View Full Version : 2250 vampire test list... 8 PD

20-06-2008, 03:35
let me know what you think...

Vampire lord, forbidden lore (lore of beasts), red fury, summon ghouls, flayed hauberk, black periapt, gem of blood, helm o commandment

thrall, ghouls kin, summon ghouls, book of arkhan

necro, corpse cart, 2 power stones, vanhels... cart has unholy lodestone

wight lord, mounted barded steed, sword of kings, cursed book

18 ghouls w champ

18 ghouls w champ

17 ghouls with champ

corpse cart with unholy lodestone

23 grave guard, full command, banner o barrows

7 fell bats

4 cairn wraiths and 1 banshee

comes out to 7-8 pd... 6 dd... and is a total of 2249...