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20-06-2008, 01:54
I have a 2000 opt game against my brother coming up, he is playing wood elves...
he usually brings either a tree heavy army, with treeman ancient, treekin, and a bunch of dryads, and mebe 2 units of wardancers,...
or a more elfey army with eternal guard, glade guard, wardancers, and just a few dryad units...
he also ALWAYS bring an alter kindred/HoDA GW character...

so i wrote 2 lists...one for each possible army he might take...
let me know which i should bring and changes i might make...

List 1


Black orc boss
-HA,shield,kickin boots

Night gob shaman
-staff of stealin

Orcs, 19
-full command,big unz, extra choppas, butchery banner
(blorc boss here)

night goblins, 24
-2 fanatics, full command, spears
(gob shaman here)

orc archers, 12

spider riders, 8

Black Orcs, 18
-full command, waaagh banner
(gorbad here)

Black orcs, 15
-full command

orc boar chariot, 3 crew
orc boar chariot, 2 crew

Doom Diver
Doom Diver

List 2

Orc Great Shaman
-level 4, boar, staff of baduumm, best boss hat

orc shaman
-level 2, waaagh paint, martogs basha, powerstone

night gob shaman
-level 2, 3 mushrooms, hitty ring boundspell

Orcs, 25
-full command, extra choppas
(great shaman here)

orcs, 19
-full command, extra choppas
(orc shaman here)

night gobs, 25
-full command, spears, nets, 3 fanatics
(night gob shaman here)

night gobs, 25
-full command, spears, nets, 3 fanatics

spider riders, 5
wolf riders, 5

Orc Boar Chariot, 3 crew
Orc Boar Chariot, 3 crew

Doom Diver

there it is...let me know what you think

20-06-2008, 15:58

aeon flux
20-06-2008, 17:01
i've played against orks and gobbs many times and i know those spider riders are worthless. they die too easily. If he takes glade guard he'll destroy them on turn 1! Of course, the poison could prove instrumental against a treeman, provided the goblins pass their terror test and charge it (unlikelly).
I like the first list better, because of gorbad ironclaw, but I'd max up on fanatics per unit and would drop the 2 doom divers. I'd also drop the orc archers, which won't do any miracles for you and take another unit of night gobbos (at least 30 strong with 3 fanatics).
my 2 cents

21-06-2008, 16:59
good point on the spider riders...
they prove real good for protecting flanks nd taking flanks as well...maybe ill make bigger unit...

W A L 5 H Y
21-06-2008, 23:29
hey wood elves will hate playing orcs! Because there so tough and strong in combat! which elves arnt! The goblins are only good for the fanatics and there not to reliable! If he is going to take a forest spirit army your gonna need a lot of tough orcs in huge numbers sacrafice ur lord for a hero to try and get as much infantry as you can get maybe 80 orcs and some fast cavaly to try and hit the archers that will no doubt keep there distace message me for strats against wood elves m8! I use them LMAO so inside info lol