Hewer deploys behind the center hill, blocking line of site from Thunderers, and to the machine’s right, the Brotherhood unit in three ranks, with Ungrim at the head of the unit.

Turn 1 - Slayers
The Slayer Army surges forward, eager for battle. The slayers on the left flank traverse the open field between them and the imposing Thunderers, who load their potent firearms in disciplined fashion, their captain readying them to fire. The Doomseekers move up with the slayers, Fingol so eager that he had to be restrained by the Slayers ahead of him, Ulgran, a tough old dwarf and veteran of many battles a bit less impetuous. “Today, me lads, I feel in me bones the calling of Grimnor. I have seen a vision of glorious death, and he will gather me to his breast today, mark ye me words.”

Over on the extreme right flank, bolstered by the presence of Ungrim, the brotherhood surges forward at a pace even the spindly Elves would have surprised at, nearly clearing the hill at the battlefield’s center

Malakai makes a final adjustment and with a grim chuckle sends the deadly axes flying from the Goblin hewer. His reputation for deadly first salvos is earned once more, as somehow he threads a line-of-site through the advancing Slayers and the entrenched Thunderers, to the Hammerers, who have just formed up. Grakham, his back to the Hewer as he musters his unit, feels the whoosh of air as a volley of hand axes whiz past him, seven striking the men of his regiment. 4 fall dead instantly. The ferocity and speed of the attack shocks even these battle-hardened troops and despite Grakham’s angry bellow to “Stand your ground!” the dwarves begin to flee.

Turn 1 – Dwarves
The Warriors on the far left flank observe the elite Hammerer unit fleeing, and the captain realizes the central Slayer line is now quickly approaching Slayer line faces an unsupported small Thunderer unit guarding the mine. The captain orders his dwarves forward and they wheel to their right, in an attempted to bring them into a defensive posture in support of the guns. They see the threat to their own flank, and can only hope the powerful Dwarven cannon on the slopes above and behind them can deal with that threat. Meanwhile, amazingly, the Hammerers continue their flight away from the field (I failed two leadership tests at LD 9!), with Grakham’s attempts to bring order to his unit in vain. Once they reach the center mine shaft he knows he can get this unit back in shape, but his heart sinks at the knowledge that they will not return to the battle in time to be a factor. The young beardlings of the Thunderer and Warrior regiment must somehow hold the line against the ferocity of the Slayer throng.

Back on the field, the cannon crew fires at the Brotherhood of Grimnor unit that just came around the central hill. The crew had been oriented at the Slayer main line, and hastily pivoted and fired at this new threat, but the haste of their readjustment resulted in the shot going long.

Below them on the right, the Thunderers take careful aim, their training kicking in and forestalling the fear caused by the sudden vacancy of their leader. The captain orders “fire!” and the fierce crackle of gunfire erupts, followed by a blistering black powder cloud. When the clouds clear, 5 Slayers lie dead. The Thunderers cheer, only to see the slayers marching closer, unphased, and wonder at their enemy’s bravery.


25-10-2005, 14:52
Turn 2 – Slayers
On the Slayer left flank, the main line continues to press ahead towards the Dwarven handgunners, the doomseekers Fingol and Ulgran now equidistant from the slayers to their front. The slayer line closes rank, filling the gaps in the line caused by the withering gunfire a moment ago, exposing the Doomseekers on their outer back edge.

Fingol grins at the anticipation of the battle ahead and begins to whirl his axes in reckless abandon. But it is Ulgran who sees the cannon on the high hill before him, now in plain view, and a strange sense of destiny engulfs him.

On the right flank, Ungrim’s Brotherhood has cleared the hill and begun to swing in to their left, closing the distance between the two flanks caused by the interposing hill. Ungrim urges his lads forward, “Come on me lads, the battle is ahead and I wants me share o’ the killing!”

Malakai lets fly another volley from his Hewer, this time at the only clear target he has left, the entrenched Dwarven gun line in front of the mineshaft. The stone wall conceals the gunners too well, and in aiming for their heads the machine shoots high, missing the unit.
Turn 2 – Dwarves
The Warriors on the Dwarven left flank see the flurry of axes sail just inches over the heads of the entrenched gunners and realize for the first time what caused their leader and Hammerers to flee the field, the hill at the center of the field having obscured the hewer from their view. The captain had heard tales of the dreaded Goblin Hewer machine and it’s equally dangerous inventor, and he reluctantly abandons the plan to support the flank of the thunderer line. “Those shooters are on their own, boys…if we move out into the open to help them, that damned hewer will send us all to Grugni!” The captain spits in disgust. “Let us look to defend our own flanks, Grimnor help us! About….FACE!” With the command, the dwarves quickly reform in the direction of the oncoming Brotherhood, bravely determined to hold against the more experienced and battled-hardened foe.

The Thunderers take aim and fire into the oncoming slayers again, but there is a bright flash from the banner of the Brotherhood unit! The light seems to reflects off of the belt buckles and axe heads of the Slayers who were shot at. Only one Slayer falls dead. The Thunderer captain mutters grimly, “Damned Rune of Grimnor, the Slayer rune of protection. Our guns will be hard pressed to put the pain on through it!”

The cannon on the hill takes careful aim at the Brotherhood unit, only to be blinded by the flash from the Runic banner it carries, at the moment of charge ignition, causing the fuse to be lit prematurely. “She’ll blow in the barrel!” yells the artillery captain, as his mate quickly pulls the still-lit fuse from the cannon. “Damn, we’ll need to re-work the fuse!” yells the captain, as the crew sets about resetting the charge.

Turn 3 – Slayers
Ungrim suddenly bellows the order, “Chaaarge!”, and all Slayer units on the field begin to run madly into battle. The Thunderers stand and shoot at the oncoming slayer hoard, and two more slayers go down, again aided by the Rune of Grimnor on the Brotherhood standard, leaving 4 slayers left, closing for hand-to-hand combat.

On the depleted Slayer line’s left, Fingol barely makes his charge to the stone wall protecting the gunners, his whirling axes clanging harmlessly off of the stones, sending sparks, the dwarf gunners drawing back from the deadly display (** I am unsure if the rules for hard cover (6’s to hit) or the “Whirlwind of death” rule for doomseekers takes precedence here. We rolled for it and got the hard cover rule**).

Ulgran is not so fortunate, and slows to a trot, axes whirring and song of destruction that cannot find a target. He realizes his line has left him and engaged the enemy gunners, leaving him exposed to the cannon on the hill, which slowly rotates it’s sights on him, and he smiles, saying a prayer of thanks to Grimnor to die at the hands of so powerful a weapon.

Ungrim and the Brotherhood smash into the line of warriors. Ungrim bellows his challenge and the Warrior captain bravely accepts, and is instantly cut down by the hail of blows from Ungrim’s battle axe. The Brotherhood dispose of two more warriors. The remaining warriors attack back and cut down a Brotherhood slayer. The Brotherhood and Ungrim clearly are winning the combat, but the brave warriors hold against seemingly insurmountable odds, and Ungrim nods and grins in respect during a momentary respite in combat, wiping his bloodied axes in his beard. “After all, they are dawi, like us!”, he then orders slayers to wrap around the flanks of the beleaguered warrior unit.

Fortunately for the Thunderers, the wall protects them from most of the blows from the Slayers assaulting them, and all blows, which reach over the wall, are turned away by armor. The gunners cannot wound any Slayers though, and the result of the combat is a draw.
Turn 3 – Dwarves

From high atop the hill, the Cannon sites down at the Slayer Doomseeker, who seams to have lost interest in the combat unfolding around him as he whirls his deadly axe chains in a kind of salute to the cannon crew, making no attempt to avoid their oncoming shot. “Brave fool,” mutters the cannon captain, just at the instant the cannon fires. When the smoke clears, there is nothing left of Ulgran Ironbones but a bloody smear, the cannon shot having disintegrated his body and sent his spirit on to the afterlife.

The Warriors valiantly fight on, but are overwhelmed by the number and quality of the Brotherhood, lead by Ungrim. Without their captain, the loose 5 more men, and only kill another single Brotherhood. They break and run, only to be caught by their pursuers and scattered. Ungrim looks up to see the shadow of the cannon on the hill above, loading grapeshot into the barrel with grim determination to avenge their fallen brothers.

The combat rages between the Thunderers and the remaining slayers and Doomseeker. Once again the wall protects the dwarfs from the whirling axes of Fingol, but the Slayer captain manages to squeeze into the gateway of the wall and get in some good swings, felling two defenders. In return, the Gunner captain kills a slayer with a pistol shot to the brain. The result of combat is a Slayer victory. The gunners hold their line, but are pushed back slightly from the wall as the slayers climb over and onto it, and the gunners realize there will be no more protection from it.

Turn 4 – Slayers
Ungrim attempts to maneuver his unit between the hill with the cannon looking over them and the west edge of the stone wall being defended by the Thunderers, in order to flank them, but soon realizes the space is too narrow and must stop as his unit clips the fence, Cursing as he turns to see the cannon sighting down at him and his unit, a perfect grapeshot target.

Fingol, now free of the wall, laughs with battle lust as his whirling blades are brought to bear on the Thunderers, who put up a brave defense with their shields. Three of them charge at him, only to be cut to pieces. The slayers hack at their enemy, dispatching more. The Thunderers have lost nearly half their numbers, but fight back, cutting down another Slayer (leaving two, the captain and the standard bearer). The result is another Slayer victory, and this time, the Thunderer captain, seeing the Brotherhood closing on his left flank unopposed, orders a full retreat. The Slayers cannot catch the fleeing Thunderers, but Fingol is in the throes of his battle lust and catches the fleeing unit at the mouth of the mine shaft, cutting off the retreat and forcing the survivors deep into the mines, not to be seen again on this battlefield.
Turn 4 – Dwarves
The cannon crew, seeing the remaining dwarves in full retreat, grimly hold their high ground and prepare the grapeshot blast in defense of their brethren. “Fire!” screams the artillery captain, and a withering blast engulfs the Brotherhood unit, Taking 6 of the tattooed slayers to their graves, despite the protection of the Runic Banner (** 10 hits, 4 ward saves **). Again, the cannon crew notes with grim certainty that shots that would have induced in normal enemies screaming jelly-kneed panic, are shrugged off by these fierce berserkers as if swatting flies. Quickly taking advantage of the confusion below, the Artillery crew rolls the cannon down the backside of the hill and into the thick cover of trees. “To the mining camp…Curse this ill-fated expedition!” muttered the captain…

************************************************** **********************

Slayer Army points: 815
Dwarven Army points : 265

A Slayer Major Victory!

Jim Reaper
25-10-2005, 16:01
Good battle report!

I once played a game of Slayers vs Dwarfs, it was an absolute blood bath. My Dwarfs were fairly shooty heavy in that game, so most of the slayers were killed before they reached combat, then the rest mowed a bloody streak through the Dwarfs.

After six turns there were two stone thrower crew members on my side, whilst my opponent had a single dragon slayer on one wound.

25-10-2005, 16:49

Master Rune of Grimnir cannot be taken by the Brotherhood of Grimnir.

For some reason, GW ruled that this can only be taken by a BSB (Point 1, the Dwarf Army Book,
Master Runes are placed on the Battle Standard...; point 2 Storm of Chaos FaQ confirms this).

Criticisms aside, that looks good. Keep working like that and I think you'll be good to help with Oracle when it's back.

25-10-2005, 22:07
Hey I just posted what was sent to me. Like I said my friend wanted to try a report since I always do them. He was introducing a new player, so he let the new guy play the slayers and he played the dwarfs.

I think it was very well done.

26-10-2005, 22:02
Like I say the reports good - just that it's the second army within a couple of months thats made the same mistake... kind of gets frustrating when that happens.

27-10-2005, 21:19
Yea I know. I told my dwarf player about it, but he must have forgot.

I'll remind him again.


27-10-2005, 23:58
rules facilitate and impliment the game.....but arent alway as important as the fun gained from the exp....cool report!

28-10-2005, 13:34
Yes, but breaking the rules can make the battle report more one sided.