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19-06-2008, 12:36
So this is the 1st Empire Army I've Built and this is pretty much every fig I have so while I appreciate the critique unless I think it's within my monetary ability I wont be changing the list. What I would appreciate even more than telling me what I need to change (while I'd like to hear that too) I want to know what kind of strategy you folks think would do well with this list. What flanks to put what where; etc... Thanks!

-Lords & Heroes-

Arch Lector (General)
Warhorse, Barding, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Icon of Magnus, Mace of Helstrum

Warrior Priest
Warhorse, Barding, Heavy Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Shroud of Magnus

Captain of the Empire
Full Plate Armor, Shield, Doomfire Ring

Battle Wizard
LvL 2, Rod of Power, Power Stone, Lore of Light


20 Swordsmen
Musician, Banner
-Detachment 9 Crossbowmen
-Detachment 9 Handgunners

20 Flagellants

5 Knights
Full Command, Lances, Magic Banner (Standard of Arcane Warding)

5 Knights
Full Command, Great Weapons


2 Great Cannons


5 Pistoliers


Hellblaster Volleygun

Steam Tank
Total Points : 2250 Exactly
Total Models : 95
Power Dice : 4
Dispel Dice : 6

So quick layout of plan. The priests join knight units, arch lector being in the lance unit and regular being in the hammer knights to make best use of hatred. Lance knights are fearless with banner of MR 2 while hammer knights although not fearless still get MR 2 from the priest giving both units survivability enough to make it to combat. These will be on flanks.

Wizard is lore of light because I'm anticipating the grand turnout of VC and damons that I know will be coming.

Swordsmen and flagellants come up middle while the xbows and handguns lay cover fire.

Cannons and Mortars explain themselves.

Hellblaster will probably sit on whichever flank the swordsmen are on to shoot in case (uh I mean when) that unit breaks as it's only 20 strong. (Yes I'm aware it should be bigger.)

Steam tank... I'm not certain what to do with this yet; I'm contemplating just driving it right up the middle between the swordsmen and the flaggelants. Of course assuming there will be a bloodthirster there the tank will probably be the primest target on the table. Hopefully my cannons kill it first.

24-06-2008, 20:52
It's too small for an Empire army imho.

Perhaps consider spending less points on artillery and your characters in order for more infantry, you can probably afford to lose a cannon. Greatswords are always a good option! You may also want to think more about spearman instead of swordsman, you seem to like your shooting phase and they are much more suited to a gunline kind of tactic.

Have you thought about maybe only concentrating on defensive magic in favour of more troops? Especially if you expect lots of magic heavy VC and daemon armies.

Saying this, I dont play Empire and just felt sorry that no one had commented! From a wood elf players POV, I'd worry about the mortars, helblaster and pistoliers but thats about it. Massive amounts of cheap infantry backed up by lots of detachments and greatswords with minimal magic and the odd helblaster. Thats the kind of empire army I dont like to see, so that's probably what I'd field if I played empire. I hate to see a steamtank though so good choice there!!

*sorry if i've not been helpful.

24-06-2008, 22:32
Just my opinions here. I always think in term of roles and tactics. So:

I usually might object the Wizard, but with the Rod you maybe saving dice to dispell or cast in further phases, so maybe for defensive purposes he is OK. IŽd maybe keep him Lvl 1 and give him 2 dispel scrolls, but then youŽll be weakening your own casting phase, so I have mixed feelings for him.

Why is the captain here for? what is his role? IŽd easily drop him for another priest, but read further for possible captain role in here.

As above mentioned, to few base units, and IMHO Flaggies should not be considered for this, as they are bound to be drawn off-position due to their frenzy. You need more Swordsmen/Spearmen units.

As currently composed, your army will be extremely troubled by armies that are either fast (fliers and fast cav will counteract your artillery pretty fast) or have big units (as your shock cavalry may not be able to eat through their higher initial CR).

Maybe more core foot units, smaller fanatic units (IŽd split it in 2, since they count as Core in your army) to tarpit enemies for a single turn (Cav must be charging by the 2nd round on those enemies stuck with you). Greatswords are also great, specially with a Priest in them.

Maybe also keep the captain as BSB. What about Lutor Huss?

Btw, thanks for posting yours, as will be base for next! Here is mine, maybe IŽll change it later on...

Arch Lector of Sigmar
Heavy Armour; Warhorse, Enchanted Shield, Icon of Magnus, The Mace of Helstrum

Luthor Huss

Warrior Priest of Sigmar (W/Greatswords)
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour, Shroud of Magnus

Battle Wizard (...u better put him in a unit)
Magic Level 2, Power Stone, Rod of Power

19 Swordsmen // Full CMD Light Armour & Shield
+10 Detachment - Handgunners
+10 Detachment - Halberdiers

14 Greatswords // Full CMD

15 Flagellant Warbands

5 Knightly Orders // Full CMD, Standard of Arcane Warding

5 Knightly Orders // Full CMD, Great Weapons

5 Pistoliers

Great Cannon


Steam Tank

Casting Pool: 4
Dispel Pool: 7
Models in Army: 98
Total Army Cost: 2247