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13-01-2007, 20:58
*duck-tapes down dial on computer*

im tuned in, and im not chenging till ive seen what it is! :D

i think its a raptor, (to be wild :) ) and that the legs thing represent their extra speed.

static grass
13-01-2007, 21:45
A spawn of tzeentch? whats that a firewyrm?

A neutral shade of black.
13-01-2007, 22:19
Ooh, glad to see this is still going on, Exo. :D

14-01-2007, 15:19
Here is the picture of the finished chosen, I now have the full 6 man squad done. Yay! I will take a squad shot in the coming week.


And another angle - would you take a gun-duel with this guy?


And another WIP shot of the mysterious model - who will be my daemon prince Sharnigoth. Captain Ardias was on the track, although the model will not get daemonic speed, but wings. Anyways, here he is:


Red Skullz
14-01-2007, 15:34
Long time no comment (sorry bout that exo).

Some great stuff going here still, I can`t for the life of me understand how you manage to come up with new, totally different and kick ass conversions all the time exo!!

Oh and that DPs looking like he`s gonna be something truly special :)


Captain Ardias
14-01-2007, 18:45
Looks good exo, I'm looking forward to seeing him completed.:)

15-01-2007, 14:37
Very original looking DP, i'm interested to see what you do with him

15-01-2007, 18:28
Excellent work. Really diggin the termie, looking foreward to more.

22-01-2007, 03:42
Only managed to skim through this thread, but amazing conversion and painting, ExoCowboy. Continue the great work.

22-01-2007, 05:42
I'm loving the termies.

Your green stuff skill has improved heaps since you started the thread. I can't wait for the DP to be finished.

22-01-2007, 05:48
Thanks. I am glad that my GS skills have improved, as I did my first green stuffings in my life at the start of this thread. Had been good practice!

I will try to finish the DP in the nearish future, then speed up a squad of marines and hopefully some day do the predator and a bloodletter-pack I have been neglecting for so long. Other projects just keep distracting me, I have just started to paint (and repaint) my Empire army.. so that means yet another project log.

22-01-2007, 06:33
That demon prince has a "daemonhost" sort of feel to it, thats pretty cool. Ive never really liked that every demonhost is gigantic, so I dig yours.

20-02-2007, 05:46
*add some H.P.Lovecraftian tone* "It isn't dead which can eternal lie..."

The WB's are back, and ready to wreak some sweet havoc. A tournament is coming, so it is time to let other logs have a break, and make some new squads to play with. I need some more marines (maybe 2 x 5 models), so here is a first WIP shot of them:


Stay tuned!

Hideous Loon
20-02-2007, 08:23
Good call using that oldschool Chaos Warrior head, Exo. It looks oddly fitting, and makes the armour look archaic. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these, you're really good at painting Word Bearers.

28-02-2007, 18:15
A small update from me to show that I am still alive :). So, for the Helsinki Fanatic -tournament, I am making an infiltrating marine squad, here is a current state of the 2 first models:


This squad gets different (black) shoulderpads to show their elite nature of infiltrating. Only the black parts, tidying and detailing left to do. Hope you like!

28-02-2007, 18:31
Nice stuff you got there! I like how you use the red and green on your models, it just fits...

11-03-2007, 19:08
As the Fanatic Helsinki gets closer, models have to be painted. Here are 2 marines for an infiltrating marine squad I am making:



They are a bit shiny due to the varnish, and the second one's eyes look weird from this angle. Anyways, they should look nice enough on the table :)

Also check out my New and Improved website http://cultofcowboys.net

11-03-2007, 20:11
I will second on the comment above...

12-03-2007, 12:59
Good to see the WBs getting some much needed attention. Will you be working on the deamon prince for the tournament?

15-03-2007, 07:46
Good to see the WBs getting some much needed attention. Will you be working on the deamon prince for the tournament?

No, the daemon prince will be left aside from this tournament - he is still too WIP for me to get him finished until the end of the month.

I have been making a new website, please check it out at the address http://cultofcowboys.net . And feel free to add it into your favourites :D. There should be quite regular updates with more models (all my armies) and a blog to show that I am really progressing with my stuff.

Also I have been adding some thinned brown ink onto the metals of my WB's to make them look a bit better (I hope to get some votes at the best painted army at Fanatic, although I am not even hoping of winning), and also a bit better highlights on the black. Nothing too fancy, but can give the extra edge I need. New pics will follow as I take them.

Stay tuned!

19-03-2007, 05:43

The 3rd marine of the squad. I have put some more effort on the metals - brown ink does wonders, I say! Also, the black has been highlighted a bit more. Hope you like!

And yes, there is some black on the horn, needs tidying up.

:( My thread has become very quiet..

Captain Brown
19-03-2007, 05:56
:( My thread has become very quiet..

That is because there are so many cool threads to post on.

Really nice detail work on the knee pads and the scroll work. Wish I could be that neat with my eight-pointed stars. :)

How much time do you have left?


Easy E
19-03-2007, 06:20
Keep this project log rolling!

Looks great. I love the helmet on the most recent marine.

I am jealous of your free handing skills.

P.S. More Warthirsters please.

19-03-2007, 06:35
I just caught this thread, and am pleasantly surprised. I have always been a fan of the word bearers after seeing their fluff and you sir do them justice. The blue blades look awesome, as well as the claws on the early possessed marine with the mordheim head. I don't know if you intended/noticed/changed this and mentioned it somewhere in the thread that I missed, but it seemed that you left two of the points out on the chaos star adorning the leg of your dark apostle (i.e. you missed on of the lines). If this is intentional, ignore this :D

19-03-2007, 14:22
I don't know if you intended/noticed/changed this and mentioned it somewhere in the thread that I missed, but it seemed that you left two of the points out on the chaos star adorning the leg of your dark apostle (i.e. you missed on of the lines). If this is intentional, ignore this :D

No, I do not ignore it :). As you can see it on the knee of the latest marine, there are other chaos-stars that are not complete - this is intentional. This is meant to show that the force sees the chaos as incomplete, unfinished, which they are crusading for to change.

So, as chaos and chaos gods are incomplete = some of the chaos stars are also incomplete.

Weird, huh? :D WB's can have some crazy beliefs.

19-03-2007, 14:29
As I mentioned in the painting support thread - I love the freehand scriptwork, and the freehand in general for that matter.

As a guy who likes to personalise his own army, I have to say that yours is top notch. Unique, cohesive and really well painted...

Love it...

19-03-2007, 14:37
:( My thread has become very quiet..

I guess, that is because you have reached a very good standard for your minis, so everything people can say, is already said. So it is for me, but nevertheless it is still very nice to see, that somebody does such a good and constant work on his army.

19-03-2007, 14:46
I like the fluff behind the incomplete star. Consider yourself off the hook, for now!

20-03-2007, 13:41
If you are planning to use any more of the old chaos warrior heads, I found their slightly tipped back positioning works well with the running berzerker bodies. Oh, and the inked metals are a big improvement

20-03-2007, 14:27
Very nice, love the extreme highlighting.
I think I'll try that on my next batch of marines too....:cool:

26-03-2007, 08:41
Yeah, I have finished the models I need for the coming Fanatic -tournament next weekend. First, here is a lascannon:



And the plasmagunner:


For the oldest models I have given a slight highlight on the blacks and some brown ink into metals. Hope they look even better now (and that I dont screw them up!). I will take some pics of them, hopefully people will like my army at the tournament voting :)

26-03-2007, 14:49
The newest two look great as usual, best of luck at the tournament, I'm sure you'll be rolling in the votes :D

- Salvage

26-03-2007, 14:57
I like the variation on the SM dev, the marauder head and the banner look very good. The termie headswap looks great on the plasmagunner, and I like the lighting effect on the plasma gun

26-03-2007, 15:18
I love the colors here.

26-03-2007, 15:34
I was going to ask when these guys were popping up - I always enjoy looking at your word bearers. Whats next on the list and is there any chance we could get a group shot?

26-03-2007, 16:24
Must..worship..exo..must..paint..own chaos.. *gribbly mumbling*

26-03-2007, 16:36
One more vote for a group shot!!

26-03-2007, 16:39

They look good!I love the plasma gunner,the head is excellent and the lightning effect is great!

Is the lascannon a metal or plastic ?

27-03-2007, 17:37
It is metal, old loyalist devastator that is.

At the moment I have been adding slight highlights to black and brown ink to metals (over varnish), and I even felt that I was ruining the models. But no, they look even better, so new pics of all the models will come into my homesite and here when all is said and done. Check my homesite at my signature.

Next I will either make a predator I was converting many months ago, another marine squad, daemon prince or bloodletters. It would be the bletters, but I have lost my models!! Which is kinda weird, I know.

But a group shot will follow, at least from the army at the tournie this weekend, and then the whole motley crew later.

Stay tuned!

27-03-2007, 18:15
they are fantastic Exo! the freehand on the shoulderguards is particularly impressive.
i love you're chaos :D


28-03-2007, 12:53
These two look great, the extra work inking the metals really pays off. Good luck at the tournament, and hopefully the army will continue after

28-03-2007, 18:26
Simply superb. I was a bit dubious of your more cartoon style of painting but they have turned out perfectly. Keep at it!
Aflo (Adam)

28-03-2007, 18:31
Love the vibrant colors and the conversions. Typically I include at least one piece of constructive criticism in my posts, but I can't think of any here except to keep working on that Daemon Prince!

Captain Brown
28-03-2007, 18:33
The amount of work you put into every Chaos Marine is fantastic...like the new website to with its story lines that have started about their eternal war with the Imperium.

Great project.


28-03-2007, 21:43
I'd love to see a full-force shot of these guys. I'm sure they look awesome together.

28-03-2007, 22:51
At the moment I have been adding slight highlights to black and brown ink to metals (over varnish), and I even felt that I was ruining the models. But no, they look even better, ...

What did I say?;)

Good to hear that your WB are well on their way to the finish. It's great to see how much character you put into every single miniature; especially the heads/helmets are very inspired (my favorites lately: The lasgunner and the plasmagunner). GW has to produce a colour named "Exo Purple" at some point.

Just keep working and never fear the next layer!;)

29-03-2007, 01:53
I just looked through 40 pages of some of the most inspiring stuff. I'm doing a Black Legion/vanilla chaos army and had to comment how much I love what you are doing. The "cat eye" theem is fantastic and the conversions are wonderous. I love that terminator icon beaer of your, brilliant work. I'm so ready to get to work on my chaos army now instead of just working on the daemon prince.

Easy E
30-03-2007, 09:37
Warthirsters! Warthirsters! Warthirsters!

I like your website. I wish I had the skills to do something like that for my armies.

01-04-2007, 16:32
Did the warthirsters ever get a complete unit?

01-04-2007, 16:35
It is nice to hear that I may act an inspiration for fellow painters. Keep up painting and enjoy it - it has taken me something like over 1,5 years to get the army into the state it is now, but I dont regret one bit of it :).

But some big news. I was in Fanatic Helsinki this weekend, the tournie went well: before the last round I was 5th (having lost to dark angels, won 2 IW armies, and also one Iron Hands -army), and could have made it 3rd if I had won the last game. I lost, but ended up being 7th out of 36 or 38 players (thanks to a very high painting score). I am satisfied, and the army worked well. In one game against IW the dread destroyed 2 predators and a basilisk with an autocannon, in another game it destroyed 2 dreads, a land speeder and a whirlwind - thank god I dropped the termies out and took the dread, GUO and indirect fire for defiler. Speaking of which, in another IW game it shot an enemy defiler and a predator with battlecannon. The possessed also got some nice kills, like a 3-wound biker librarian, an IW deamon prince and a IW lieutenant.

But the biggest surprise was that I won the Best Army -voting (I was one of the six nominees for it). Feels good after spending all those hours into the army, including the last week and friday night for making some final conversions to get WYSIWYG points. For example the Apostle got a new weapon, a daemonic speed and meltabombs.

I took some pics of the army, stay tuned, you will see them in a couple of days!

01-04-2007, 16:39
Did the warthirsters ever get a complete unit?

No, I am one lazy bastardo :D. Nah, just kidding, I will make the unit 15 strong in the future, and then another, and some tanks, some mutants, spawn...

But I feel those FB Empire models making some sad faces towards me, and I might make some of them to have some well-earned break from the WB's. But the break wont last, and some nice new additions will come into this log sooner than later :)

edit: oops, sorry about the double post. But yay, the log has over 800 posts, ofcourse not as much as the epic Deadley -thread, but still growing nicely.

01-04-2007, 16:44
Where are those pics you promised? I can't wait to see them. ;)

02-04-2007, 16:44
Well done Exo! I think I forgot to congratulate you at the tournie for the best army. All I can say: you earned it.

Keep at it!

What do you think, will you be attending the one in Helsinki next year too?

04-04-2007, 18:50
Thanks Ventris. Next year, I will be there again!

I have the armypic from the tournie here (1750pts, 400pts or so missing from the whole project at the moment). A big picture, not very sharp, but hope you like.

I linked it out from here, as it is so big.


Hope you like!

04-04-2007, 20:08
The army looks great on the table, no wonder you nabbed Best Army :D

Well done at the tournament, and I'm glad your dread and possessed hit the table and got to maul things up. Looking forward to more of your stuff, be it Empire pansies or more 'Bearers.

- Salvage

11-04-2007, 06:14
I have been painting a predator, the turret is about finished (still needs some tidying on the white-painted details, which there is a huge amount of - wait and be surprised when you see a pic, it will be some serious pimpin' of the good old predator), and the hull is waiting for some attention. I also found my bloodletters (which have been lost for over a year), which will get a new painting in a while.

My Stirlanders are also waiting to get some paint on, but do not worry, the Shakra'Goan Warthirsters will get some new additions also in the nearish future.. at least I will do my best!

Dark Apostle197
11-04-2007, 06:51
Why haven't I seen this log sooner! I love Word Bearers. After only seeing the first 3 pages I am going to have to see everything! lol So 38 pages to go :)

Dark Apostle197
11-04-2007, 07:12
Sorry for the double post... Finished it. Some really really nice stuff. Keep it up.

11-04-2007, 11:55
interesting - is the predator devoted to any of the gods, or undivided?

11-04-2007, 18:26
To all gods, or undivided. There are symbols from all 4 gods on it. I try to get a pic tomorrow of the turret, I am finishing it at the moment.

11-04-2007, 21:28
Great as always exo. Keep up the amazing painting/modeling. The group shot really does the army more justice.

11-04-2007, 21:40
I like the group shot a lot. Papa Nurgle must be proud!

12-04-2007, 04:55
Thanks again for your kind words!

Here is a pic of the predator turret I promised. Very pimped-up, but fits with the other WB's I think.


Now, off to paint the hull and some bloodletters...

Dark Apostle197
12-04-2007, 04:56
Is that a tongue coming out of it? :) Looks good.

12-04-2007, 04:59
I like the turret a lot... I'm definitely a sucker for clean freehand

12-04-2007, 18:43
Hey, looking good. That's gonna be quite a tank when it's finished, hope to see it soon

15-04-2007, 18:31
I have almost finished the first of the new bloodletters. Here is a picture:


I went for the look of lava/brimstone -skin, burning etc. I think it looks very daemonic, although it became more red than I had first visioned. The base got an Ultramarine helmet, as in tournaments you get more painting points with detailed bases, something my army has been lacking.. I will add some details on the existing models too.

Hope you like it, I think the model turned out very nice :) Some finished pics should come tomorrow!

15-04-2007, 18:56
Great work on these, one of the first posts I look at and I'm never disappointed!

15-04-2007, 19:40
Very cool, it does have a daemonic look about it. It's quite a departure from your usual style though, how does it look next to the WBs?

Hideous Loon
15-04-2007, 19:45
I think it looks groovy. In fact, Daemons shouldn't look like the belong to the parent army, they should look like a ragged bunch of misfits, with only the base to tell that they're part of the original army.

15-04-2007, 20:52
The Blood letter looks great, although I must say I expected more conversion from you exo. I figured some beast men made into deamons was what you would go for, but you already own the models, so it is a fantastic idea non-the-less. Looking great, can't wait to see a squad of these guys finished.

15-04-2007, 21:12
These are really nice guys you've converted and well painted ta boot. Good luck with what ever else you got. Oh and do you have any other and more finishe pics of youre daemon prince by chance?

15-04-2007, 21:51
I think the bloodletter looks fantastic. The volcanic daemon flesh looks sweet.

Screaming Evil
16-04-2007, 00:11
I've finally made it through this thread and i must say your work is amazing!

Particularly the chosen converted from Abbadon and the paint scheme on the Bloodletters. The possessed at the start also rocked! Well done on your results in the torniment and keep up the damn fine work! :D

P.S. You've actually inspired me to get up off my ass and get working on my Night Lords :eek:


16-04-2007, 04:42
The Blood letter looks great, although I must say I expected more conversion from you exo. I figured some beast men made into deamons was what you would go for, but you already own the models, so it is a fantastic idea non-the-less. Looking great, can't wait to see a squad of these guys finished.

I would have converted them from plastic beastmen, if I did not already had the models. Now, as an economic option, I use what I have :).

Nice that you like the model, I will try to finish him soon and also start 2 more. Some WIP action from them will follow some time.

About my daemon prince, he has not been progressing - so much to convert in him, lots of GS'ing, but do not worry... some day he will be done, too!

And finally, it is always great to hear that I might have been an inspiration for fellow gamers to get their models done :)

23-04-2007, 10:44
I am currently on a vacation, and have plenty of time to paint. Here is a picture of first 4 bletters I just got finished, and I hope to get the rest 4 done in a couple of days.

Hope you like them!


Now, off to paint some more ->

23-04-2007, 11:08
God yes, very scary!

23-04-2007, 11:21
They look great, very daemonesque :)

23-04-2007, 11:24
Very, very nice job.
I love the glowiness, truly deamonic!

23-04-2007, 12:18
Those look AWESOME. I feel like the axe on the 'letter on the far right needs a little more highlioghting though. Either way, I like the way the purple stands out but still works for the models. It does a good job tying them in with the rest of your army as well.

Easy E
23-04-2007, 15:55
The purple and green let me know that these are Exo-Cowboy paint jobs. I'm envious of your distinctive style.

The skin looks really nice on these as well.

23-04-2007, 16:47
Wow, those are really nice. Good job man.

brother alinski
23-04-2007, 16:53
hay keep up the good work btw could you do a group shot of all world bearers so far in there respective squads, that would be ace

23-04-2007, 20:45
Damn u, now youve made me go buy bloodletters ;D

24-04-2007, 07:42
hey amn ,read your thread over two days (if i didn't have work i woulda done it in one) still lovely army man. I love the skin tones on your marines, the green eyes, love the possessed. Man just love it all, awesome

24-04-2007, 14:06
These are looking really good (although the axe on the far right looks like it could do with another highlight?) Do you have any plans for the predator after these?

25-04-2007, 04:44
Thanks for all the encouragement, feels nice to get positive comments. Two more bloodletters done, here is a blurry pic of the current squad. 2 more to go, should get them done today or tomorrow.


And yes, after that I should get into that predator again :). Now, off to paint!

25-04-2007, 04:52
The Blood Letters you paint are in all ways a better paint job than GW! I thought blood letters were goofy before now.

25-04-2007, 09:53
Those Blood letters look very dangerous. Great colour-scheme!

25-04-2007, 20:52
I'm really impressed, not only do you bloodletters look great, but you're getting really fast at painting them too

27-04-2007, 09:38
I just finished adding new and better pictures from all my finished WB's into my homepage. Please take a look:


Some entirely new stuff, like the lord's new look, all chosens, all bletters..

the groupshot should come there in a few days I hope.

Comments about the models and the pages are most welcome.

27-04-2007, 09:48
I think my favorite is the cyclopean autocannon-toting havoc. My only complaint is that I feel the Dark Apostle could use a more brutal, unique-looking weapon, in order to be in line with the unique crozius..

27-04-2007, 12:59
I still love the chosen and the great unclean one. Everything is superbly painted.

27-04-2007, 18:06
Nice to see the site get some pics of the army up, and they are some nice pics. It's great to see the squads all complete and in one place, you should be very proud :D

Also, looking through these new pics makes me remember how much I love your dread. Just really fantastic, and your commentary about supervillians sealed in tanks and used as shocktroops is right on the money. The hockey mask and crushing claw are nice too :skull:

Oh, just one thing, the page is titled "Unknown Document." I'm guessing there was a more suitable / evil name you had in mind but forget to update the <Title> bit.

- Salvage

28-04-2007, 12:39
great to see the update on your site, the group shot will have to be huge i would think, that quite the army you've got now. how many points does it total?

Easy E
28-04-2007, 13:23
I'm sad that your DE aren't on the site anymore.

Not to beat a dead horse...but where are the Warthirsters on that page?

28-04-2007, 17:17
@Easy E: I will take better pics of all my armies eventually, after I make them look nice for the picture-taking (that means some touching-ups for the metals and covering the bits where paint has flaked off). So, expect to see DE's there shortly, then my Ultras, IG, orks, eldar (in that order propably) - and of course, the Warthirsters before many others (I hope to finally get that first unit into the strength of 15 that is currently needed to field the unit as a compulsory -choice). It is nice that you keep on staying on their side :D

@Endemion: my estimation is about 2300pts at the moment, without Warthirsters that is..

@Boss_Salvage: oh yeah, I forgot about that. Should make the title proper monday when I have some time to do more stuff (unless I get some time before that :)).

Anyways nice that you all like the pages, they should become a place that shows all my projects.

30-04-2007, 06:09
Here is the promised armyshot. I left it as a link, otherwise it might bring out the dreaded scrollbar of doom:


It can also be found from my website, and I now added the "title" into it also.

And my army finally got a name! Behold the 6th Sect Company of Arch-Daemonarch Sharnigoth! (I wanted to separate the company from normal, secular companies, and I hope "sect" fits there nicely. And to-be Daemon Prince got himself a brand new title that fuses the arch-daemon with monarch. Cool? Maybe.)

30-04-2007, 11:16
Looking wicked exo, love the whole army!

30-04-2007, 11:30
Ohh very pretty looking Blood Letters very nice.

30-04-2007, 14:01
That group shot looks AWESOME. Sorry to be completely out of it, but what exactly are these warthirsters that keep getting mentioned?

30-04-2007, 16:27
The warthirsters are the start of exo's latd force.

On that subject, have you seen the new WFB empire flagelants exo? Could be a source of interesting bits for the 'thirsters, especially as you also collect empire. There are some cool looking heads and weapons that may fit well

12-05-2007, 10:30
Endemion I will get me those flagellants to make some cultist and/or more warthirsters :)

And everyone, be warned - there has been some major converting here in this quiet time. Something you will seen soonish, in a couple of days I hope (WIP that is). Something big and nice, a real thing of beauty in my opinion. If you liked the possessed and GUO, I think you will be some happy campers when I get this conversion and sculpting done. So, dont hold your breath but stay tuned!

13-05-2007, 09:44
Sculpting in the style of the possessed? sounds interesting.

By the way, had you noticed that in your gallery, the flesh hounds are described as plaugebearers?

13-05-2007, 09:51
This sounds great, ExoCowboy. I can't wait to see the results.

13-05-2007, 16:21
By the way, had you noticed that in your gallery, the flesh hounds are described as plaugebearers?

Thanks for bringing that up! My copy-pasting of certain blocks backfired, I would have noticed that... I will change that soonish.

Tomorrow you'll see them WIP shots I promised..

14-05-2007, 04:43
So, the model I have been talking about is...

Daemonarch Sharnigoth, the Daemon Prince of my WB's.

Lots of GS'ing done, a lot still to do. The head is the part I am most proud of (it havent yet been glued on), it is a carnifex head with a defiler helmet added. Anyways, here is a pic:


Remember it is still WIP, some major detailing should be added.

14-05-2007, 06:49
Got a shot of the WHOLE army yet?

14-05-2007, 08:12
Here is the promised armyshot. I left it as a link, otherwise it might bring out the dreaded scrollbar of doom:

Got a shot of the WHOLE army yet?It's on the same page of the thread, you know.

14-05-2007, 19:16
Woooooooo! Weird and wonderful demon, look forward to seeing more work on 'im, especially his arms and armaments :evilgrin:

- Salvage

14-05-2007, 19:41
The bloodletters are fantastic and look really scary! Like the bodywork on the deamon too.

When Black Roses Bloom
03-09-2007, 09:29
We missed you Exo... :cries:

27-09-2007, 07:25
"Visions of torment haunt the dreams of hippies." :confused: <- teh confused hippie

"Volcanoes start to crumple and frighten little furry animals that live in nice little nests around them." :eek: <- teh frightened little furry animal

"The spring comes straight after the fall (the season, not the eldary one), and winter goes like WTF!?!?" :wtf: <- teh winter

"...and Exo bought the new chaos 'dex only to see that he has about 1998 points to play with, if he repaints his old spawn and one more marine - currently his mighty army consists of only 1 (one that is) legal troops -choice." :cheese: <- teh cheese

The painting table is infested with ratmen of all sizes and types. Yet he cannot resist the call: the reign of chaos is at hand! You have heard the signs.

Stay tuned, you good folk! Something is coming for you soonish.

27-09-2007, 15:43
Excellent! This is a great log, and I definitely want to see more. Any plans for what models to add?

27-09-2007, 15:52
Yessss! Glad to see this thread revived.

27-09-2007, 17:05
As crappy as C:CSM nerfing parts of peoples' armies is, it does get them making new stuff (if they don't quit straight up :P). Adding defiler, rhino, 2 CSM & a Prince to get my army back to 1500 ...

... and definitely wondering what EXO has in store!

- Salvage

28-09-2007, 00:10
Sounds good! have you finished your DP Sharnigoth?

Also keep in mind that Codex: Daemons may yet allow you to field mutants to represent your cultists, and of course Daemons!

28-09-2007, 09:20
Don't you dare to abandon your Ratmen now! If you don't keep up the pace in that other log, verbal insults (in a constructive and creative manner) shall rain upon you!;)

On the other hand....this DP looks quite neat....hmm....

17-10-2007, 07:46
So the WB army is back! First, I have 3 new WB marines, quite basic, but some testing for example on the basing of one of the models.


But also something a bit surprising. I have wanted for a long time to make a unit of IW, and now the new codex seems to support the armies with units from different legions/chapters.. so I thought, what the heck, lets try it. Metallics have always been difficult for me, but I am proud the model turned out. Also the yellow gave me a chance to test foundation yellow paint for my Stirland-army :)


hope you like!

17-10-2007, 08:26
Glad to see this live again :)

The IW is nice, although I don't like the purplish tinge on the legs (maybe just camera effect).
Love the chevrons, the yellow is just right and the lines tight and very neat.

But enough IW, I want more WB 's !!!!!! :D

17-10-2007, 11:32
Cool, nice to see the log active again. Good work on the chevrons on that IW, they are something I always struggled with.

17-10-2007, 11:51
Hooray, my favorit thread is back :D
Nice minis, as always!

17-10-2007, 14:14
Welcome back.

Inspiring stuff as always.

17-10-2007, 15:43
The iron in that warrior <3

17-10-2007, 16:39
Excellent to see this plog up and running again:)

30-10-2007, 07:03
More WB's will follow in the army, do not worry, but currently I am getting me more points (apocalypse, anyone?) by painting some Iron Warrior allies.

Here is the latest finished model:


Next 3, including the champ, should get done in a day or three. Stay tuned.

(and I will play my first apocalypse match in a 1,5 weeks; I will also get that second WB marine-squad in a 10-man strong unit until that)

30-10-2007, 07:10
I know you've got a lot to work on, but it'd be a shame to pass up the chance to do some minor conversions while working on models as characterful as the Iron Warriors. Are we going to see any minor bionics, knight-style helms, or pointless-grabby-backpack doohickeys?

What you have so far looks great - continuing to be the spitting image of the style I'd want my Chaos Marines to be (if I ever got around to ANOTHER army!).


30-10-2007, 07:56
I love this thread! Great work, keep going!

30-10-2007, 12:01
@Pekel: wait until you see the unit's champion and one of the marines; they have Iron Hands -bionic legs and also the champ has a nice looking hammer-fist-bionic-super-arm.

And I promise that Sharnigoth will finally be finished.. soonish. (+ that predator I started many months ago. + Shak'ra Goan Warthirsters, the feral traitors of muchos badassness)

30-10-2007, 21:44
I was wondering where this plog went...great stuff, love it.

31-10-2007, 08:47
Here are a couple of new guys, WB champ and a basic IW.


I have also done 2 more IW:s, only bases need finishing and some varnish also needed. Pics of them will be added friday.

31-10-2007, 09:23
im really impressed with these, how do you get the colours on the IW's hair, it looks awesome!

01-11-2007, 19:53
Oh, I totally forgot!

Happy 2-year birthday (I am a bit late) to my project log. Hey, that is THE longest-running log around here :D

Tomorrow to celebrate that I will post pics of 2 more IW.

Captain Ardias
01-11-2007, 20:40
Great to see this thread's up and going again. And as always great stuff you got there exo. Btw hows that deamon prince of yours coming along?

01-11-2007, 22:20
Hey they're back at last. IW eh? kind of unexpected.

Really like the three standard marines, just really well painted

02-11-2007, 09:50
Yay, more IW done, the squad is now legal to play with!


So there is a champ with a looted storm bolter (twinbolter) and a bionic hammer-arm (power fist). Both have bionic legs also :)

Hope you like!

And that daemon prince will get some attention soonish :)

Easy E
02-11-2007, 11:35
Oh, I totally forgot!

Happy 2-year birthday (I am a bit late) to my project log. Hey, that is THE longest-running log around here :D

Tomorrow to celebrate that I will post pics of 2 more IW.

Not as long as my Armored Comapny blog, but I haven't put out nearly the same level of high quality work as you. Kudos.

Iron Warriors! Why, they're not even followers of the true faith!?! Your War-Thristers are disappointed that they are being treated second fiddle compared to these scum.

That being said, keep up the nice work. What do you need for your Apoc upgrade?

02-11-2007, 11:51
Easy E, I really thought that I wasnt beaten, but yet you proved me wrong . Good that you corrected me :cool:

edit: You beat me only with one week! :D

Iron Warriors had been for a long something I really liked fluffwise, but they had a bad reputation in the previous codex. Now in the new codex they are just basic marines, and as the new fluff seems to encourage warbands of different legions + renegades, I thought that I can easily make my army bigger for apoc and enjoy painting more colours that just red. Also their cynic and bitter attitude contrasts nicely with the zealous WB's.

But really, do not worry. I already started to paint my predator (I made the turret a long time ago, but now I will have the whole thingie done in a week or two I hope; I just do not know whether to give it las or bolter sponsons..), then the daemon prince will get its share and ofcourse the Warthirsters will come and bash everyone to pieces :). And loot some imperial vehicles to fight with..

So my apoc army will need these units done, then a rhino, second predator, dreadnought, some spawn, plaguemarines, a unit of raptors, some bikers, maybe zerkers (+kharn) and noise marines. And a baneblade, knight-titan and lots of traitors and mutants.

Lots of stuff to do :evilgrin:

02-11-2007, 12:25
Too few comments in here!

I think it's cool you're doing up some IW to join the fun, and I don't think you could have picked a legion scheme that stands out so well from all those Word Bearers :D

The chevrons and purple hair are particularly nice, and I like the kitbash on the hammer hand - that's an ammo hopper from something, right? Or can I just not tell from the pic angle? ;)

My favorite two things on this page however are the powerfist on the wordbearer - DAMN is that powery 'glow' nice - and the little skull on the IW AC's knee. Actually, make that three things, as the eyes on all the IW are very effective too.

- Salvage

bram kuijpers
02-11-2007, 12:41
nice painting exo.

just a few things:

the skin, imo its a bit to healthy looking for chaos marines that wen in the warp.

the leather, it looks good just a bit ''fresh from the box'' maybe a bit of taint could make it look evil?

as for the red guy, the robes look good but imo the sign looks a bitt out of place since its on the robes and the shoulder pad.

anyhowz for the rest its painted very good especialy the yellow stripes.

03-11-2007, 09:59
Is that all the IW you will be doing? And do we get a group shot?

Really like the hammer/power fist, but somehow the strap on the storm bolter doesn't seem right - too bright maybe?

05-11-2007, 14:38
Man, I really dig that hammer-arm on the IW champ, that's too cool. That looks like the ammo-hopper from the loyalist terminator asscan, Boss. Could be wrong, though.

06-11-2007, 05:11
Yep, that sure is assault cannon hopper, I wasnt sure before you pointed that out :)

Here is a pic of the final marine for the second squad, converted from macragge marine:


I have also repainted ja -converted the terminator-champ Angra to be a terminator sorcerer in the new dex. You will see him soonish, too.

06-11-2007, 06:25
Very nice, only that seall seems a little out of place on a chaos dude.

06-11-2007, 06:42
Crikey, amazing work mate! Love how you modified the BoM marine. What is your red recipe?

06-11-2007, 10:25
hey a maccie marine, they are always great

love your silver for ur IW, and the hammer arm looks sweet....although I keep thinking that when he gets into combat hammertime starts playing.....

06-11-2007, 11:07
Very nice, only that seall seems a little out of place on a chaos dude.

It's an impurity seal ;)

I like what you've done, So are you going to make your iron warriors army the antithesis of your WB army, as in, since your WB are balanced and abit shooty, are you going to make your IW assualt orientated?

06-11-2007, 15:36
Quite a few of the older chaos models had seals on them.

15-11-2007, 06:30
I think most of the people heard that there was a school-shooting -incident here in Finland a bit over a week ago. Well, it was in my old school and there were lots of people I know over there, and I still live in that same town. So, I haven't really been on a mood to paint, but thankfully now life is getting back to normal.

So, here is a pic of a termi-sorcerer. I was a little bit confused what to do with my termies, as I had 6 of them, with 2 reaper autocannons. After some thinking, I decided to make Angra, the old sorc-champ, as a real sorcerer, and to reconvert another of the reapers (one made from abaddon) to have a bit smaller gun and to act as a champion. Here is a pic of the new Angra:


And also, I played a game of apocalypse with my friends, with my models. All are painted by me, except necrons which I bought painted (I will repaint them some day). 5200pts per side, it was a nice game to play, although the table was a bit smallish for a game this size.

Here is a pic after deployment. After this the "good guys" put a minefield between our forces, which really slowed us down.


And a pic later in the game. Eldar used flank march asset to bring 3 falcons to our flank, but thankfully they did not do too much damage, only destroying the chaos dread.


The game ended in a draw, with 3 objectives on each side after 4 turns. The last turn really favours expensive skimmers, which can easily snatch and contest objectives.. this case it was the falcons which were very good in this. Fun game!

15-11-2007, 16:40
Angra is .. .. COOL!
Very nice stuff, and lovin' the "batrep" pics ;)

12-03-2008, 08:14
Time to do some more stuff for my chaos army. I am going to do a squad of plaguemarines to give me some more options than just basic marines. Here is a wip-shot of the first of them:


I am thinking of painting them as corrupted Ultramarines, what do you think?

12-03-2008, 08:19
Love the pustles and helm greenstuff work. Also the idea of corrupted ultramarines sounds fun as you usually see just a gunky green for death guard.
The word bearers you have done have some nice conversions in them and you can see an improvement as this log has progressed. A real nice army keep it up..


12-03-2008, 12:19
Converted plaguer = :D

The corrupted Ultra idea could be very cool, would really stand out against all the red bearers.

- Salvage

12-03-2008, 15:05
Corrupted Ultramarines........yes please!:D What a sweet concept.
The GS work you have done on the test figure is awesome! If they are going to be corrupted Ultramarines you could have alot of fun painting-wise. Where you have Nurgle conversions, GSed details and mutations you could paint the areas with a Nurgle theme and then fade/feather it into an Ultramarine paint scheme. Sort of like the corruption is slowly taking over them, the same way rust takes over a derelict car. For some emphasis you could have lines of `nurgle colours` (greens, browns, bieges, etc etc) coming out of the nurgle painted areas, like the contagion is spreading. From those lines of colour you could paint little offshots (sort of like how a tree grows). I`m subscribing to this thread!

Death Korp
12-03-2008, 16:04
Very nice stuff! I really like the BatRep though, thats real nice :)

Sorry to hear about the shootings though, hope everythings ok :)


Col. Wales
12-03-2008, 17:09
Hope everythings ok and your friends were safe. Nice work.

19-03-2008, 05:59
Corrupted Ultramarines........yes please!:D What a sweet concept.
The GS work you have done on the test figure is awesome! If they are going to be corrupted Ultramarines you could have alot of fun painting-wise. Where you have Nurgle conversions, GSed details and mutations you could paint the areas with a Nurgle theme and then fade/feather it into an Ultramarine paint scheme. Sort of like the corruption is slowly taking over them, the same way rust takes over a derelict car. For some emphasis you could have lines of `nurgle colours` (greens, browns, bieges, etc etc) coming out of the nurgle painted areas, like the contagion is spreading. From those lines of colour you could paint little offshots (sort of like how a tree grows). I`m subscribing to this thread!

You mean like this?:



So I finished the first model, and also the next one is already converted. Next month I am attending to a fanatic -tournament, which means I have to paint that daemon prince I think, but this squad will also progress all the time :)

Brother-Captain De Angele
19-03-2008, 06:42
Yes! i finally have read this entire log it took me like 30 minutes but it was worth it! because your stuff is totally bitchin'! cant wait to see more of that daemon prince! did i mention all your stuff is bitchin'?:D
De Angele.:eek:

19-03-2008, 07:37
i like the effecton the plague marine - and the blue base colour is very interesting. dont think ive ever seen that before. makes a cool change.

question though: are they plague marines or death guard?

19-03-2008, 12:03
Ahhhhah! Fantastic plague marine, I like that you've made clear he really was an Ultra before the buboes set in :evilgrin:

Looking forward to the whole lot of them ;)

- Salvage

02-04-2008, 05:19
@synapse: they are plague marines. Death Guard is only of the legions, and as you see these guys come from Ultramarine -chapter. Ruleswise these are plague marines, not chaos marines with MoNurgle.

I have finished some more stuff. Here are some pics, first the champion (fallen apothecary), I think it is one of the best models I have ever done:


And then the squad at the moment:


I am currently preparing my army for a Fanatic -tournament at Helsinki at the end of the month... still lots of stuff to do: predator, land raider, 3 plaguemarines and a daemon prince. I hope I get all done!

02-04-2008, 07:24
Those Plague Marines are really cool! Very good idea! Keep it up!

02-04-2008, 07:38

07-04-2008, 16:04
Managed to paint me a predator:




Hope you likes. And damnation, this log is only 4 stars nowadays :confused:

07-04-2008, 16:24
Didn't say it earlier, but love the Ultraplaguemarine squad, only funny thing to me is how much lighter the AC's head is compared to the others. I figured you might have just made him stand out more against his fellows?

The pred is excellent, really dig all the high contrast green eyes AND how you put the stars around them. Great work and good to see your chaos expanding as well.

- Salvage

Easy E
07-04-2008, 16:44
I love the eye as headlight. Great idea.

07-04-2008, 17:52
Didn't say it earlier, but love the Ultraplaguemarine squad, only funny thing to me is how much lighter the AC's head is compared to the others. I figured you might have just made him stand out more against his fellows?

The champ has no helmet on, only his streched skin showing and the tube going to his mutated mouth :). But paintingwise I wanted him to stand out :cool:

The Convincer
08-04-2008, 08:05
Hi Exocowboy.

I really like your new plague ultramarines. There's nothing a word bearer likes to see more
than the corruption of our arch enemies!

I've been following your project for a while & you've been a great inspiration for my own word bearers. Keep up the great work!

08-04-2008, 17:48
Love the spikes thrusting through the front of that Predator, very well executed. Wasn't very sure about the plaguesmurfs at first, but seeing the squad together, I'm a fan. Hope you play an Ultra player at the tourney, that'd be priceless.

15-04-2008, 05:38
My painting journey into Helsinki Fanatic -tournie continues, and I finally (with over a year in the making...) finished my daemon prince, the Arch-Daemonarch of the 6th Sect-Company of the Word Bearers -legion, Sharnigoth:




Hope you like! I personally think that he/she/it looks much better IRL, and that it is the best model I have ever done :).

Some virtual cookies and major fame for he who knows all the bits used into the model.

15-04-2008, 06:36

Daemon prince = Awsum win! :D

15-04-2008, 07:02
that is mighty pretty! I love the mutated feel, and the buzz saw arm staff is jawsome.

15-04-2008, 07:11
Is it just me, or do the gods really REALLY LOVE that guy so much they spammed him with gifts...

FANTASTIC WORK i say, really top notch!

15-04-2008, 08:30
Amazing Daemon Prince!

Mr Feral
15-04-2008, 08:59
I see parts from:
Defiler helmet
Ork Dreadnaught buzzsaw
Abbadon's Talon of Horus
Flamer of Tzeentch

Looking good ExoCowboy!

15-04-2008, 12:32

Happy to see this beast at last Exo, great work on him/her/it. Love the buzzsaw on the staff, nice little techy bit tossed in. Purple robes nicely off set the demonicly :wtf: of the grey body and such.

As to your best model ... I'm still partial to the dread :D

I see parts from:
Defiler helmet
Ork Dreadnaught buzzsaw
Abbadon's Talon of Horus
Flamer of Tzeentch

Also carnifex for the head.

- Salvage

16-04-2008, 04:06
Thanks all for kind words, and of course nice job for recognising the bits. One of them was hidden: the lower torso is in fact the body of tyranid red terror, but it has so much GS on, that it is not very easy to find beneath ;)

And yeah, I forgot, gameswise the model has been Marked by All Gods, which works as Mark of Tzeentch - making it a bit harder to kill and also giving more psychic power.

16-04-2008, 05:00
Glad to see my vote bumped this back up to a 5-star log. :)

Rich purple looks great on the robes, though to be honest I wonder if the robes shouldn't have been red and the mouthparts purple instead. Still great to see this guy done!

21-04-2008, 18:04
Some quick update, I finished 3 more plaguemarines:



So the squad is now 8 strong, after the tournie next weekend I will make 2 more to get them full 10.

Stay tuned!

21-04-2008, 18:19
Wicked group of rotters, quite the crew. Good luck with the tourny, what's your list look like?

- Salvage

Mr Feral
21-04-2008, 19:06

The defiled Ultramarine iconography is very executed in particular, but everything is great anyway!

15-06-2008, 17:13
The Word Bearers are awesome, but dang... those Plague Marines are beyond awesome! Great idea, great painting... this thread has proved to be very inspiring (that's why I am gonna subscribe) - and I still got a few boxes of Chaos Marines laying around, your stuff really makes me want to rip 'em all open and build crazy warpstuff - yes yes!

03-07-2008, 22:47
thats one freaky daemon! just the way they should be! great stuff!

20-09-2008, 17:08
Not really Word Bearers, but their mortal enemies: Ultramarines!


I am (re)making my marine-army as the new codex is coming out, so here are first 5 of normal marines. Hope you like! Currently I am also making some terminators, so soon I should have nice armies to fight with (so my friends who dont own their own models can visit me and have a nicee game ;)).

More pics later.

20-09-2008, 17:14
now thats a tzeenchian daemon! very very cool! the mutations are very cool

and those smurfs rock! great brushwork on those!

20-09-2008, 23:27
Nice gold, it looks very realistic

21-09-2008, 04:04
Woah, I'd thought this plog was dead. Nice smurfs. Now bring on more of Lorgar's finest! *g*

14-11-2008, 15:27
Hello again everyone.

I am changing this Word Bearers -log of mine to a general 40k -log for all my painting expeditions (and also stopping all the other To X and Back -logs I have done for various armies and continue updating them all here).

Hope you like the idea!

And to continue with the Ultra's I posted last time, here is Captain Agemman of the Ultramarines 1st Company, converted with help of 2 left handed lightning claws (from marine commander -box) to have one in each hand. That meant some GS -work, but it went well I think :). Here is a pic:


13-02-2009, 10:22
After a long time, I have finally taken some more pics of my models. Yet, I have been quite productive, so I do hope that I can take more pics soon(ish).

First, a librarian for my Ultras:


And then something I am quite proud of, Captain Sicarius. The model is converted from the captain of the black reach -box, with a headswap (and GSed headpiece), plasma pistol and a more heroic pose. Hope you like!


13-02-2009, 12:14
Exo is back!
Black reach captain conversion is excellent, new pose and pistol make it look like a completely different model from the front.

18-02-2009, 04:50
Hey Exo!

Haven't commented on your stuff for a long while now. I actually should have expected your Ultras to make a return after the new codex was released. ;)

The Terminator looks great. The glowy effect (which I often critisize) actually looks good on this guy eventhough the combination of green sheen and orange eyes is extravagant at least. But it works very well so I won't complain about it.

Captain in power armour looks nice too. You did the gold, as it's currently fashionable on Ultras, good. Maybe it's the photo but somehow the blue on the captain looks a little bit ....not quite as good as on your other miniatures. It looks lighter on bigger surfaces and not quite as ....stark. That pattern on his powersword looks very interesting.

And last but not least, good old Ezekiel. He still is a great miniature with a very unique facemask and pose. Again, interesting choice of colours and pattern on the force sword. Looks really powerful.

So I hope you'll share some more pictures of your current productiveness with us. Keep it up!

09-03-2009, 13:33
I have been painting some orks (one nob to go) and then will start to work on my Word Bearer land raider I will be using in GT Finland next month. I hope to post some pics of it at the start of the next month.

Here are 2 pics of my dread I finished some time ago.



I have been painting some models that I havent had time to post yet, so I hope to post some pics of them while my land raider is under construction.

Stay tuned!

13-03-2009, 00:07
Word Bearers Land Raider....woot. I'm working on the exact same thing now...somehow I doubt it'll come close to the liquid awesome your will be coated with, though. *g* Can't wait.

13-03-2009, 14:57
@ChromeZephyr: That is one nice coincident, I am hoping to see your LR when you get it done.

Before continuing with that tank, I finally managed to finish my ork warboss and his team of nobz. The boss, or Kaptin Goldtoof as he is better known, is converted from black reach warboss, with his pose opened up a bit by GS'ing his shoota arm (with konverted skorcha) more towards the side, and his head towards the klaw. He also got a nice hat, a cybork body with a signal light at the side of his back (behind the klaw) and also a cute attack squig.


Here is a pic of the squig, which is in fact my first ever fully sculpted miniature. I really like it, whatever you may think of it :D


And like I said, I also got his nobz done. In total 8 nobz including a converted painboy, all who are converted from black reach nobz except the banner bearer (old metal nob). I am in a hurry, so didnt get any postable pics of the squad without the boss, but you can see them later from my blog. Also, notice the banner having the Kaptin's motif.


Hope you like!

13-03-2009, 15:26
Loving those orks, that mad dok is looking sweet. Why is it badmoons are so popular nowadays?

13-03-2009, 18:27
I'll be glad to show it off...though it'll be a while, my work speed is glacial, at best.

And dear gods, my eyes! That's a bright frickin' yellow. Thumbs up, man. That squig looks so cuddly...right up until it gnaws your face off.

16-05-2009, 13:21
It has again been a long time since my last update, but this time it is about my Word Bearer Land Raider

Here some pics from the hull, as you can see I did quite a lot green stuffing on it:




And if you wondered about that yellow-black cord, the model has a led-light inside the hull to luminate the insides. Here some pics:



As you can see, the engine includes a portal to the warp with a tentacle coming out.

Hope you like, more progress about Something Much Bigger will come soonish.

16-05-2009, 14:37
I love the detail you've put into that Land Raider there ExoCowBoy, it looks perfectly Chaotic! Looking forward to more of your superb painting!

17-05-2009, 11:31
Haven't seen the nobs on Sotavasara.net yet, eh? Great work anyway!


17-05-2009, 11:40
Very well done, Exo. The Warboss and his Nobz look great. The feathery hat is a nice touch and the banner looks great too.

The Land Raider looks fun. I like the toothy parts and the eyes on the front lights. The LED adds a nice touch. Is there and particular reason for the numbers on top? 8 2 7 9?

17-05-2009, 13:50
Bwahahaha! Excellent raider Exo, the toothy doors are great but the interior really tops it off with the spooky blue light and all. I hope Big Red here serves you well at the GT :)

- Salvage

17-05-2009, 22:11
See what I said about liquid awesome? That is a great LR, really love the lit-up interior.

26-05-2009, 11:58

Robin Hood of NorkingHam?


That's just pure gribbly!

28-05-2009, 06:22
The Land Raider looks fun. I like the toothy parts and the eyes on the front lights. The LED adds a nice touch. Is there and particular reason for the numbers on top? 8 2 7 9?

Oi, Sigur noticed :D. That is in fact my birthday, 7th of september in 1982 (in Finland the dates are written dd.mm.).

@Tonnikala: The nobs have been there on Sotavasara, the picture was too big and I just posted the link with along the warboss. You havent paid attention!

And here is some new stuff, a WIP-shot of my Stompa, Da Goldtoof


Hope you like!

18-06-2009, 12:38
Oopsie, eh? Well, but with those pics, the links are easily ingored..

18-06-2009, 20:24
Oi, Sigur noticed :D. That is in fact my birthday, 7th of september in 1982 (in Finland the dates are written dd.mm.).

Paranoiac minds like mine are always on the lookout for unexplicable combinations of numbers. ;) Nice touch.

The Stompa is looking very good so far. The yellow looks great, did you use Iyanden Darksun to build it up? The freehand looks very good; just a few suggestions to bring it more into line with Orky glyphs (the old iconography rather than the overly simplistic new ones): Why not add a forked tongue coming out of the mouth and a wart to the nose? The moon looks bad (as in evil, nasty :p) but somehow too sinister and not brutal enough if I may say. I think the mouth should be bigger somehow and more bent down or do you want him to grin?

The nostril looks great. You could try adding some lips and some more defined er....whatsitcalled...the elevated bone under the eyebrows if you know what I mean. Generally some more "texture" may help to make him look more obnoxious. These are just some suggestions that came to my mind. As it is now, the moon looks good too (especially for that size) but maybe you want to make it look more evil. Something like on there in the upper left (http://home.wowway.com/~tinweasel/gw_orks/bad_moons.jpg).

Anyway, great work. :)

17-07-2009, 08:17
Thanks Sigur for suggestions, I somehow totally missed your post before now and now the model is done. Ooops!

The yellow is done with Iyanden Darksun, then with a layer of Golden Yellow, and highlighted with Sunburst- and Bad Moon Yellow.

But anyhows, here are pics





17-07-2009, 08:19




Hope you like!

17-07-2009, 09:18
Amazing work my friend.

Your chaos had such awesome use of color and conversions.

And that Stompa, is just nuts. Anyone who can paint Yellow that good automatically gets the thumbs up from me!

17-07-2009, 09:59
Great work! I really love those metallic parts, you have evolved to the great painter of metals! Also the yellow parts on the moon~~love them.

17-07-2009, 12:12
Love the yellow, so damned vibrant.

17-07-2009, 12:54
Nice looking ork stuff. It has your trademark style and palette -- vivid and crisp and bright.

17-07-2009, 13:18
Very nice and crisp painting. Cool to see you paint something, as I must admit I like these Orks way better than your Chaos dudes.

I especially like the Waaagh! Banner bearer, as the two handed pose you have achieved looks great with the wavy banner. Any chance of a close-up/better view of the banner and the bearer?

23-07-2009, 10:29

Stuck in a stompa's armpit, man........grots never get a break:D


23-07-2009, 12:17
Wow exo! I used to follo your "to the eye and back" and I have to say that our painting have really improved alot, the latest stompa being top notch IMO. The blue lenses are very good and they make a good contrast to the rest of the colour scheme. Lots of mettal as well and all of it is well painted. Top notch as I already said

Keep it up!

23-07-2009, 13:34
Wow. The Terminator's eye, the vibrant yellows, the Land Raider... if ExoCowboy came in liquid form I would inject him into my damn eye socket.

27-07-2009, 10:54
Not exactly liquid Exo, but some more stuff from me anyhows!

I am currently painting stuff for a tournament here in Finland, so I have done some more chaos models, in fact Iron Warriors:


They are made from chaos and loyalist marines, with even a couple of Battle for Macragge -marines there.

Here they are with the other models I painted a couple of years ago:


And I also finished a rhino for them:




Hope you like, now off to paint some Word Bearers!

28-07-2009, 16:38
Great IW lads, can't argue with those rocking hazard stripes. Like the conversion on the flamer man too, cool jackal helmet (which I'm still trying to place his face, though thinking hormaguant?). It's cool that the guys from years back fit in so well with the new lads.

Luck painting and at the tourny!

- Salvage

30-07-2009, 12:49
@Boss_Salvage: Thanks! The head is infact from a tyranid, I am just not sure which one - but gaunt I think.

I have finished my paintings for the tournament, first some Word Bearers. You may recognize the models from 2 years ago, as this is one of my older WB squads; I just gave them 2 flamers instead of a lascannon and a plasmagun. It was fairly easy to swap the plasma to flamer, and a much bigger one to change lascannon to flamer.


Here they are with their full squad (these are all painted 2 years ago):


And as it is not fun to run with flamers, they got a rhino to drive around:



30-07-2009, 13:12
More pics of the rhino:



As you can see, I went for a more chaotic / mutated / fanatical look for this one, compared to the no-nonsense approach of the Iron Warriors rhino.

Hope you like and wish me luck at the tournament :)

Mr Feral
30-07-2009, 13:43
I rather dig both your Iron Warriors and your Word Bearers, both are looking very characterful of their respective Legions.

The bold colours are great, the chevrons and the deep red in particular.

Also, great conversion work with the Rhino - very chaotic!

30-07-2009, 15:08
Ahhhhhh, there it is...that lovely feeling one gets from a hit of Exo's Chaos models and painting.

...what? Stop looking at me like that.

30-07-2009, 16:42
Nice! Great effects on the Word Bearin' rhino in particular.

30-07-2009, 19:52
Oh, here's your log. Everythings great as always!

06-08-2009, 11:52
Thanks for your nice comments everyone!

I have been painting some ork this time. The model is Avatars of War orc shaman, which I will use as ork weirdboy or Old Zogwort. This model does not have any snakes, but a poisonous squig. And as he can turn enemy characters into squigs, I had to sculpt some more. The shaman himself hasnt been converted except with the bad moon -logo at the top of the staff.





Hope you like!

06-08-2009, 12:44
hey Exo :-)

I've read your log from the start on now, and I have to say, those WB are really amazing, great great conversions and very vivid colours.
Your orks are really great, too, your yellow and all in all crisp painting really stands out from the crowd. I also like your little hand-made squigs ;)


The Convincer
06-08-2009, 13:01
Hi Exocowboy,

I mainly follow your log to look at your fantastic Word Bearers, but those little squigs are hilarious! I love 'em!

You do a fantasic job with yellow (as others have commented). Anyone who has tried to paint red or yellow armies knows how time consuming and a challenging it is to do well. You certainly do it well - and you improve with every update.

06-08-2009, 13:37
Love them. They look like-"GAH! What the ****,I'm squig!" Absolutely marvelous.

06-08-2009, 13:43
Wow, love your squigs! 5 stars!

06-08-2009, 13:44
Duplicate post!

06-08-2009, 17:39
"Sergeant, the green-skins are overwhelming our primary fire-lines, should we engage them? Sergeant?" Love the little buggers.

07-08-2009, 05:22
The Iron Warrior and Word Bearer are very impressive. Please keep up the good work.

08-08-2009, 04:54
Really like the metal on the Stompa. How did you get the different tones- did you just use different washes?

09-08-2009, 08:32
More good work from you, always fun to see. Your painting looks as crisp as ever, and I love the shaman and the squigs. I also have that shaman model and plan to use him as a weirdboy, and I must say that moon on the staff was a great idea and it fits very well.

The chaos beakies are not my cup of tea, but I love the zombie coming out of the front of the word bearer rhino. That was also a cool idea. Keep it up.


13-08-2009, 08:47
Those squigs are both adorable and deadly. I commend you sir.

20-08-2009, 14:20
@Bael: Yes, different washes but also different metallics. Some are just chaos black highlighted with mithril silver, some are tin bitz, some boltgun metal with mithril.

Something completely new this time, Harlequin Wraithlord that is:





The pose is changed a bit to give some movement, and the bright lance is fitted to the arm revenant -style. Otherwise it is just painted with time with colors.

Hope you like!

20-08-2009, 14:21
One more pic:


20-08-2009, 16:06
Now that's a good looking wraithlord! Superb!:)

20-08-2009, 19:00
Love the giant Clown Machine! :D

The boyz
20-08-2009, 19:27
ExoCowboy, that Harlequin Wraithlord looks fantastic. The paint job looks superb, very psychadelic. Nice work on the gem stones as well.

22-08-2009, 09:16
just had to drop by and tell you how good your chaos marines and ultramarines are.

do you happen to have any more ultramarines you're gonna do? or did you only do them cause you got bored painting word bearers?


24-08-2009, 05:41

That Wraithlord is out of control man!!! I Love it, the swirly knee pad is my favorite.

05-11-2009, 05:57
It has been a long long time (2,5 months) from my last post, but I have not been just lazy. Some painting has been done even during this downtime.

So first, here is a squad of dark reapers for my eldar: :)


And it really seems my log is in the wrong category, I have to contact someone to correct it..

But anyways, hope you like!

05-11-2009, 13:37
Very cool lopking dark reapers. Keep up the great work man.

07-11-2009, 09:24
Hey again!

The Reapers look impressive. Normally, I'm for as little metallics as possible on Eldar but the gold works very well with the black of the Reapers as well as the colorful palette of the Wraithlord. Nice work. :)

10-11-2009, 19:24
My god this log is awesome.


10-11-2009, 20:11
Any chance of some sweet army pics?

20-11-2009, 11:41
Thanks guys for your comments :)

@Kraal: I will take some army pics at some point, maybe around christmas to sum up this years progress and my armies currently.

Here are couple of pics of my screamers painted some time ago:



Hope you like!

edit: Woohoo, over 1000 posts!

20-11-2009, 13:29
Looking great, as the rest of your army. The blue stripes make out really good!


21-11-2009, 19:39
Just realised, that this blog is over 4 years old. Tomorrow maybe some more new pics to celebrate that :)