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The Red Scourge
20-06-2008, 08:10
Just thought I'd give a dual treeman list a try. Here goes:


Lvl 4 Lore of Life, Wand of Wych Elm.

Lvl 1, Cluster of Radiants

Lvl 2, Calaingors Staff

Battle Standard Bearer
Dont know about the upgrades on this one, but I'm open to suggestions : )


2 x 10 Glade Guard
2 x 8 Dryads

1 x 3 Warhawk Riders
1 x 7 Wardancers

2 x 1 Treeman

This should come to just about 2K

W A L 5 H Y
21-06-2008, 23:23
yh all good m8 i use wood elves aswell but the two treemen isnt as good as you would aspect! Because there large targets a shooty army like dwarfs or empire will be able to do damage! I would scrap one or maybe both of the treemen and maybe get more men make more dryads? take anothe 10 archers (giving you 30 arrows a turn with wood elves!!) also take some expendable fast cavelry! like your glade riders all elve armies shoud use 2 5 men units of fast cavelry because there uses are limitless! when you master how to use fast cavalry ull be able to beat less experienced players uses - Getting behind the line, Flank or rear support for your well skilled units (by breaking ranks and gettin more numbers in there!) hitting war machines! and som many more GET CREATIVE!!

Hope i helped!!

28-06-2008, 22:40
i personally liek the 2 treeman idea as i put one on each flank with drayds backing them up. i feel this army is rather small however. as for the battle standard a favourite of mine is the royal standard of arial then give the bsb light armour and the blight of terrors (as it now states on gs eratta that he can :-D ) as this now means he causes terror, unit he joins causes fear, all units within 12" get magic res 1, plus i usually stuff him in unit of 20+ eternal guard, meaning ld8 stubborn, fear causin magic res 2 fightin ranks of elves always fun lol plus this is usually a safe haven for a mage, with this combo in mind you may consider lore of beasts as it gives you some magic missiles and of course bears anger wether it be on herself or the bsb

W A L 5 H Y
29-06-2008, 00:13
Yh your right Bazzal its tooo small for a 2000pts game

Eternal Guardian
01-07-2008, 00:28
ok drop the battel standard, and then give some dispell scrolls out, for a singing forest id make two level 1 spell singers and then use the special character branchwraith (whos name escapes me at this moment) as your lords and hereos id then put in 2 treeman as you wanted this gives u enough tree singing and lore of athel loren to sink a boat, if you need more casting power use lvl 2's, make sure u give them full points for gear i find one for casting the other for dispelling. Eg one with 1 dispell scroll and then a divination orb the other with powerstones or something like this. the for core units 3 squads of 10 dryads and 2 squads of 10 glade guard, give the branch nymph upgrade to two squads of dryads and make the branchwraith character join the other then two squads of 8 wardancers with the full kit for them musician and blade singer, then the 3 warahwks. this takes you to about 2325 points with the lvl 2 spell singers though so its more a 2500points which you may not want and at this pint for 2500 id go for one more squad of warhawks for tying up units and the add and extra wardancer into each squad
making it 2481 then u have a few points left over for whatever.